Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Holidays

'Tis the season to be jolly, and busy, so I probably won't be posting until the New Year.
Wishing everyone Peace on Earth, and Goodwill towards Everyone.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The first week in December scents (Miller Harris, Les Nereides, Guerlain)

What I wore (scent-wise) last week: (I had intended to post this on Sunday - sorry about that!)

Monday:  Miller Harris Note de Peau.*  I absolutely love it at first blush, but then after awhile, I get shaving cream.  Dagnabit!  According to Basenotes the notes are:  lemon, bergamot, tangerine, incense, myrrh, lavender, woods, tonka bean, amber, vanilla and heliotrope.   Check out Perfumed Letters' wonderful Paris post where Cheryl meets up with this scent for the first time.

Tuesday:  Miller Harris Un Petit Rien.*  So similar to my beloved L'Air de Rien that I don't understand why this one was launched.  Hmmm.  Katie Puckrik sniffs out the differences here.

Wednesday:  Les Nereides Patchouli Antique.  A total blind decant purchase - and I am beyond the moon!  Les Nereides is batting two for two in my book (as you know my head-over-heels love for their Opoponax).   Patchouli Antique is a thick, rich, dusty, musty, mildew-y patchouli. Basically it is exactly what you might imagine from the name.  Or what I imagined from its name.  Notes listed are Indonesian patchouli, vanilla and musk. At one point in the drydown, I get a whiff of rootbeer.   I'll be wearing a hell of a lot of this especially in cooler weather.

Thursday:  Miller Harris La Pluie.*   I actually have no idea why I like this one so much. Other bloggers have written that this is a wet floral, and I agree, and usually a description like that wouldn't even catch my attention, but La Pluie is different and interesting, and I'm really really happy I have a good-sized sample of it.  Maybe it's the mixture of citrus, wheat and ylang-ylang.

Friday:   Guerlain Angelique Noire - prompted by Cheryl suggesting it when I was sampling a bunch o' vanilla.   This is a grown-up beautiful vanilla that is almost too pretty for me.  Here's a lovely review by Elena at Perfume Shrine. I'll be savoring my tiny decant.

*thanks to Cheryl for the generous Miller Harris samples!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Fragrance Gift Guide

Here's my holiday fragrance gift guide; actually it's my holiday gift guide advice:

Unless you know exactly what someone wants,  do not purchase any perfume or perfume-related items for someone during the holidays.  Perfume is too personal, expensive, and you may make your giftee feel guilty if s/he doesn't like it.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spray v. Dab

Most of the time, the samples I have on hand to test are 1 ml. ones.  I usually dab the perfume on, and write impressions of it, or spend a little more time with the fragrance (a couple of days with the dab) and write a little more about it.

A recent episode with HdP Noir Patchouli made me question how I do things - my initial post about this scent was done after I had dabbed my sample on over a couple of days.  Then I received a 10 ml decant of it and I was able to spray with abandon.  I had to change my thoughts on this fragrance because with spraying, it became really loud (which I love) but that wasn't my initial take on it.  In fact, yesterday I had to sample from both items (the 1 ml which I had a tiny bit left and the 10 ml decant) to see if the formula was different. No the formula didn't seem that much different, but now I don't even trust my nose anymore!

As this blog is more a journal for me as I weave through all the scent in my life, I do feel a bit guilty that perhaps I steer readers wrong.  Well, I usually do link to other reviews, but still.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Impressions: Iris 39, and a handful of vanilla

Iris 39:  Ahh, gorgeous floral celery.  Yeah, I know, doesn't sound so good, but it is.

Now for the vanillas:  I have been on the look-out for the perfect vanilla - something that smells like vanilla extract in perfume form.

Yves Rocher Vanille Noire - The most lovely hit of creamy vanilla, and a bit of medicinal something. Quite the steampunk, with lace.

Annick Goutal Vanille Exquise.  This pretty vanilla stays very close to my skin.  I need to drench myself to really revel in it, so perhaps I need a large decant or should I throw caution to the wind and get a full bottle?  Once it settles in, this is what I mean when I say I like vanilla.  But I want it LOUDER!  Check out Abigail's review at Now Smell This here.

Roger & Gallet Vanille.  Oooh, a citrus vanilla!  Can be worn all year 'round. And so inexpensive.

L'Aromarine Vanille Parfum Extrait.  I have such a soft spot for L'Aromarine (now known as Outremer) so it is quite usual for me to gush about this line.  But in this case, although I love the deep rich toasted vanilla fragrance, the scent runs away from me almost immediately.  I wonder if it would last longer if I poured some in a hot bath.

Santa Maria Novella Vaniglia.  This is a boozy vanilla which got some love from Patty, but doesn't get a lot of love from me.

Mona di Orio Les Nombres d'Or Vanille.  Another boozy vanilla, and smoke?  To me this smells like the day after a night at the bar, back when one could smoke in a bar.  Cool idea, but not what I want in a vanilla perfume.

I think I'm going to play around a little bit more with the Goutal.

(image from http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com)

The vanillas I sampled are all from the most lovely LN. (the the exception of the Mona di Orio) Thank you!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

election week: what I wore

Monday:   Bond No. 9 Chinatown.  I have had a decant of this for quite awhile, and never talked about this much.  Probably because so many people have (Chinatown was released in 2005), and I do not have much more to add other than "I really like it and glad I have this decant." I'm sure most of the people who read this blog have experienced this one already.  But if not, check out past reviews from  Scentsate and Katie Puckrik.

Tuesday: Voted in Les Nereides Opoponax, and in the evening I wore YSL Opium Fleur Imperiale.  (I probably should have thought this through and wore perfumes by American perfumers; oops)

Wednesday:  Stayed up way too late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, so needed a fresh bright perfume - Lalique Flora Bella fit the bill nicely.

Thursday:  Le Labo Rose 31 (released in 2006). I recently purchased 10 mls of this baby.  I love rose scents, and I love even more those rose perfumes that have spice.  But never fear - if you are not a huge dark/spicy rose person, this one doesn't overwhelm. The spice plays nice!   But if you doubt me (and I can understand why as I tend to like louder 'fumes in general), here are some reviews  -NST,  The Non-Blonde and The Candy Perfume Boy.

Friday:  Given that the weather was damp, Diptyque L'Ombre dans L'Eau was perfect!

"The whole house smelled good, with the sweet and spicy smells from the kitchen, and the smell of hickory logs burning with clear, bright flames in the fireplace, and the smell of the clove-apple beside Grandma's mending basket on the table."   

