Sunday, November 17, 2013

so here's what I wore, and what I found

I started a part-time seasonal job at a fabric/sewing/craft store this week, in the framing department; I'm grateful for work, but still looking for full-time work somewhere.

Now that I actually have to wear clothes that aren't for the garden, I guess it's time to don some scent, too.

Oh, I have to wear a type of uniform.  Now I'm all about uniforms - really I am.   Once I find something I like, I usually purchase a few of that item.  But the fact that I have to wear a WHITE shirt horrifies me!

Monday:  Womanity by Mugler.  It was quite perfect for the first day of work, as I think of this as kind of  tame, but with a little hidden kick-ass!

Tuesday:  Coco by Chanel.

Wednesday:  My beloved Les Nereides Opoponax.   It was a very chilly day, and I needed its warmth.

Thursday:  de Rosine's  Rose Kashmirie.

I stopped by the TJ Maxx store after work on Thursday, and picked up some bath stuff (thanks Vanessa for the suggestion)!  Apotheke: M's Blackcurrant Fig replenishing bath and shower oil, and A La Maison de Provence Lavender Aloe Bath and Shower.  Both have really good ingredients and a wonderful scent. And I didn't realise that Apotheke: M is a Margo Elena brand.  I do love some of her TokyoMilk stuff!



  1. I love perfume but I can't have any on me or I get nauseated and a headache. I bought Betsey Johnson for the bottle but after spritzing some in the air regretted it. Now it's just a decorative.

    1. Hello Sonia - Nice to see you here again. I'm sorry that scent makes you ill - I have a few friends that are the same, and I try to remember that so I don't wear anything strong (if at all) around them.

  2. Congrats on the new job - I know it is only a filler / standby, but it's good news all the same, white shirt obligation notwithstanding! Love Rose Kashmirie - must get it out again now the cold snap is almost upon us. And I am so pleased you scored some 'good gear' at T K Maxx - it is rubbish for perfume these days, but invariably comes up trumps in the bath and body department. ; - )

    1. The RK I have is from you, dear Bonks! xox
      There was a lot of body lotions, and bath salts, but very few bubbly-bath things, but fortunately I found two really stellar ones! The job - yes, I'm glad I found something, and we'll see if anything else comes up soon. Thank you!


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