Thursday, August 18, 2011

the reunion

The first apartment building I moved to (from my parent's home) was the Plaza on Prospect Avenue in Cleveland.  I was 20 years old, and wanted to move to downtown Cleveland (I grew up in a suburban ring neighborhood) as I had just spent two weeks in Paris.

(I'm on the left and there is a version of this photo elsewhere on this blog I think.  This is actually from 1981, but I haven't scanned any of my photos of myself from 1980 yet)

I was then working at Cleveland State University, at the Office of Campus Planning, as a secretary, and one of the architects there suggested that I move into the building where he was living.

And that is how I met the wonderful world of the Plaza-ites.

So this past weekend the big Plaza Reunion happened.  It was mind-blowing!  The majority of the people who showed up were those who lived there from the mid-70s to the mid-80s.  This building is semi-famous as being on the cover of Pere Ubu's "Dub Housing" album as a few members of that band lived there (and actually one band member co-owned the apartment).  I re-connected with folks I remember from that time but had lost touch with, and met people who lived there before I did.  Oh, and all this was made possible through Facebook - how I love FB for this reason. I have been to a couple reunions organized through FB - one for my high school, grade school, and this one.

Cleveland proper was in a slump from the 60s-early 90s, so when I lived at that building, there were very few people living downtown, and the street was known for prostitution. But in my youthful enthusiasm, I enjoyed being an 'urban explorer" as did everyone else in that group.

For the reunion, I wore Miller Harris L'Air de Rien on Friday, and Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie on Saturday for the potluck.  My friend K used to, back in that day, ask me if he could sniff my scarf (I still wear scarves a lot) because of the mixture of the different perfumes I wore at that time.   Too bad I wasn't wearing a scarf for the reunion - but it was way too hot out!

So many thoughts and memories are still flowing from last weekend.  Maybe one of these days I'll return to normal.

But for today, I'll still float on cloud nine while wearing Guerlain Apres L'Ondee which is so gorgeous and ephemeral, I feel angelic!

For further reading,  click here.

Actually one of the local reporters was there, and there will be an article about this three-day event tomorrow.


  1. What a fun experience, and so cool that there was a reunion. I'm glad you didn't let the old friends' scent memories down by showing up unscented to the reunion. :)

  2. oh it was fun, APB!! Thanks for commenting!

  3. First - welcome back (I missed your previous post).
    Second - it's so great when people enjoy reunions, so I'm glad that your reunion was of that kind.
    Third - you smelled great!

  4. Thanks Undina!! XOX I did smell great, huh!? :)


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