This week's scent in literature snippet is from Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder 
I re-read the entire series nearly every autumn/winter for the past ten years or so, and I read and re-read this series at least another dozen times in my youth.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I have been completely distracted by other things this past week, and my zillion samples that are sitting waiting for me have been woefully neglected, so instead I share another little piece of scent writing in a book I'm currently reading:

"She smelled of leaf mold and rich earth, of pine needles wet with rain."

(from Illuminations: A novel of Hildegard von Bingen by Mary Sharatt, describing the fictional hermit Trutwib)

(painting of hermit Saint Rosalia by Anthony van Dyck)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

scent in literature

My first real memory of scent in books is when I read The Tin Drum as a young adult. Oskar said that Maria smells like vanilla, so I used to dab vanilla extract on so I too could smell like vanilla.

Currently I am reading I Capture the Castle, written by Dodie Smith.  I cannot remember why I put this book in my 'to read' list on Goodreads.  I believe it is because at one of our writers' creativity night get-togethers, we were all asked to talk about some of our favorite books of all time, and this was one member's favorite.

(photo of Manorbier Castle, which was used in the 2003 movie)

And then, a few months later, Olenska mentions the book in her Soivohle Yin Hao Eau de Parfum review.  Don't you just love when that happens!?  I sure do.

This book is bursting with scent images - I'm only half way through, but I wanted to share some of these lovely passages with you:

"How well I remember that run through the stillness, the smell of wet stone and wet weeds..."

"The pale grey carpets were as springy as moss and the air was scented; it smelt a bit like bluebells but richer, deeper. 'What does it smell of, exactly?' I said. And Rose said 'Heaven.'"

"There was a wonderful atmosphere of gentle age, a smell of flowers and beeswax, sweet yet faintly sour and musty; a smell that makes you feel very tender towards the past."

"And there was a glass table with at least half-a-dozen bottles of scent and toilet-water on it. (Americans say 'perfume' instead of 'scent' - much more correct, really; I don't know why 'perfume' should be considered affected in England.)"

"I noticed the mysterious old-house smell again but mixed with Mrs. Fox-Cotton's scent - a rich, mysterious scent, not a bit like flowers."  (I wonder what the perfume was!?  The book was written in 1948 but the story is set in the mid-1930s I believe.)

And finally:

"'And how many things can you smell?' I asked Simon.  We counted up:
     Wood smoke
     A farm smell coming on puffs of breeze (we subdivided this into:  
              Straw, hay, horse, clean cows: good.
              Manure, pigs, hens, old cabbages:  bad - but not too awful if only in little whiffs),
     A wonderful pie cooking somewhere,
     The sweet, fresh smell which isn't quite flowers or grass or scent of any kind, but just clean country air -one forgets to notice this unless one reminds oneself."

Are there any descriptions of scent in literature that speak to you?

Monday, October 22, 2012


Am I just a weirdo, or do I do this to make myself giggle because I think this is some kind of inside joke only I'll get?  'This' being wearing expensive perfume (and of course I am never without lip color) when I'm in my sweats or flannels or muck boots, and all over kinda grungy.  Since I do not have a paying job at the moment, I'm not the most umm timely in the taking-a-regularly-scheduled-shower department.

For instance, two Sundays ago, I wore Chanel 31 Rue Cambon as I was going to our Scarecrow Festival and then stopped by an orchard for some apples.  Oh I was also wearing black sweats and a flannel shirt and motorcycle boots.  Yep, I'm so fancy.

A week ago Monday, I went with a friend to drive a few miles down the road as she needed to order her Thanksgiving turkey at an Amish family's home, and I was wearing Serge Lutens Bois de Violette. We then went to a chicken hatchery and ooooh-ed and awwww-ed over the baby chicks.  I was smart and did not pick up any. I'll wait until early next year to get a few more.   As it was a bit chilly, I had on a long sleeved tee-shirt, a fleece vest, hand-knitted cap, and yes, you guessed it , black sweat pants.

Today, the Moth and I headed out to our community garden plots to pull withered plants and throw them in the compost.  Grey sweat pants this time, a different flannel shirt and muck boots, and Malle Portrait of a Lady. (I don't do jeans, by the way - for some reason I boycott them in general.)

Hahaa, I make myself laugh! And I am sure that many of you 'fume fans do the same thing...right!?  Well I'm sure everyone showers more than I do. Boy am I making it sound like I'm a total slob. Hmmm...maybe I am!?  *insert nervous laughter here*

These are Kamik muck boots that I got for only 20 bucks as I needed new ones - I love the blog One Hundred Dollars A Month and Mavis posted this deal awhile back as they were on sale (I just checked the site I bought them from and they're now over $50.00!)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

a quick post about my birthday this past week

A dear friend drove us to Charlottesville, Virginia to see the Dalai Lama.  We drove down to Virginia Wednesday and stayed with a friend and her family.  Then we headed to Charlottesville on Thursday (my birthday!) to hear the Dalai Lama speak, and it was an awe-inspiring experience! I was interviewed by Tibetan radio too!  Then we drove back home on Friday.

I wore Les Nereides Opoponax on Thursday, and Histoires de Parfums Noir Patchouli on Friday.  The friend whom we stayed with wore Clinique Happy, and I can see why it is so popular - a nice fresh scent!

A wonderful whirlwind of a trip!!  (I must admit I was totally exhausted on Saturday...why does one get so tired sitting in a car all day long?)  I haven't been able to catch up on my 'fume blog reading, but hope to do so soon.

The Green Tara

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A very busy week, a couple perfumes

This past week flew by - I had a lot of community-type meetings and forums and events to attend, so I wasn't very focused on perfume.

Robert Piguet Bandit (unknown vintage):  Birgit asked about leather on Monday so I rifled through my samples to find a leather, and even though I was still wearing my pyjamas, I dabbed myself with my long-neglected sample of Bandit. Although I had tested it years ago, I had forgotten how slap-me-in-the-face-with-a-leather-glove it is.  But then it gets a little fruity and the sting wears off and it gets a bit cozy!  It is SUPER long lasting.  I mean extremely long lasting - I could detect it on my wrists the next morning.   In general, I am not a big leather fan though I do adore Chanel Cuir de Russie .  But boy oh boy am I glad I have Bandit in my arsenal because there are times that I need this specific kick in the pants.

Histoires de Parfums Noir Patchouli.  A gorgeous sublime patchouli. I love patchouli, and HdP does this one different.  I believe that anyone who isn't a big fan of patch may enjoy this perfume  (edited 11/5/12 - actually NP can get very deep and rich on my skin - Tabu-esque at times.  Glad I'll be getting a 10 ml decant of this soon.  Here's a review from Olenska, and one from Michael.

