Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge

Rouge Bunny Rouge has sent me samples of six of their fragrances, and also a bunch of other goodies (lip gloss, moisturizers, and eye shadows.)

This post is all about the scents. And I must admit that I was actually reticent to try these as I was afraid they were going to be the same old new thing (if you know what i mean).

Let's get started.  From their Fragrant Confections collection, I have tried Lilt, Chatoyant, and Vespers.

I was immediately drawn to Vespers, because of its name.  It is also my favorite of the three.  All three are very green and crisp, and sweetly diaphanous, and even though there is fruit in each of them, they are not annoyingly fruity-girly-silly as some other new fragrances can be.   On my skin, after about two hours, they all settle down to a close cozy lightness, but do not last very long for me.  Five hours tops.

Lilt:  Notes of green leaf accord, fig leaf, peach, coconut, violet, vetiver, musk.
Chatoyant:  Bergamot, lemon, orchid, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, vanilla
Vespers:  Bergamot, cinnamon bark, violet leaves, black pepper, green apple, muguet, rose, violet, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla

See what Perfume Shrine had to say about these three here.

Now onto the next collection, entitled Provenance Tales.  The three perfumes are Embers, Cynefin, and Silvan.

I was initially really excited about these when I read the notes. I thought "yes, these are more me."  But it turns out that other than Embers (which is a nice sweet incense, and has good staying power), the other two do not bloom nor do they excite on my skin.

The Non-Blonde's take on these.
CaFleureBon reviewed these three here.

After taking so long to try these, I have to say that I'm glad I did.  Although I didn't fall in love with any of these, I am happy to have had the opportunity to try them, and I was pleasantly surprised.


  1. Ooh, I say, what a fine lot of goodies - my eye is immediately drawn to that stack of pots! Are they the eyeshadows?

    Re the scents, Vespers does sound pretty and the notes of Lilt appeal to me, even though it wasn't your fave of the three.

    1. Hello Bonks - yes, lots of eye makeup stuff; Gaia actually reviewed some of it on her blog. And it's weird that I liked the 'lighter' ones better in general than the second collection!

  2. I like the name of Rouge Bunny Rouge, but have never gotten around to testing any of their perfumes. Like Vanessa, my eye was drawn to that row of pots. It's always fun to get goodies in the mail, isn't it?

    1. Hello Natalie!! Those pots are adorable - I wonder if I'll ever get around to trying them (I'm not a big eye shadow person) - and when you get stuff in the mail unexpectedly, it's like Christmas! Weeee! Happy holidays to you and yours!

  3. Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows are to die for! If you're not going to use them, be sure to give them to someone who loves good shadows. They are beautiful and extremely high quality. I have not tried their perfumes yet, so thanks for reviewing!

    1. Hello Christine! I do not use eyeshadow much at all, but am hoping to gift them to one of my nieces who does appreciate good stuff. And you're welcome! If you do try any of the fragrances, I hope you find one you really love. Happy New Year!


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