Monday, October 31, 2011

am a little tired...(not truly a perfume post, so you can ignore this if you want!)

...of perfume these days, as you might have noticed given that I haven't posted in like forever!

With everything going on within and without, it's difficult for me to focus on perfume sampling.  And wearing.  I believe in the last three weeks, I have only worn perfume twice.

Oh have a lot to sample, thanks mostly to so many of you wonderful fumie pals out there.  I did bring a couple of samples with me today to (re)sniff : Lolita Lempicka, PG Felanilla and Balenciaga Paris.

But with depression and recession and political mean-ness and fighting, negativeness toward OWS and foreclosures and unemployment, and so much affecting people I know, and my son being gone, I'm just tired and sad and have been hiding in my little house, knitting, watching silly movies, working in the yard, and making pennants.  How can I talk about perfume - an expensive art - when so many people are needing the staples of life?  Sometimes I think too much.  Sometimes I'm hyper-sensitive.  

This is kinda where I have been lately.... (I love her blog)

I am happy that it's Halloween/Samhain.  The wheel is turning, and my mood is lifting. The Moth has been wonderfully warm and helpful. Thank the universe!  And thanks for sticking by me, my dear readers.