And last but not least (and the perfume I wore the most this week)......
Happy early birthday to meeeeee!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Three perfumes three little reviews for the last Friday in September

The Body Shop Moroccan Rose.  Actually this stuff is extremely good for the price. A lighter and less complex take on Lutens Sa Majeste la Rose.  Not much 'Moroccan" - more of a soliflore.   And is quite long lasting.

Odin New York 04 Petrana. An extremely well-crafted iris.  Carol/WAFT called it a "drunken iris."  Meg/Olenska gives it five stars.  Suzanne of Eiderdown Press wrote that this perfume was at the top of her 2010 list in her Sniffapalooza article.  And I'm left blown away at the craftsmanship but not moved by it at all.  So don't listen to me - those other three have much better noses so click over to read what they have to say about this one.

L'Artisan Poivre Piquant. "Inspired by wedding story in the Kama Sutra" and translates to 'hot pepper'.  Oh dear.  If I was that bride, I'd be miffed.  White pepper, licorice, milk and honey. And again, I think I'm the only one in the world who is totally uninspired and unmoved by this one, and I'm a big pepper and licorice fan.  Every other review I found for this is has been glowing.

Interesting that the one I liked best was the least expensive.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

and the winner is!!!

(all my samples are totally and completely organized...for now!)

I used a random number generator but cannot figure out how to post it on my blog.

1) Laurie
2) Poodle
3) Christine
4) Barbara

And the random generator kicked out the number ONE - which is Laurie.

Congratulations Laurie - email me your address and the sample(s) you would like.

Thanks to everyone for posting.  And because this was really fun for me, I'll be doing more giveaways in the future.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

weather turning and spicy roses

Monday: Gorilla Perfume at LUSH - The Smell of Weather Turning.  I really wanted to like this one better. Probably because I expected more dirt and wet, and less mint or something. The weather where I live doesn't turn this way.  (The dry down is really nice, though.).  Check out a marvelous review of this by Olenska here at Parfumieren.

Tuesday:  I haven't sampled Le Labo Patchouli 24 until now. And please know that I do not know which formulation I have, although after reading this post by Gaia, I'm assuming it's the/a newer version.   First impressions is that it is a sweetish smokey patch. Unlike some reviews I have read, this does not shout out very loud on me, and actually falls away from my skin fairly quickly. Here's another review, this time from Michael.

(I add to this post each day so if my syntax is confusing, that's one of the reasons why.  Another reason is because I'm a sloppy writer ;)

I'm also putting on some Rose 31. Okay now this is the stuff!!  A wonderful spicy spicy spicy warm rose, and absolutely perfect for this weather.   Cloves, pepper, and oud?  WHAT!?! I swore to myself that I would not touch any oud for another year or so.  I had big silly plans to go all oud in the future, sort of a "I'm too late but aren't I funny that I'm bringing back oud when everyone is sick of it" kind of thing.  You know, bringing oud-y back.  Sigh.

I'm testing it against Eau d'Italie Paestum Rose (PR is sweeter and more rosey), L'Artisan Voleur de Roses (VdR is lighter/fresher) and Czech & Speake Dark Rose (DR is fruiter and marble floor-ish - I know that makes no sense to anyone but me, esp since I do not believe there is fruit or marble in the notes.).   I actually really like and/or love all of the perfumes mentioned here.  I'm just thinking a decant of  Rose 31 may be in my near future.

Wednesday: Cool and rainy. Going with another Le Labo, my well-loved Labdanum 18.

Giveaway!   There is no rhyme or reason for a giveaway other than the fact that I have never done it before.  So if one lucky reader wants a 3 ml decant (or three 1 ml decants) of anything in my list of full bottles and my large decants, post something below.  I made it easy - there is no 'captcha' anymore.  But your response may take some time to show up as I moderate them now.  The last day to reply is TOMORROW,  Thursday September 27th by 5:00 p.m. EST  (USA only, sorry)

(leaves turning in front of our house)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spending time with Providence Perfume Co.

Between the two gardens I have (at home and at the community garden) I have been so busy with canning, freezing and dehydrating the fruits of our labor that I have neglected to post for awhile.  But I have spent some personal time with my Providence Perfume Co. samples in these last two weeks, and have been thoroughly enjoying them.  Two from my stash I have already reviewed and I have linked to those reviews.    Rose Boheme and Eva Luna.

I'm going to get this out in the open straight away.  I like Charna.  I like her a lot.  Although I have never met her in person, she was so very helpful to me over the phone last year when my son was moving to Providence and I was needing some logistical help with the whole moving process. I'm stating this for the full-disclosure thing-a-ma-jig.  Am I able to review her perfumes without the thought of her kindness?  Well probably not, but I will try.  I'm linking each perfume to the Providence Perfume Co. website so you can see all the notes and information.  Also know that many of these samples I bought on my own, and a few Charna sent to me free of charge.  I cannot remember which are which, though.  Oh my poor aging brain!

All the samples are Eau de Parfum except for the one body oil.

Hindu Honeysuckle:  This is one of my absolute favorites of the line. It is fresh and deep all in one, with jasmine being clean, the vetiver not overwhelmingly (I have a difficult time with vetiver - sometimes it is too melancholy for me, but not in this perfume), and the dry down is pure Charna signature beauty.

Ginger Lily:  Big fat slices of juicy goodness on a bed of warmth. 'Nuff said!

Osmanthus Oolong:  One of the best tea-based perfumes I have ever tried.  So many others are wimpy - this one has stature  I'm kinda bummed I spent money on a 10 ml decant of Tea for Two.  Drat.

Divine: A sophisticated orange blossom/neroli that is glamorous and yet down-to-earth.  Gorgeous!

Divine Noir:  This is absolutely stunning.  "A vintage inspired interpretation of our Divine..." (from Charna's website).  I cannot get enough of this.  Must.have.now.  I adore the root beer/sarsaparilla note in it which adds lift and a pinch of sweetness to the bottom notes of oakmoss and vanilla.  The way the notes are blended and yet stand on their own is genius.

Orange Blossom Body Oil:  I have been using my sample on my hands because they're super dry with all the gardening I have been doing.  With a mixture of oils (sweet almond, safflower, apricot, to name a few), this skin-loving-product is perfect for not only my hands, but the bath too.  I'm actually going to order the set of these samples next as a full bottle of one (or two) of these body oils is a must have.  Other body oil offerings are Amber Cream, Lavender Vanilla, and Wild Lime Leaf.  At $26.00 for a 100 ml bottle, you cannot go wrong!

