Monday, August 27, 2012

other smelly late August stuff

Keiko Mecheri Peau de Peche (white peach, orris powder, sandalwood, amber wood) reminds me of Annick Goutal Petite Cherie but with more peach and a tiny bit more punch (I have read that some people get a plastic note off of this one - I don't at all).  If you don't have Petite Cherie I suggest you get your hands on PdPeche  because everyone need a pretty fruity well-done 'fume IMHO. (Thanks to Lisa for the sample!)

Diptyque L'Eau and Eau Lente.  I completely forgot about these gems until Olenska made mention of them in recent blog conversations.  Why is it when I want to stop liking perfumes for budgetary reasons do I stumble upon ones that I want so badly?  Sigh.

Dehydrating food.  Between pickling/canning which is mostly vinegar and spice smell, I have been dehydrating a LOT since our two gardens are overflowing with bounty and I can only put up so many pickles.  Dehydrating food ends up, after a few hours, all smelling the same.  And since it takes hours to dehydrate (up to 14 hours), that smell is in the house a heck of a lot of the time.  I wonder what that smell is?  Cellulose?  I'm getting kinda tired of it.  Perhaps next batch I'll put the dehydrator out on the back porch.

(You can see I actually dehydrated cucumbers - as I mentioned I was way tired of canning pickles. Also in this photo are zucchini and tomatoes.   No I did not dehydrate the beans - they're in the photo because I like the texture.  I have also dehydrated bananas, nectarines, basil, chard, eggplant, and clementines.   But not marshmallows. I'm learning a lot about the various subcultures involved in dehydrating - it is quite eye-opening)

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Let me see, okay Sunday was the first time I spritzed on Les Nereides Opoponax.After doing a little research on this fine fragrance,  I read somewhere that someone mentioned that at first blush this smells like chlorine.  I don't really get the swimming pool vibe off of Opoponax, but perhaps it's the benzoin.

Nope I don't think it's that because doesn't benzoin smell vanilla-y?  The notes of Opoponax are opoponax (sweet myrrh), amber, vanilla, sandalwood, benzoin and citrus.  I get a a lemony citrus, which is delicious and adds a bit of acid to the otherwise sweetness of this scent.  Can you tell I'm watching too many cooking shows?

Then Monday came around.  My sister M and her family came into town on their way to vacation in Chicago.  Remember my post about attempting to make L'Air de Rien  my semi-signature scent?  Well that didn't work!  I wore Annick Goutal Mandragore.  Perhaps because I was thinking of her two young sons and Harry Potter, and that mandrake connection or something.  Or perhaps because someone on Facebook Fragrance Friends just wore it.  We had a nice lunch and off they went, up the road to Chi-town.

But Monday night, I was itching to sniff Les Nereides Opoponax again.  Dear me, I like this.  A LOT.  I did some more reading, and someone else said s/he gets a whiff of Playdoh from it.  Hmmm not me, but there IS something in there that's weird (but in a good way).  What is that?

Tuesday. Yep you guess it, LN Opoponax again.

Wednesday, Le Labo Iris 39.

Thursday, sampling Santa Maria Novella Opoponax.  Listed as a cologne, I can see where folks may think that this one is slightly more masculine than the Les Nereides.  The SMN is a bit bitter, but that is its beauty.  I read on basenotes that James Joyce was heard to prefer opoponax scents.  I think I'm becoming an opoponax freak!  Unfortunately for me (or fortunately because I cannot afford another love) this one fades very very very quickly from my skin.

Thursday evening : another Writer's Creativity Salon night - of course I just had to wear Coty Chypre. Oh yes, Dorothy would have been proud.

It's Sunday again, and I really need to end this post - I can see it going on and on and on, but I really don't know how to end it and I'm getting nervous about not knowing how to end it and I have a headache coming on, so I'll just thank Christos for the Opoponax samples and type:   THE END.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lady Gaga, fire your PR/Marketing person pronto

Although I really don't think anyone cares (as I haven't seen this mentioned on any blogs or on the YouTube channel) that there is a glaring TYPO in this commercial, I'm posting about it.


Is this world we are living in that grammatically challenged?

Now I know I make spelling and grammatical errors in this blog often, but I don't have people whose job it is to make sure that these types of errors are (or are not) caught and corrected.

Arghh again.

Okay I feel (a little bit) better now.  Off to make relish.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A week in August, and La Myrrhe

Monday I was too tired from the events of the weekend, so I didn't wear any perfume.  Tuesday, I spritzed on some Lalique Flora Bella as I need a mood lift.  Wednesday was Hermes Un Jardin Apres la Mousson day, and also the day I received a bunch of sample from the most wonderous Christos!!!

So on Thursday I planned on a lazy day (after I cleaned the chicken coop, and scrubbed the bathroom floor) of going through all the samples and setting up days to test them.  Well that didn't happen (though I did end up cleaning the coop after dinner) because I needed to help a friend with some computer-related stuff.  I wore Miller Harris L'Air de Rien.  By the way, I plan on making this my semi-signature scent.  Meaning, around my family and certain friends, I'm only going to wear this scent.  We'll see if I can pull this off.

So now it's Friday.  I'm dipping into Christos' samples and just had to wear Serge Lutens La Myrrhe.  This stuff is exquisite and in fact I happily shrieked when I opened the package to see this as my original sample from Olenska was nearly empty. Christos has a spot-on review of this perfume here. Notes for La Myrrhe include aldehydes (not the horrible sneezy kind), mandarin, anise and myrrh.  You know I love me my anise!  I really love this scent - I have to say, that after Queen Rose, this is my second favorite Lutens. This also lasts fairly long on my skin - a good four hours. And this time it didn't play hide-and-seek with me like it did before.   I am not a gourmandy gal, so for those who are also not gourmand fans, I believe you would still like it lots.

My thanks again to Christos for making me so happy!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Coty Smitty and Wild Musk Patchouli

(my peace sign beaded perfume sample bag)

I swapped with a fragrance lover whom I met on Facebook's FFF group, and I received a healthy sample of Coty Smitty.  'The Disco Fragrance"  hahaa.  I remember going to a disco club back in the day - even though it made me gag (the club, not Smitty as I had never heard of it then) but I did like to dance.  In 1976 I was probably wearing their Sweet Earth compacts.  Gosh I loved those compacts, especially the Woods collection.

There isn't a lot of reviews or mentions of Smitty on the interwebs. (Basenotes only mentions that it is discontinued, and that it was launched in 1976).  I wonder why there is a lack of information - it really is a good perfume.  There is a nice mixture of green and warmth, the sillage is good, and it lasts quite long.  From what I have gathered, I believe that this was Coty's answer to Revlon's Charlie.  Now I haven't sniffed Charlie in YEARS so I really cannot say much about their similarity or differences.  The only thing I remember about Charlie, okay two things - that awful commercial and the fact the my sister wore it and I didn't like it on her at all.

Lisa also gave me a sample of Coty's Wild Musk Patchouli blend oil  Now THIS is what I thought Bronze Goddess would be like.  A sweet patchouli with hints of musky beachy (whatever that means to me) goodness.  Absolutely lovely!  I don't remember ever sniffing this back in the day - the regular Wild Musk, sure, but not this one.  Oh a definite MUST HAVE.

Thanks to Lisa for the opportunity for me to wear these discontinued delights!  I am becoming such a Coty fan gal.