Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rose of Kali, Eau des Quartre Voleurs and Winter Star

I grabbed three samples from my 'to test' pile - here they are, no rhyme or reason why they are being reviewed together!

Rose of Kali by Neil Morris.  I was gifted this sample from Rendolent of Spices (I believe - at one point, so many lovely fumies sent me samples that some of them got all merged together!).  I know absolutely nothing about Neil Morris, so I didn't know what to expect.  Rose of Kali is a gourmand (chocolate mostly) musty rose.  Notes of pear, rose, incense accord, myrtle wood, myrrh, labdanum, chocolate, benzoin.  If you like Fuzzy Blue Blanket or Charna's Rose Boheme, I believe you'll like this one if you also dig a bit of chocolate.

L'Occitane Eau des Quartre Voleurs.  There are a few fragrances that I really enjoy from L'O - most specifically, their Eau D'Iparie (I cannot find this on their website - is THIS discontinued too just like my discontinued love Neroli Rose?  ARGHH!)  Okay, calm down.  Ed4V It is supposedly for men (and yes, you guess it, it is ALSO discontinued!!!), but I find it absolutely refreshing  yet warm (if that makes any sense to anyone)!  Notes of juniper berries, clary sage, basil, cloves, cedar, bergamot and lemon.

I think I'm going to give up totally on L'Occitane - they get rid of all the good scents (much like The Body Shop and Bath and Body Works).  Bah humbug!

Michael Storer Winter Star.  Notes of carnation, lavender, bergamot, oakmoss, peru balm, benzoin, tolu balm, labdanum, musks, civettone musk, Helvetolide musk .  I hear this is a cult favorite.  I thought I sniffed some anise in there.  It lays close to my skin, and doesn't transport me.  Gifted to me by Olenska and check out her review of Winter Star  - she gives it four stars.

Hope all of you out there celebrating Thanksgiving have a wonderful holiday tomorrow!


  1. Agree re: L'Occitane and their ruthless retirement schedule for fragrances. I'm very eager to try Immortelle de Corse, but it'll probably be discontinued by the time I find a parking space. :P I'm being ultra-careful with my bottle of 4Voleurs, so if your supply starts to run low, I'll replenish with pleasure. ;)

  2. Frida, did you find Winter Star as animalically musky as was suggested?

    I've had my eye on Neil Morris' fragrances for some time but have never ordered any samples. Perhaps now is the time.

  3. Hey Meg! Thanks for the sample - I think it will last me long enough but I truly appreciate your (on-going) generosity!!! xox

  4. Hello Michael - unfortunately I did not get much of the wildness/muskyness that Meg/Olenska speaks of - she does have a much better nose than I. I'd like to hear what you have to say about it. Now I haven't ever tried the Musc Kublai Kahn either..because Lutens is so gourmandy, I tend to shy away from his stuff anymore.

  5. Frida, I think you really should try MKK. It doesn't have a gourmand feel at all to my nose. I think its great!

  6. Seconding Michael - MKK has got a bouquet of roses hidden behind its back!

  7. I was thinking Winter Star sounded nice until I got to civettone musk. Not sure what that smells like, but civet and I are only wary and occasional allies, not really friends. :)

  8. Happy thanksgivings to you too (with a little delay). :)

  9. I haven't tried any of these but can certainly relate to annoyance at scents being discontinued. Olfactoria is now also a fan of my beloved Guerlain Plus Que Jamais, and I have given her a mission in NYC, namely to ask in Bergdorfs if they might possibly have a bottle of this left knocking about under the counter or in a storeroom somewhere!

  10. I haven't tried any of these three and Winter Star sounds very interesting.

    I hate when companies discontinue good products - be those perfumes, cosmetics or food. I do not need to be constantly dazzled by something new, I'm perfectly fine with existing good things.

  11. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love reading your perfume descriptions... I always start thinking about gourmet food for some reason... spices? I've always felt a rather close rapport with the goddess Kali... nice to see her looking so blue. hee, hee

  12. Rose of Kali by Neil Morris.
    This sounds nice, I like chocolate fragrance and with Rose! Lorraine

  13. Michael and Meg, I WILL try MKK!

    APB, Winter Star was just dull to me - I wish it gave me SOME sort of reaction!

    Hello Bellatrix!!

    Bonks, if I happen across any PQJ, I will definitely pick it up for you.

    Undina, I'd love to hear what you feel about WS. And yes, discontinuations make me want to SCREAM!

    Helo Callie!!! Gourmand perfume IS foodie; I just tend to not want to smell like something one would eat! ;)

    Hello Lorraine! I hope you get your hands on some Winter Star - sounds right up your alley!


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