Okay I admit it.  I gush about Providence Perfume Co.  I do. But I think it is worthy of gushing.  I also want to hang out in Charna's house some time - I bet it smells amazing.

I'm off now to pick the last of the tomatoes at the community garden.  And then I have to figure out what to do with them. Wish me luck.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The first week in September, scents

Sunday - Les Nereides Opoponax.  My birthday is coming up next month - I am going to ask for a bottle of this for my present!

Monday:  PdE Azemour.  It was a bit bitter on my skin, but I'm blaming the humidity.

Tuesday:  Laura Ashley L'Eau (thanks L!).  What a pleasant surprise!

Wednesday:  It was a cool day, plus I was up late Tuesday night watching the Democratic National Convention, so I wore Parfumerie Generale L'Ombre Fauve. Nearly as good as wearing a sweater!  (Inspired by Olenska's review found here)

Thursday:  Hilde Soliani Conaffetto.  I am embarrassed to say I do not remember who sent me this sample.  It has been sitting for awhile, and I am now on a mission to sniff every un-sniffed sample I own (see my new list of samples in this blog). Conaffetto is magical!  Only three notes:  orange blossoms, almonds, and sugar. Think Jordan almonds with depth and atmosphere and longevity.  Here's a wonderful review, with the background to the making of this perfume, at CaFleureBon.

Friday:  Coty L'Aimant; the perfect way to start the weekend!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

What a day!

I spent over 5 hours cataloging and organizing all my samples. I hope to have the list posted soon - I want to highlight those I have mentioned on this blog, and then figure out where to go from here.

I'm wearing a ton of stuff.  While going through so many samples, I just had to stop and smell the roses, or the vetiver, or the..well you get the idea.

Thanks goes out to all of you wonderful perfume lovers - bloggers and non-blogger alike - who have swapped, or just sent me samples from the love in your hearts.  And thank you again for those who read this blog!

I'm overjoyed and overwhelmed!

(This photo was actually taken at the end of August, but I was happy because I just canned a bunch of stuff and felt accomplished, and I'm also super happy today so I thought I'd post it.  Also note that everyone looks good when you take a photo from a high angle! ;)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

One sentence reviews- this should be fun

Tom Ford Violet Blond:  A dusty version of Serge Lutens Bois de Violette.

Aramis 900:  Could be unisex, could be more.

Diptyque 34 Blvd Saint Germain.  Hmm..well okay then, I'm getting sleepy.

Diptyque Eau Rose -  Eau yes - a beautifully simple pretty rose which I need and want as soon as possible.

Oh and thanks to Dana Oliver who wrote up this list on Stylelist!  - and for those who found this blog through that article, hello and welcome!  I actually don't think I'm one of the top perfume bloggers but it sure was wacky, weird and wonderful to see my blog mentioned there!

Monday, August 27, 2012

other smelly late August stuff

Keiko Mecheri Peau de Peche (white peach, orris powder, sandalwood, amber wood) reminds me of Annick Goutal Petite Cherie but with more peach and a tiny bit more punch (I have read that some people get a plastic note off of this one - I don't at all).  If you don't have Petite Cherie I suggest you get your hands on PdPeche  because everyone need a pretty fruity well-done 'fume IMHO. (Thanks to Lisa for the sample!)

Diptyque L'Eau and Eau Lente.  I completely forgot about these gems until Olenska made mention of them in recent blog conversations.  Why is it when I want to stop liking perfumes for budgetary reasons do I stumble upon ones that I want so badly?  Sigh.

Dehydrating food.  Between pickling/canning which is mostly vinegar and spice smell, I have been dehydrating a LOT since our two gardens are overflowing with bounty and I can only put up so many pickles.  Dehydrating food ends up, after a few hours, all smelling the same.  And since it takes hours to dehydrate (up to 14 hours), that smell is in the house a heck of a lot of the time.  I wonder what that smell is?  Cellulose?  I'm getting kinda tired of it.  Perhaps next batch I'll put the dehydrator out on the back porch.

(You can see I actually dehydrated cucumbers - as I mentioned I was way tired of canning pickles. Also in this photo are zucchini and tomatoes.   No I did not dehydrate the beans - they're in the photo because I like the texture.  I have also dehydrated bananas, nectarines, basil, chard, eggplant, and clementines.   But not marshmallows. I'm learning a lot about the various subcultures involved in dehydrating - it is quite eye-opening)

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Let me see, okay Sunday was the first time I spritzed on Les Nereides Opoponax.After doing a little research on this fine fragrance,  I read somewhere that someone mentioned that at first blush this smells like chlorine.  I don't really get the swimming pool vibe off of Opoponax, but perhaps it's the benzoin.

Nope I don't think it's that because doesn't benzoin smell vanilla-y?  The notes of Opoponax are opoponax (sweet myrrh), amber, vanilla, sandalwood, benzoin and citrus.  I get a a lemony citrus, which is delicious and adds a bit of acid to the otherwise sweetness of this scent.  Can you tell I'm watching too many cooking shows?

Then Monday came around.  My sister M and her family came into town on their way to vacation in Chicago.  Remember my post about attempting to make L'Air de Rien  my semi-signature scent?  Well that didn't work!  I wore Annick Goutal Mandragore.  Perhaps because I was thinking of her two young sons and Harry Potter, and that mandrake connection or something.  Or perhaps because someone on Facebook Fragrance Friends just wore it.  We had a nice lunch and off they went, up the road to Chi-town.

But Monday night, I was itching to sniff Les Nereides Opoponax again.  Dear me, I like this.  A LOT.  I did some more reading, and someone else said s/he gets a whiff of Playdoh from it.  Hmmm not me, but there IS something in there that's weird (but in a good way).  What is that?

Tuesday. Yep you guess it, LN Opoponax again.

Wednesday, Le Labo Iris 39.

Thursday, sampling Santa Maria Novella Opoponax.  Listed as a cologne, I can see where folks may think that this one is slightly more masculine than the Les Nereides.  The SMN is a bit bitter, but that is its beauty.  I read on basenotes that James Joyce was heard to prefer opoponax scents.  I think I'm becoming an opoponax freak!  Unfortunately for me (or fortunately because I cannot afford another love) this one fades very very very quickly from my skin.

Thursday evening : another Writer's Creativity Salon night - of course I just had to wear Coty Chypre. Oh yes, Dorothy would have been proud.

