Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Four by Sonoma Scent Studio

I actually started a blog post about these four, but had to delete it because...well because I was totally taken by surprise.

I thought it would be a staid post, with links and notes and some words from me such as "very nice perfumes."

What a shock that I totally fell in love with ALL four of these stunners!

Incense Pure:  Perhaps I have found my incense.  I had been sampling some CdG's and Heeley's Cardinal and nothing was quite right.  Incense Pure is perfect; it's the scent of church without being hit over the head by the censor, yet it's more than that, as well.

Lieu de Reves:  Could violets and rose and heliotrope be more gorgeous?

Rose Musc: Beatiful soft rose with staying power and a little something else.

Sienna Musk: A spicy and woody musk with a little pinch of cypress to keep you on your toes.

Oh why oh why did I venture into Laurie Erickson's world - I'll never come out!

PS:  I received two of these samples from a fellow blogger - thank you!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nearly a week of scents

I most definitely need to post more! we go!

Monday:  err, nothing. Well that's not exactly true.  I accidentally spilt a sample of Mugler Womanity on myself, and I was totally intrigued - there was something there that interested me as I wrote before.  Now to find my other sample and do another test.

Tuesday:  Lubin Inedite - I really really like this and am almost done with my sample. Do I like it enough to cough up the huge expense for a full bottle (if I could even FIND a full bottle - neither TPC nor Luckyscent carries it)?  Um, nope; unless I win the lottery but alas I do not play the lottery!

Wednesday:  Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour - as Bonks said here, it does smell  like Coco Mlle but I didn't do a side-by-side blind test.  I like it, though it is a bit light and light usually ain't my thing. But I'm all about inexpensive and good perfume, so if you, dearest reader, have a chance to pick some up, please do so.

Thursday: Brandy by Brandy.  From their website " We think it is the suggestion of distant fields, rolling aromatic meadows, apple and peach top notes, and herbaceous heart notes that account for the appeal of this pleasing scent. Just one mist from the handsome eau de toilette spray bottle has the ability to erase stress and turmoil, and transport the most jaded urban dweller to verdant countryside for a reviving and cleansing visit"    I don't get any of this.  It fades quickly, is close to the skin and I mostly get the apple and peach notes. Had to use the entire sample, too.   I guess I am not of the horsey set. Has anyone tried and/or reviewed this?

Been busy with work, per usual, and also the upcoming holidays.  Hoping everyone is stress-less and having a fun perfumed season! (the photo is from a holiday past - we haven't even started holiday decorating!)