Monday, September 19, 2011

the scents of my Minnesota trip

I was in a hotel for nearly six days in Minnesota - mortgage counseling training for work.  I flew on 9/11/11  - how patriotic of me.  Actually it was quite interesting - everyone, from airport staff to the regular joe taking a flight, was so cheerful!

First off, don't you hate the smell of your clothes after you have been traveling?  There is a sickly sweet smell that pervades traveling - where does that come from?  Or do I just smell sickly sweet?  It usually has something to do with airplanes or hotels, because I don't notice it that much when I travel by car. (EDIT) I think I have figured it out - it has to do with luggage and not taking the clothes out to 'air' once I'm in the hotel.)'s a quick list of the fumes I wore - AG Encens Flamboyant, AP Eau Emotionnelle, R&G Eau de Gingembre, Lalique Flora Bella and Le Labo Labdanum 18.

I  gave away my sample of Vivienne Westwood Boudoir to my cousin P on Sunday night when I met with her (as she admired it), and her two sisters for dinner.  Also, my cousin M was wearing scent, and she told me what it was and I think it was Lancome's Magie or Magie Noire- I initially thought it was the 'new' version of Opium. 

At the conference, sitting at my table was a beautiful young woman D.  She wore patchouli every single day and by the end of the week, dear lord dare I say, I was really quite annoyed with patch...and usually I love it but enough is enough!! She said that she wears patch to learn better, and frankincense to calm down.  I'm not going NEAR patchouli for a long long time (which is sad, because I have a sample set of the PLAP perfumes that I haven't dived into yet - perhaps in the new year)

At the Mall of America (how embarrassing that was - so over the top - so American!) - but if you're in the Twin Cities area, of course you have to stop in there!  I did have some fun - stopped into Desigual- and oohed and ahhhed over the magnificent clothes!!  The clerk was an adorable young woman and we chatted for nearly a half hour.  Then to H&M - another shop that if I was 30 lbs lighter and 30 years younger I would be all over.  Then to Betsey Johnson where I picked up a pair of socks and again was delighted by the clerk. 

(too bad my camera photo is so bad - Desigual's clothes are so cool!)

Oh yes, I also stopped into The Body Shop. I haven't been in one of those stores in years, and so lamented they only had TWO of the perfumed oils in stock (which were lame and I don't ever remember which two they were). Woody Sandalwood was/is to die for, and their only similar offering was Sandalwood & Ginger body spray, which is VERY pale in comparison, but I still bought some, along with Satsuma body butter, and some Hemp body butter and hand cream for the Moth for his birthday. (Checking their webpage, it looks as though WS is still available - now to find a store nearby that stocks it!)

In Nordstroms (or was it Bloomingdales?), another sweet young SA was attempting to seduce me with Bond No. 9.  No thank you - I told her - I get promotional samples of their new products quite frequently.  But I did find a large array of Chanel, and was able to re-sniff No. 22.  Oh I was in lust!! Must. Get. Some. Soon.

All in all, it was a nice visit.  I did have fun in between work and studying, and being able to reconnect with cousins I haven't seen in 15-25+ years was fantastic! Plus one of my brothers (who owns a Honey Baked Ham franchise yet lives in Ohio) and our sister D's eldest son (who now works for my brother) were there! A mini-family reunion!!

Now back to the grind.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Emotional beauties: Rose Boheme (Providence Perfume) ,Y (Parfum Phyto) and Jardin du Poete (EdI)

As some of you may be aware, I have been quite emotional as of late, so I'm posting about three lovely fragrances that are helping me navigate this confusing time in my life.  

 Here is a photo of the flags/swags/buntings/pennants I have been making which cheer me immeasurably!

Providence Perfume Co.'s Rose Boheme makes me want to cry.  In a good way.  It is everything I love in a perfume - rose, some dirtiness, and melancholy . What makes me love a perfume is if hits me straight in the heart.  Charna sent the arrow, and  targeted me sublimely.  

I have always had a difficult time crying, btw.  In my twisted way, I confuse sadness with anger, so usually I want to scream or punch things when I'm sad.  Which is NOT a good thing nor something I suggest. So crying over the beauty of perfume is a very positive experience for me! 

Parfum Phyto's Y is an amazing creation. Yuko describes it as a " classic, spicy, floral, oriental " but I get a lot of green, too.  It is extremely original and I want more of it to wear on chilly/cold days to keep me warm and safe, and yet remind me of springtime.    

Eau d'Italie Jardin Du Poete.  This one also bring tears.  It is so incredibly gorgeous -  citrus balanced with woods and herbs.  It reminds me a bit of my beloved L'Ombre Dans L'eau but a greener/brighter/dare I say happier version of it.  I wish my sample didn't leak as I really want to experience this another few times. 

I also wish that this came in a 50ml version.

Looking forward to my work trip to Minnesota. I'm flying tomorrow and will be back next weekend.   I'll be bringing some scents to sample for further reviews.  Expect something on September 18th, my fragrant friends.