It's Sunday again, and I really need to end this post - I can see it going on and on and on, but I really don't know how to end it and I'm getting nervous about not knowing how to end it and I have a headache coming on, so I'll just thank Christos for the Opoponax samples and type:   THE END.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lady Gaga, fire your PR/Marketing person pronto

Although I really don't think anyone cares (as I haven't seen this mentioned on any blogs or on the YouTube channel) that there is a glaring TYPO in this commercial, I'm posting about it.


Is this world we are living in that grammatically challenged?

Now I know I make spelling and grammatical errors in this blog often, but I don't have people whose job it is to make sure that these types of errors are (or are not) caught and corrected.

Arghh again.

Okay I feel (a little bit) better now.  Off to make relish.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A week in August, and La Myrrhe

Monday I was too tired from the events of the weekend, so I didn't wear any perfume.  Tuesday, I spritzed on some Lalique Flora Bella as I need a mood lift.  Wednesday was Hermes Un Jardin Apres la Mousson day, and also the day I received a bunch of sample from the most wonderous Christos!!!

So on Thursday I planned on a lazy day (after I cleaned the chicken coop, and scrubbed the bathroom floor) of going through all the samples and setting up days to test them.  Well that didn't happen (though I did end up cleaning the coop after dinner) because I needed to help a friend with some computer-related stuff.  I wore Miller Harris L'Air de Rien.  By the way, I plan on making this my semi-signature scent.  Meaning, around my family and certain friends, I'm only going to wear this scent.  We'll see if I can pull this off.

So now it's Friday.  I'm dipping into Christos' samples and just had to wear Serge Lutens La Myrrhe.  This stuff is exquisite and in fact I happily shrieked when I opened the package to see this as my original sample from Olenska was nearly empty. Christos has a spot-on review of this perfume here. Notes for La Myrrhe include aldehydes (not the horrible sneezy kind), mandarin, anise and myrrh.  You know I love me my anise!  I really love this scent - I have to say, that after Queen Rose, this is my second favorite Lutens. This also lasts fairly long on my skin - a good four hours. And this time it didn't play hide-and-seek with me like it did before.   I am not a gourmandy gal, so for those who are also not gourmand fans, I believe you would still like it lots.

My thanks again to Christos for making me so happy!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Coty Smitty and Wild Musk Patchouli

(my peace sign beaded perfume sample bag)

I swapped with a fragrance lover whom I met on Facebook's FFF group, and I received a healthy sample of Coty Smitty.  'The Disco Fragrance"  hahaa.  I remember going to a disco club back in the day - even though it made me gag (the club, not Smitty as I had never heard of it then) but I did like to dance.  In 1976 I was probably wearing their Sweet Earth compacts.  Gosh I loved those compacts, especially the Woods collection.

There isn't a lot of reviews or mentions of Smitty on the interwebs. (Basenotes only mentions that it is discontinued, and that it was launched in 1976).  I wonder why there is a lack of information - it really is a good perfume.  There is a nice mixture of green and warmth, the sillage is good, and it lasts quite long.  From what I have gathered, I believe that this was Coty's answer to Revlon's Charlie.  Now I haven't sniffed Charlie in YEARS so I really cannot say much about their similarity or differences.  The only thing I remember about Charlie, okay two things - that awful commercial and the fact the my sister wore it and I didn't like it on her at all.

Lisa also gave me a sample of Coty's Wild Musk Patchouli blend oil  Now THIS is what I thought Bronze Goddess would be like.  A sweet patchouli with hints of musky beachy (whatever that means to me) goodness.  Absolutely lovely!  I don't remember ever sniffing this back in the day - the regular Wild Musk, sure, but not this one.  Oh a definite MUST HAVE.

Thanks to Lisa for the opportunity for me to wear these discontinued delights!  I am becoming such a Coty fan gal.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Monday through Friday

On Monday, Birgit asked "Are you still looking for the one?"  Well you know what is interesting?  I found (one of) THE ONE(s), the It Girl of fragrances, totally unsniffed and extremely early in my perfume blogging time:  Miller Harris L'Air de Rien, and of course I'm wearing it today.  So why would I continue in my perfume journey?  Because I hadn't found others in my 'much loved' category!  And I was hooked - looking for new loves in fragrance became too addictive.

Tuesday:  Since Andy Tauer is on my mind today, I'm wearing his Carillon pour un Ange.

Wednesday: I received the most wonderful package of scents from the most wonderful lovely Marie.  She knows I adore Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionelle, and stocked me up with it, as well as sending me APs Strip which I have never sniffed.

Strip was launched in 2007, and is a warm, amber/vanilla woodsy clove-y scent (I cannot find cloves in any list of notes, but I swear it's in there), with that AP signature.  Is there anything from AP I don't like?  (Now admittedly, I'm not ga-ga over L'Agent like others in this line, as I tend to like scents that punch me in the arm, but I do enjoy it, esp on hot days.)  What joy is Strip!  There is a faint reminder of L'Air de Rien, and also what I remember of Boudoir (I gave my sample to my cousin last autumn).  Love love love!

Another really hot day today (Thursday) so I made cucumber pickles this morning, and then caught up on emails and sprayed on some Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess (samples from Marie).  I'm a bit disappointed, and am trying to figure out why.  True,  I'm normally not a Lauder fan (other than Youth Dew), but I thought that this would be a golden juice.  I'll see how I feel later today.  Maybe my nose is all filled up with vinegar and spices?

Birgit likes it.  And so does Dee and Marie and Undina.

Okay, it's hours later - and I reapplied.  It's a pretty perfume, but not for me.

Friday - La Chasse aux Papillons.  Yes it's also a pretty perfume, but to me it makes me think of that one cherished poem I read as a pre-teen; evoking rose-colored nostalgia.

I need to get off the computer and get some gardening done. Hoping that everyone has a beautifully scented weekend!  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

a week of scent

I left Facebook for awhile, so I'll be doing my SOTD's (Scent of the Day) here (if I remember!).  Also, if I have already reviewed it, I'll link the name to the post.

Monday:  Raphael Replique - the shapely bottle version which is an EDT - I currently have three versions of it so this is my 'middle vintage' one.

Tuesday:  Coty Chypre - even sprayed some on the Moth, and he smells great in it.

Wednesday:  L'Artisan Mimosa pour Moi - what a delight!!  But because I already have Miller Harris Couer de Fleur, which features mimosa, no full bottle for me, though I wouldn't mind a nice sized decant of this.  So I sent the sample off to Rice from Notes from the Voodoo Lounge  because in this post she was lamenting the loss of mimosa trees.

