Friday, January 20, 2012

Creed Neroli Sauvage and Royal Water, and perfumes I wore this week

Creed Neroli Sauvage.  Another gifty from Olenska.  This is listed as a unisex perfume, but it's a bit too masculine for me.  Here's her review.  And also Creed Royal Water - again, too 'masculine' for me, so I gave my sample to this young man in our organization that loves cologne/perfume.  And again, Olenska writes an amazing review.

What I need to figure out for myself is what I get (note-wise) as 'too masculine'. 

So here's the notes:
Neroli Sauvage:  Bergamot, grapefruit, neroli, lemon verbena, ambergris
Royal Water: Bergamot, mandarin, peppermint, verbena, basil, cumin, juniper berry, tonka bean, musk, ambergris

So could it be bergamot?  Ambergris?  I need to figure this out for myself one of these years.

Monday:  Left-over-on-my-clothes Paco Rabanne La Nuit (I had the day off and just lounged around, watching "Downton Abbey" and knitting.)

Tuesday:  Back at work, wearing YSL Opium Fleur Imperiale.

Wednesday:  SSS Incense Pure.  I swear I'm burning through my bottle of this - love it love it love it.

Thursday:  Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant.  Looking back at my blog, this was one of the first reviews I did - boy  was it a strange entry.  That was back when I thought I was going to list all the 'noses' for each perfume I reviewed.  I gave up quickly on that.  I'm l a z y!

Friday:  I have been having the most difficult time waking up these past months - probably because of my new meds - so I totally forgot to put on what I had intended; but fortunately I have a sample of Tabu in my office, so spritzed I did.  (I haven't reviewed Tabu yet because I have a vintage sample and want to test side by side).

Happy weekend all!

(photo is of my hand in one of the pair of arm/hand warmers I recently knit for myself.  What does this have to do with this post?  Absolutely nothing other than to remind everyone to keep warm!)


  1. I bet it is the basil or the juniper that you find manly, at least that's how those notes strike me. I only know Royal Water, which was a bit masculine as well to my nose, though seemingly Princess Diana was a fan, and not just because of the name!

  2. Strike the "as well" - I got those note lists the wrong way round. Am puzzled as to the blokey x-factor in the neroli one...

  3. Am new to your blog, LOVE it.
    Also am intrigued about SSS Incense Pure.
    Do you ever buy without testing first?

  4. That Kenzo sounds really good but that's cuz I love the name. I'd probably even try one called Dung of Thee Ole' Elephant.

  5. Glad you like Incense Pure. It's a marvelous perfume! As for La Nuit, well, why the hell did they discontinue it?

  6. What. A. GORGEOUS. Color combo on those arm-warmers. Like it was knit out of a sunset. :)

    Sorry the Creeds didn't sit so well with you, but it's interesting to see your examination of their notes to discover why. Any thoughts on verbena as the possible culprit? It can come across as an intense herbal-green blast evocative of manly colognes....

  7. It definitely cannot be bergamot because it's one of the most ubiquitous notes in perfumes. But now when you asked the question I'm curious myself since from time to time I characterize a scent like "too masculine". I'll take a look at my notes and try to figure it out.

  8. I also reckon that those aren't necessarily the full list of notes for the Creeds, so there could be other note/s that create the masculine vibe? Again, ambergris is used a lot in perfumes, but I find with Creed they have a slightly metallic base note (which I think might be the ambergris) which to my mind comes across as quite masculine.

  9. Vanessa, if I was as thorough as you are, I would probably be able to suss it out. But as you well know, I'm easily distracted! :)

  10. Hello raindog!! Nice to see you here. And yes, I have bought perfumes totally unsniffed (I'm assuming you mean full bottles) - my first was Miller Harris' L'Air de Rien which is still one of my absolutely favorite perfumes of all time - totally bought un-sniffed!

  11. hehee Sonia (nice to see you!)!! It's a clove perfume and full of warmth and a little exotic. I'm not sure if I'd go for Dung of L'Elephant, but who knows - depending on who put it out! LOL

  12. Olenska, maybe it IS the verbena! And thanks so much for your admiration of those hand/arm warmers! I love knitting them.

  13. Hello Michael - oh yes, Incense Pure is amazing. And thank you thank for La Nuit - why DID they discontinue it?!?!! Metallic note: hmmmm, more thoughts to think.


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