Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Four by Sonoma Scent Studio

I actually started a blog post about these four, but had to delete it because...well because I was totally taken by surprise.

I thought it would be a staid post, with links and notes and some words from me such as "very nice perfumes."

What a shock that I totally fell in love with ALL four of these stunners!

Incense Pure:  Perhaps I have found my incense.  I had been sampling some CdG's and Heeley's Cardinal and nothing was quite right.  Incense Pure is perfect; it's the scent of church without being hit over the head by the censor, yet it's more than that, as well.

Lieu de Reves:  Could violets and rose and heliotrope be more gorgeous?

Rose Musc: Beatiful soft rose with staying power and a little something else.

Sienna Musk: A spicy and woody musk with a little pinch of cypress to keep you on your toes.

Oh why oh why did I venture into Laurie Erickson's world - I'll never come out!

PS:  I received two of these samples from a fellow blogger - thank you!


  1. I've been lurking on Sonoma Studio for quite some time but never got the courage to order samples. I didn't know where to start.

    Perfume blogger/vloggers have been making a big stink (in a good way) about Incense Pure. I love CdG Avignon, now you've got me curious about Incense Pure. I'll have to order a sample!

    Thanks for your reviews! I'll check out the others you've mentioned as well.

  2. Hello and welcome, OO! I also love Avignon, but the Sonoma one, though very similar, is just a tad toned down, without losing much of the impact, if that makes any sense at all!

  3. Happy holidays, Frida!

    I've been wearing Sienna Musk since xmas eve. I always ran screaming from "musk" (esp. white musk) but I cannot deny how good Sienna Musk is.
    My husband offered a very positive comment about how good it smelled, so I need more, stat!

    Incense Pure is so lovely. So warm and comforting. The angelica note keeps it from being just another incense frag. I couldn't agree more with not being hit over the head w/ a censor. The frankincese is smooth, soothing me as opposed to making me anxious. The scent usually makes me want to brace myself for the lashes of holy water about to be flicked in my face!

    Champagne de Bois and Jour Ensoleille are fantastic too. Next I would like to try Wood Violet and Nostalgie, a vintage style perfume coming out in January.

  4. I was taken aback by how many SSS's I liked as well, when I first got the chance to try the line. It doesn't happen often that I like more than one or two in such a small line, and there are many that I really like. You and JoanElaine have inspire me to dig out my sample of Sienna Musk. I can't remember it!

  5. JE, how DOES she do it? Yes, I believe you're right about the angelica note; and along those lines, heck this out!

  6. APB, I know! This rarely happens to me, as well. I am just floored at how amazing all four are!

  7. Likewise, you & JoanElaine are fueling a major, MAJOR Sonoma Scent lemming stampede through these here parts. If SSS were a circus, I would SO be running away to join it about now. :)

    Happy, happy, happy New Year my pal!

  8. I am so pleased you had such success with these scents - my hit rate with SSS is a bit spotty, which Birgit reckons is something to do with a musk base used. That said, I would love to try To Dream and that fig body butter people are raving about!

  9. Olenska, I'm dropping a sample in the mail to you. Happy Happy to you too!

    Bonks, I believe Birgit hit the nail on the head. Hope you find one you enjoy!

  10. I'm so glad that you liked these perfumes: I like so many Laurie's scents and it makes me feel good when other people like them as well. Out of four you reviewed I like Sienna Musk the most (and somehow I missed Lieu de Reves).

  11. Undina, I just saw this! You must think I'm totally ignoring you but I'm not!! I believe you'd enjoy LdR!


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