Thursday - Eau de Pickling Vinegar and Spices

Friday - See above

Saturday - Lutens Sa Majeste la Rose and heading out to the Farmers' Market. Although we are starting to harvest from our garden, we still needed some onions, tomatoes, corn, and local home-grown chicken!  I worked all day on outdoor projects and The Queen Rose lasted along with me.

It's Sunday morning now and I'm not sure what I'm going to be wearing today - need coffee.  But I'm thinking that I'll be wearing Providence Perfume Eva Luna because the Moth and I are going to see "Midsummer Night's Dream" being performed locally.

these are AWESOME - spicy zucchini refrigerator pickles

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coty Chypre is punk rock

me in 1981
Yep, I realise that this post title may have perfumistas saying 'what!?!'

I'll explain in a bit. But first I had to figure out what the heck is a chypre to begin with.   So I'm researching away, and getting all kinds of confusing and not specific information, so I go to the site where I should have gone to the first place - the wealth of information known as Perfume Shrine.  Check our Elena's marvelous Chypre Series here.

Elena says "Back on point, the basic chord in a classic chypre however is always bergamot-oakmoss-labdanum. (Whatever other notes the sites/guides mention , those must be in there for it to qualify as a classic chypre). "

Okay, so Coty Chypre notes are, well wait a minute, they're actually hard to pin down, but suffice it to say, the chypre trio is in there (at one time or another).   

I found this quote on Ebay:  "The Coty Chypre women’s perfume holds the aura of Venus. The top notes of African Orange flower, Bergamot, Amalfi Lemon and Orange of this Coty Women's Eau de Toilette mark the entry of the Goddess of Love. Lilac, Jasmine, Rose and ylang-ylang at the heart of this Women’s perfume slowly unravels her presence. Lying at the base of this Coty Women's Eau de Toilette, Patchouli, Oakmoss and Musk leave all mesmerized with its warm soothing earthly fragrance. It’s about time you don the aura, it’s about time let out the Venus in you with Coty Chypre."

Coty Chypre starts off in that typical chypre-ish way.  Kinda pointy. Kinda 'stay away from me, you fools.'   Kind of  "woah, don't get too close to me!"  I can totally understand why Dorothy Parker wore it (if she did indeed wear it, which makes perfect sense once I tried this perfume).

Then is dries down to its innermost niceness.  Like every single person I knew from the punk rock scene back when I was a young one.  No wonder that, when standing in front of the perfume counter at Halle's in 1980, trying to choose between  Chanel No. 18, No. 19 and No. 22, I chose No. 19 (a chypre).

To me, it's punk rock because Chypre was startling, a little bit scary, but oh soo tender once you get past the prickle of what is chypre.  Now of course, given that I was involved in the punk rock scene, and not in the Dada scene or any other 'shocking' culture, I view it as such.  If I had lived in another era, the title would have been different.

There is a Coty similarity in the dry down with both L'Aimant and Chypre. As L'Aimant is my new-found love, do I have room for Chypre, too?  Of course, my heart has room, but my bank account does not.  And I want to thank Pat from Olfactarama again for sending me a glorious sample of it!

I'd also like to send you to a terrific review from Pat  And here's a quote " Although Coty Chypre is discontinued now, the classification “chypre” lives on in the name of a perfume family, based on that same oak moss/labdanum/bergamot trinity that has been disparaged in recent years as an “old-lady” scent. Puh-leeez! Kids, there is nothing old-lady about it."

No, it's not old lady - it's PUNK ROCK!

Here's more great reviews- one from Yesterday's Perfumes and another from Olenska

PS: please excuse the formatting flaws on the page - even after all of this time, I still have trouble getting fonts to all match up, esp when I cut and paste.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Three samples, three short reviews

(photo from The 7 Virtues website)

The 7 Virtues Afghanistan Orange Blossom:  A pretty dirty little orange blossom.  Though it faded on my skin after three hours (dag-nabbit!).    Review by Dionne at BoTO

Infusion Organique Buddha's Fig:  Although VERY fleeting, at $35.00 for 50 ml you really cannot go wrong.  A really good fig scent.  Here's Brian's review at NST.

L'Artisan L'Eau D'Ambre:  There is something in this that reminds me of childhood. Is it Play Doh?    A positive review by Birgit at Olfactoria's Travels.

Of all three, I like Afghanistan Orange Blossom best.  Again, wishing for most lasting power.

* I received samples of AOB and BF from Dionne, and LedA from BIrgit or Michael.  I feel very guilty that I cannot remember who sent me that sample.  But do want to thank  you!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another 'not a true perfume post' - I blame it on the weather

It's the heat I tell ya.

I have a couple of perfume posts in the making, but for days I just sat in the living room, in the air conditioning, and even that gave me a headache.  The heat gives me headaches ('oh poor me") but constant air conditioning can too!

Okay I didn't sit in the living room for days straight.  But when I went outdoors (to water the chickens, to water our garden in the yard and our 'allotment' at the community garden, and to go to the grocery store) it was overwhelming hot and humid.  You know, the type of weather that you can barely catch your breath?  Yep, that kind of hell.

The only perfume I could deal with last week was the lighter cologne-y stuff - Florida Water, 4711, that Demeter I mentioned, and Fresh Lemon Sugar Sugar Lemon.

But now the weather is better.  Today, after The Moth fixed the lawn mower, I was able to mow the weeds.  Then I did some laundry and hung it out on the line.  And I made some dill pickles.

I'm dying to wear Coty Chypre (thank you Pat!!!) and write about it.  Hopefully I'll be able to do that tomorrow.

waiting for the pot to boil

Saturday, June 23, 2012

writers' creativity night

So last night I was invited to attend a small little 'salon' - a writers' creativity night.  Now I don't call myself a writer, but I was interested to see who would attend, and need some encouragement re: writing because my blogs have become so very dull.

I was wondering what perfume Dorothy Parker wore, as I thought that would be interesting to wear at this literary salon.  After googling a bit, I found out that it is surmised that she wore Coty Chypre.  As I don't have any of it, I ended up wearing Coty L'Aimant which is fast becoming one of my favorite perfumes. I know that they are not similar (or at least that is what I am told, because, well I haven't sniffed Chypre yet) but I thought well, maybe she wore that too at some point! ;)  Super thanks to Olenska who turned me onto this delight!  I actually looked at Ebay and found a bottle that looks very similar to the one posted on Olenska's post re: L'Aimant so hopefully it will be similar.

It was really a wonderful evening; it ended up being eight women.  We did a few writing exercises, and talked about various things, and got to know one another better.  At the end of the evening, K gave me a big hug and said (about me and her partner S) that we are the best smelling women in town.


Note:  I'm working on a Profumum post - - hopefully it will be completed this week.

