Sunday, November 11, 2012

election week: what I wore

Monday:   Bond No. 9 Chinatown.  I have had a decant of this for quite awhile, and never talked about this much.  Probably because so many people have (Chinatown was released in 2005), and I do not have much more to add other than "I really like it and glad I have this decant." I'm sure most of the people who read this blog have experienced this one already.  But if not, check out past reviews from  Scentsate and Katie Puckrik.

Tuesday: Voted in Les Nereides Opoponax, and in the evening I wore YSL Opium Fleur Imperiale.  (I probably should have thought this through and wore perfumes by American perfumers; oops)

Wednesday:  Stayed up way too late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, so needed a fresh bright perfume - Lalique Flora Bella fit the bill nicely.

Thursday:  Le Labo Rose 31 (released in 2006). I recently purchased 10 mls of this baby.  I love rose scents, and I love even more those rose perfumes that have spice.  But never fear - if you are not a huge dark/spicy rose person, this one doesn't overwhelm. The spice plays nice!   But if you doubt me (and I can understand why as I tend to like louder 'fumes in general), here are some reviews  -NST,  The Non-Blonde and The Candy Perfume Boy.

Friday:  Given that the weather was damp, Diptyque L'Ombre dans L'Eau was perfect!

"The whole house smelled good, with the sweet and spicy smells from the kitchen, and the smell of hickory logs burning with clear, bright flames in the fireplace, and the smell of the clove-apple beside Grandma's mending basket on the table."   

This week's scent in literature snippet is from Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder 
I re-read the entire series nearly every autumn/winter for the past ten years or so, and I read and re-read this series at least another dozen times in my youth.


  1. "The spice plays nice!" - I loved that. And you are right, Rose 31 is pretty tame, even by my wimpy standards. :-)

    1. I see your standards, Bonks, as delicate not wimpy! I'm glad you posted as I do like loud things in general and didn't want people do discard Rose 31 as I think it's worth a good sniff!

  2. Just tried Chinatown for the very first time yesterday, and while it was nice, I was.... underwhelmed. I've been looking for a peach solifruit like the beginning of Bombay Bling, but this wasn't quite it. I'll have to try it again without criteria to see if it hold up better.

    And in another moment of perfume synchronicity, just paid for a decant of Opoponax, so that should be in my hot little hands soon. And as far as the roses go, unfortunately there needs to be a LOT of spice and general dirtiness (think Parfum Sacre and SSS Vintage Rose) to keep the roses from going sour. Things like Paestum Rose and Safran Troublan, which are supposed to be dark, really aren't on me. But I'll keep looking, because I do love a dirty rose.

    1. Hey Dionne!! I'm trying to understand why I like Chinatown so much - probably the patchouli! ;)

      If you find a peach solifruit, let me know!! And I hope you enjoy Opoponax.

      I haven't experienced sour roses, or maybe I have but don't think of them as going sour. Yeah, Rose 31 isn't that dirty, but I love the spice delicately wafting in and out all day long.

  3. Little House! How I loved those books. I would not have noticed the repetition of "smell" in the days I buried myself in those books. Very sweet--it makes me think of Laura's child voice.
    Chinatown: my problem with it is the Bond musk.

    1. Hey C!! Re-reading them every year puts me in such a calm mood, which is always a good thing.

      Now I'm going to have to pull out my Bonds and see/smell what you mean by the Bond musk


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