Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shiseido Zen, Barneys New York Route du The, and Paco Rabanne La Nuit

Dripping into my samples box, I grabbed these three.

I have no idea which version of Zen I have (other than it's labeled EDP).  Maybe it's this one.  I like the 'amber and wood' but something about the 'florals' puts me off.

Route du The is a delightful little eau de toilette.  On Basenotes, it states that this was launched in 1986.  I quite like it as it's refreshing yet interesting.  From Barneys' website "Our signature 'way of the tea' fragrance. A crisp eau de toilette of citrus, muguet and amber" but then it says N/A.   So is this discontinued? Not that I'm in love with it that if it is discontinued I would weep, but I kind of want to know how much a large bottle cost.  Plus, given the mid-80s, this must have been quite something then.

And speaking of the mid-80s, La Nuit was launched in 1985.  I'm surprised that I didn't have this stuff back in the day.  It reminds me of a toned-down Tabu mixed with Mitsouko.  FANTASTIC!  I had to figure out why I didn't have this back then.  I mean, come on, Paco Rabanne designed the costumes for Barbarella (which of course I watched a coupla times at some art house place in the early 80s) and heck, I was Duran Duran fan.  So what turned me off of him then?   Was it PR pour Homme that everyone was wearing and turned me off?  I don't even know what that smells like.  Sometimes I eschewed what was 'cool' because I wanted to be 'anti-cool' in my coolness. Oh youth.  Sigh.  (I did the same thing with skiing.  I would never go skiing because only the cool/rich kids at my high school went, and when I finally DID go skiing I was in my mid-30s and I loved it and did fairly well. I rebelled my way out of something that could have been a wonderful adventure in my life.  Sigh again)

Anyway, I'm thrilled that I received a large decant of this stuff.  I'm not thrilled that it took me so long to try it!


  1. I am completely tickled by your three line commentary on Zen. So many people love it and there you have it: succinct dismissal. Maybe you got "the other one"?

  2. hehee, that's me! I believe I received the sample from Birgit and I don't think she thought much of it either. The floral-thingy in there is just too brash, or something.


  3. I keep meaning to reply to your last email, but Barbarella has me hip-motized with those big blue eyes of hers and I can get nothing done. @_@ La Nuit sounds fantabulous!.... Awhile back, I came across two rollerball applicators of Route du The and gifted them to two girlfriends of mine who adore crisp fresh scents with a tea note-- they were both very happy.

  4. I have never seen the point of any version of Zen I have tried - and I have picked up a few, especially in Germany, where the Shiseido brand seems pretty major.

    A "delightful little EDT" on the other hand, could be just my thing, while La Nuit has me running for the hills, as it was bound to really.

    I was a bit of a New Romantic myself - I had the purple hair, the cummerbund, the pirate pants and pixie boots. And Mr Bonkers has just been on tour with Kim Wilde (not in her band, but on the same bill), and she is from that general era!

  5. Meg, you'll LOVE La Nuit!!! And I'm so glad your pals enjoy RdT. I think it'll be rolling it on me come summer

  6. Bonks, I do think RdT is definitely up your alley. I was slightly New Romantic, but more Grunge before Grunge. I'm still betting we bumped into each other at some point back then when you were in Clevo!


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