Happy weekend, folks!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hot fun in the summer time (on the cheap for 2012)

Well actually it's not truly summer yet if you believe that summer begins at the Summer Solstice but it has been summer if you believe it begins on May Day or June 1st,. I tend to believe that summer begins earlier esp due to the term "Midsummer" which is the date of the Summer Solstice,  but that's a whole 'nother discussion.   Here's some lovelies that I have been enjoying in the sun and warmth:

TokyoMilk Everything and Nothing - with notes of orange and tea leaves , a perfect scent for the hot weather esp since it's not a typical citrus.  Oh I do love the TokyoMilk Dark collection.  Great staying power on this baby.

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange.  Yes, it's juicy and happy and ooh delicious!

Fresh Lemon Sugar Sugar Lemon - exactly what it says.  And oh so perfect for today's nearly 90 degree heat!

Demeter Jelly Belly Mango Pineapple Salsa - though notably synthetically smelling, this inexpensive pick-me-up is a lot of fun!

Go forth and splash!

(and see my post last year for more inexpensive scent fun!)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sniffing, gardening and painting

So much happening these days - mostly gardening and painting (well I'm supposed to be re-painting the living room and the stairway/entryway but err...).  I'm involved in a Flickr project called ICAD (an Index Card a Day) wherein you paint/draw/doodle on an index card then post it to the group.  Very fun and inspirational.

The Moth and I made a little pretty garden (raised beds) over the weekend and everything is growing nicely so far.  Also I have a little plot at a community garden.

(the little door to our garden, which is actually an upcycled window sash)

Since this IS my perfume blog, what have I been doing perfume-wise?  Well I did order some samples, but I really have to stop doing this.  I should do what Undina is doing, which is not buying any samples until the tested ones go down in number.

But I couldn't help myself when I purchased two from L'Artisan - Traversee du Bosphore and Batucada. 

According to Luckyscent, the notes of TdB are Apple, pomegranate, tulip, iris, leather, saffron, Turkish delight accord (rose and pistacchio), vanilla, musks. I adore the apple/leather at the beginning, but the rest of it - well I'd rather put on some of my beloved Tokyo Milk Arsenic for that Turkish delight thing-a-ma-jig.

Batucada.  It's not substantial enough for me and way too fleeting, though it is zesty at first.

"Is there ANYTHING you have been enjoying lately, you old curmudgeon, you?"  Well yes, there is!  I do really really like (I am keeping myself from loving due to the price) Parfums MDCI Rose de Siwa.  This is a stunningly beautiful and nuanced rose that I want very badly but have to forget about it!  She is way out of my league, sadly.

(our little garden fenced to keep Sephora and the hens away - which needs some watering today. I love pinwheels!)

Monday, June 4, 2012


I know I know it's not a perfume post.  But I am wearing Sisley Eau de Campagne at the moment which does cheer me up a bit.

Our neighbor complained about our chickens (one hen in particular is kinda loud) so we have to get rid of her, or face the possibility of a fine.

I just want to run away to the country.

(Chicken Rose)

I wish I had Jerry and  Margo as neighbors instead (reference to the 1970's Brit sitcom "The Good Life")

So depressed. Sigh.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I have been wearing (scent-wise) and Neela Vermeire

I think everyone in the world is experiencing insane weather.  This past weekend, here it was in the 90s and very humid.

I was wearing some light fruity and flowery things -  Annick Goutal Petite Cherie was in ample rotation, and PdE Azemour, L'Artisan La Chasse aux Papillon and Guerlain Apres L'Ondee.  I also threw in Bond No. 9 Chinatown the other evening.  (and you know, I was craving Coty L'Aimant but cannot find my sample)

The son and his girlfriend were here for a few days, and we barely saw them!  They had a lot to do (visiting friends, etc), but I did get to sit down with K (the gf) for a bit to sample Neela Vermeire's Trayee, Mohur and Bombay Bling.  I had had these samples for quite some time, but wanted to experience them for the first time with K.

Color me extremely underwhelmed.  Trayee and Mohur stay super duper close to the skin, and I feel that I have to be a scientist to 'get' them.  Over time, these both blossom nicely, but still stay too close for my comfort.  Bombay Bling, on the other hand, is a bit louder and of all three is my favorite (which is weird, because I'm not a huge fan of the taste of mango).  Trayee would be my favorite IF it was louder.  But I tired of looking through a microscope.

K mentioned, after sniffing Bombay Bling, that it reminded her of the streets of her town, where people sell raw mango sprinkled with salt and chili pepper, and that made me smile.  She didn't have much to say about the other two.

Is there anything out there that smells like Trayee but louder?  And anything that smells like Bombay Bling but  less expensive?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So excited!

My son and his girlfriend are coming to visit starting tomorrow a.m.  I'm soo excited - I haven't seen them in person in nearly a year!!

I'm also excited because I'm going to use K (the girlfriend) as a guinea pig - I haven't sniffed any Neela creations yet, and given that K is not only from India but a non-perfumer wearer, I'm looking forward to what we think of them!
me and Joseph, twenty-some years ago

Edit:  Here's a terrific interview from Bois de Jasmin with Neela.  Also as noted Neela is from Kolkata/Calcutta and K is from Visakhapatnam.  Interesting that even though these two cities are 13 hours apart, they are both located in the west of India and near the Bay of Bengal.  Kolkata is located north in West Bengal, near the border of Bangladesh.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

oh and before I forget...for those who read this blog...

For those who read this blog and also have a perfume blog that is not noted yet on my front page, please let me know so I can  add it.  Thanks!

EDIT:  And if anyone has NON-perfume blogs out there, let me know about them too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

sorry I haven't posted in two weeks!

I have been busy with other things; but I did want to say that the Moth enjoys Comme des Garcons Avignon and  SSS Incense Pure!  They smell amazing on him.

I'll be a bit scarce the next couple of weeks - lots happening with the family - graduations, family reunions, son in town, etc. I have also been busy with little arty things - I'm involved in an art swap group and that has been keeping me happily out of trouble! ;)

Thanks for being patient with me!

wax batik on rice paper with permanent market and watercolors

Sunday, April 29, 2012

More testing more fun more short reviews

(April 4, 2012 - in our backyard)

Nudged by a L'Artisan Facebook post, I re-tested Verte Violette.  Unfortunately this induces headache.

Heeley Oranges and Lemons Say the Bells of St. Clements.  I love the name of this - but alas it is to me an expensive version of 4711.  I'm still looking for the perfect citrus perfume.  I'm wishing that The Body Shop would offer Satsuma in perfume form.

