Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Three by En Voyage (Shelley Waddington)

I must admit, I get nervous before testing natural and/or indie perfumes, especially since I "know" some of these artists through the blog-o-sphere, Twitter and Facebook.

But I don't know why I worry!!

Let's first get to Go Ask Alice .  This is a beautiful patchouli.  Beautiful!  It's the patchouli for those who do not like patchouli (and for those who do love it, it does not disappoint).  I love her use of citrus in this creation.

Here's Shelley talking about it last summer.  I quote "My biggest challenges were in retaining the authenticity and the surrealistic quality of this iconic theme while achieving my goal to contemporize and raise it to the level of a classy, wearable, and versatile perfume, with vitality, longevity, and sillage."  Shelly accomplished this and more as it is all of these things - and the longevity is striking - by the end of the day, I could still detect the scent slightly, making me smile as I went to sleep.  I found myself actually yearning to smell this again and again; and I did apply again and again until I misplaced my sample  Arghhh!  Well, I guess that means I need to purchase a full bottle! ;)

;L'Emblem Rouge and L'Eau de L'Emblem Rouge.  Again, I'm linking to another site, Cafleurebon goes 'behind the bottle" with Shelley.  L'Emblem is a soft yet spicy rose, with fullness and grace.  As a rose lover, this is another stunner by Shelley.    L'Eau is the hydrosol version of it, and for those who like their roses on their pillows, this is for you.  My only wish is that L'Emblem had more longevity (I think GAA spoiled me!) 

Here's a link to Jen's wonderful review of these two.

NOTE: I know that I linked a lot in this post but I find it fascinating to read these articles and reviews, and I think you will too. 

Go Ask Alice sample from my purchase of the PLAP set.
L'Emblem Rouge and L'Eau de L'Emblem Rouge were sent to me by Shelley (thank you!!!)

photo from En Voyage website


  1. Frida, you inspired me to spray my linens with this hydrosol later. Thanks for reminding me! :D

  2. Ooh, this sounds rather yummy. I do like patchouli, but it has to be just so. And if this scent would suit non-patchouli lovers too, that tells me it is very likely to be up my alley! The lack of longevity might even be a plus point in my book. : - 0

    1. Actually GAA does have some longevity - perhaps I need to send you a sample anyway!


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