Sunday, September 9, 2012

The first week in September, scents

Sunday - Les Nereides Opoponax.  My birthday is coming up next month - I am going to ask for a bottle of this for my present!

Monday:  PdE Azemour.  It was a bit bitter on my skin, but I'm blaming the humidity.

Tuesday:  Laura Ashley L'Eau (thanks L!).  What a pleasant surprise!

Wednesday:  It was a cool day, plus I was up late Tuesday night watching the Democratic National Convention, so I wore Parfumerie Generale L'Ombre Fauve. Nearly as good as wearing a sweater!  (Inspired by Olenska's review found here)

Thursday:  Hilde Soliani Conaffetto.  I am embarrassed to say I do not remember who sent me this sample.  It has been sitting for awhile, and I am now on a mission to sniff every un-sniffed sample I own (see my new list of samples in this blog). Conaffetto is magical!  Only three notes:  orange blossoms, almonds, and sugar. Think Jordan almonds with depth and atmosphere and longevity.  Here's a wonderful review, with the background to the making of this perfume, at CaFleureBon.

Friday:  Coty L'Aimant; the perfect way to start the weekend!


  1. I was in a perfumery the other week and a lady came in and said she wanted a perfume with opoponax in it. I thought to myself: "How unusually specific!"

    L'Ombre Fauve - yes, I clocked that review - a fave of mine too. It is getting to that snuggly sweater time again...

    1. A gal after my own heart. Have you tried any of those opoponax frags? I think you'd really dig them.

      Oooh yes, sweater (and scarf and hat) weather - love!

  2. Yippee for birthday bottles! For our anniversary recently, my husband has promised me a bottle when I choose something. I'm not at all sure what to get, though.

    1. The choosing IS difficult, Nat, that is for sure!

    2. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is that after 2 1/2 years into this hobby there are still so many things I haven't tried. The only frag on your list that I've smelled is L'Ombre Fauve. I do remember it being warm and snuggly, but the lemmings got sucked into the Abyss of Nice.

      My birthday is coming up next month, too, and I've also got a backlog to work through before I make a choice. Oooh, so many possibilities....

    3. cannot wait to hear what you choose!!


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