Bond No. 9 Central Park West.  Fancy-dancy spa lotion scent. You know what I mean.

Le Lebo Iris 39.   As far as iris perfumes go, this is nice but I think I prefer Malle's Iris Poudre or TDC's Bois d'Iris.

Gucci Rush. I received a nice sample of this from the last time I visited Sephora. It's very fun and I'm happy that I have this sample, though I don't think I'll be purchasing a full bottle.  I like my Dior Hypnotic Poison much much better.

What am I doing in the house on such a gorgeous day?  Signing off for now, my 'fume friends!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Testing testing!

I'm testing a few samples these days as I'm finally getting some energy and doing some things that need to be done around and within the house.

The east part of Ohio received SNOW yesterday - can you believe it?  Here though we had no snow, but the cold wind is a'blowing!  So I tested Sinfonia Di Note Fleur De Santal.  A warm cumin-ish (though no cumin in the notes I saw) sandalwood.  Lovely, but not to my nose beautiful, though it did make me feel cozy on a cold rainy day.

It's kind of annoying me that the weather folks are calling the snow a WINTER storm.

Anyway, due to the fact that it IS Spring, and my lilacs are blooming, I had to try Highland Lilac of Rochester. Now when I first bought this sample, I believe I bought it based on a review I read, but I had no idea this is from Rochester, New York! Not only an interesting history of the 'fume, but a true blue lilac.  Unfortunately after a while it makes me a bit headachey.. :(

Now another take on the lilac - Ineke After My Own Heart.    This is absolutely gorgeous and so feminine and bright (what is wrong with me these days - I'm so getting into florals!).  I love the depth in this one - and the lilac is nowhere near headache inducing.

I love lilacs - they were the prominent flower for our May Day wedding nearly eight years ago.

Lilac from my garden.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gone Fishing!

Hello everyone! We're happily busy with out of town guests, and then my son and his girlfriend are coming back home in a few weeks for a long visit, too.  So I'm not sure how much perfume-sniffing/testing/wearing I'll be able to blog about.

See you all soon!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Last week I spent an hour + with my local fumie pal 'Jicky'.  I now am the proud owner of 10 mls of Portrait of a Lady and a good sized sample of Noir Epicee!

And then, after spotting Le Parfum de Therese on Facebook Fragrance Friends, we decided to split that too!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some scents that don't work for me

(frowny face me 2009)

Lubin Nuit de Longchamps - headache inducing powdery yuck. Scrubber.

Hermes 24, Fauborg -  Ouch.  It kinda makes sense I don't like this because I also don't like Maurice Roucel's creation Le Temps d'Une Fete (Parfums de Nicolaieither. (Sorry Mals - I know that is one of your favs)

Guerlain L'Heure Bleue - I blame it on the aldehydes.

Chanel #5 - don't mind the Premiere version.  Okay okay..it's probably the aldehydes again!

That's it for now - I don't want to be all gloomy today - time to spritz on something happy, like Lubin Inedite!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Tale of Two SAs

photo of our dog, Sephora

The other day, The Moth and I had to go to a mall - something to do with our cell phones.  I wandered into Macy's as I wanted to sniff the 'new' Opium and I said so to the SA.  She said something like only the packaging was new.  Don't want to go into too much detail, other than she demanded to know how I 'knew' that Opium was reformulated, said that no one had told her that and she has been wearing it for 30 years.  It was as if she took it all personally.  Sigh.  Next time I'm just going to say that I know because I work for IFRA.

Afterwards, we went down the road a bit to Trader Joe's - and in that large shopping area... what do they call those now...shopping villages?  Anyway, there is a Sephora there, too.  I left The Moth at the checkout to hike over to Sephora.

Now mind you I was not dressed to be out.  Basically I had on yoga pants tucked into black motorcycle boots, a long-sleeved tee-shirt that I had worn to bed the night before, and a flannel shirt over it.  Of course I was wearing lipstick and 'fume.  But basically, I looked like I just rolled out of bed.  I wonder if my lack of outfit upset the first SA.. ?

The Sephora SA was absolutely delightful!!!  We talked and talked for a half hour or so - she and I have similar tastes so we were oohing and ahhing over scents and sharing information, and she made up some samples for me. The Moth came into the store after he finished purchasing the items we had picked out at Trader Joe's, and we talked some more.  She said that we had made her day - that earlier in the day, someone had come into the store and stolen TEN bottles of perfume and she had felt badly that she didn't catch on until too late.

I purchased a small purse spray of Womanity.  Now whenever I wear it, I'll think of our nice time there.

I need to make up some samples for her soon.  I think I found a new local fumey pal!

Oh, and PS:  The "new" Opium disappeared from my skin in no time at all.  

Oh you pretty things (part two)

Here's some more mini-reviews!

Annick Goutal  Petite Cheri - adorable peachy- pear, perfect for warm weather! I just wish it had more sillage.

Chanel Coromandel - Winter wasn't long enough - I still want to wear heavier fragrances, esp Coromandel which I adore.  Thanks to Suzanne for the beautiful decant.

L'Artisan Tea for Two - Was able to get in on a split over at FFF - glad I did - I now have 5 ml of this discontinued beauty!  I love the way the ginger meshes with the tea note.  Yum!

Love & Toast  Honey Coconut.  From their website they list notes of honey, sugared vanilla, violet and sandalwood.  I had never heard of this company before Olenska sent me this sample.  I see that Margot Elena does both this line and TokyoMilk! (And I love everything I have experienced in TM Dark).    I'm not big on honey in my perfume, but if you are, definitely try this out, and the line.  I need to re-test after re-reading Olenska's post (highlighted above).

Plus the bottles are too too sweet!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh you pretty things! (mini reviews)

Isn't the sample holder cool?  Thanks to Dee - I love it!

These are all beautiful scents, extremely well-done, but fortunately none that I have to have in a larger size but my sample (for now!)

Ormande Jayne Ta'if - As I posted on Facebook Fragrance Friends, this plays hide-and-seek with me and that is frustrating.

TokyoMilk Bulletproof.   An amped up version of their Lapsang Su Chong.

Hermes Eau de Pamplemousse Rose.  Definitely a Hermes!  And no cat pee smell!

Pacifica Spanish Amber.   A terrific spicy amber at a great price!

L'Artisan Safran Troublant.  Darn it, I really wanted to love this one - it is a tad bit too foody for me.:

Parfum D'Empire Azemour - Now this one, I might have to have more of.  I have read someone calling this an orange chypre.  Stunning!

I have sooo many more samples to sniff - will probably be doing a Part Deux soon.