Sunday, April 29, 2012

More testing more fun more short reviews

(April 4, 2012 - in our backyard)

Nudged by a L'Artisan Facebook post, I re-tested Verte Violette.  Unfortunately this induces headache.

Heeley Oranges and Lemons Say the Bells of St. Clements.  I love the name of this - but alas it is to me an expensive version of 4711.  I'm still looking for the perfect citrus perfume.  I'm wishing that The Body Shop would offer Satsuma in perfume form.

Bond No. 9 Central Park West.  Fancy-dancy spa lotion scent. You know what I mean.

Le Lebo Iris 39.   As far as iris perfumes go, this is nice but I think I prefer Malle's Iris Poudre or TDC's Bois d'Iris.

Gucci Rush. I received a nice sample of this from the last time I visited Sephora. It's very fun and I'm happy that I have this sample, though I don't think I'll be purchasing a full bottle.  I like my Dior Hypnotic Poison much much better.

What am I doing in the house on such a gorgeous day?  Signing off for now, my 'fume friends!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Testing testing!

I'm testing a few samples these days as I'm finally getting some energy and doing some things that need to be done around and within the house.

The east part of Ohio received SNOW yesterday - can you believe it?  Here though we had no snow, but the cold wind is a'blowing!  So I tested Sinfonia Di Note Fleur De Santal.  A warm cumin-ish (though no cumin in the notes I saw) sandalwood.  Lovely, but not to my nose beautiful, though it did make me feel cozy on a cold rainy day.

It's kind of annoying me that the weather folks are calling the snow a WINTER storm.

Anyway, due to the fact that it IS Spring, and my lilacs are blooming, I had to try Highland Lilac of Rochester. Now when I first bought this sample, I believe I bought it based on a review I read, but I had no idea this is from Rochester, New York! Not only an interesting history of the 'fume, but a true blue lilac.  Unfortunately after a while it makes me a bit headachey.. :(

Now another take on the lilac - Ineke After My Own Heart.    This is absolutely gorgeous and so feminine and bright (what is wrong with me these days - I'm so getting into florals!).  I love the depth in this one - and the lilac is nowhere near headache inducing.

I love lilacs - they were the prominent flower for our May Day wedding nearly eight years ago.

Lilac from my garden.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gone Fishing!

Hello everyone! We're happily busy with out of town guests, and then my son and his girlfriend are coming back home in a few weeks for a long visit, too.  So I'm not sure how much perfume-sniffing/testing/wearing I'll be able to blog about.

See you all soon!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Last week I spent an hour + with my local fumie pal 'Jicky'.  I now am the proud owner of 10 mls of Portrait of a Lady and a good sized sample of Noir Epicee!

And then, after spotting Le Parfum de Therese on Facebook Fragrance Friends, we decided to split that too!