Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Roses and some perfume ones (Lady Vengeance, Rose Splendide, Une Rose Vermeille, Twill Rose)

(Rose the cat)

You all know how much I adore rose perfume.  And it seems I must like the name Rose, as we actually have TWO pets named Rose.  One is a 13 year old cat, who was named along with her brother Jack, by my son since he loved the movie "The Titanic" when it came out.

(Rose in front! She's the top hen in the flock)

The second Rose is our Speckled Sussex hen, who was named along with her fellow flock-mates - Hyacinth, Violet, Daisy and Bucket - after the characters in "Keeping up Appearances."  She is SO not like the character, Rose- she instead should have been named Hyacinth!

Roses of all kind make me happy.  This has been a VERY difficult month, so I pulled out some samples, some from my stash and others newly gifted (thank you perfume friends!!!), and here is what I think:

Juliet Has a Gun Lady Vengeance.  It reminds me of the original Agent Provocateur but a little more candy-ish and without the gumption.  You'd think with a name like Lady Vengeance, I'd perceive more OOMPH.  Don't get me wrong, it's nice and given the notes (bulgarian rose, patchouli and vanilla) you'd think I'd be all over this.  But not full bottle worthy at this point in my sniffing life.

Annick Goutal Rose Splendideoh yes it is!  I don't get a lot of pear, but instead I get an earthy yet light rose - just beautiful and uplifting and makes me smile.  Notes of rose, pear, magnolia, musk and vanilla.  I want a full bottle of this and I want it now!

Andy Tauer Une Rose Vermeille. Now this little beauty is a little complicated.  Lemon, bergamot, lavender, rose, raspberry, violet, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean and ambergris.  There is a sweetness that is tamed by the base notes, and this is so impeccably mixed to my nose, I smell no wrong. One word to describe this fragrance - luscious.    I can see myself doused in this gem, wearing deep red velvet tunics, watching a jousting match.  Absolutely spectacular and yes, another full bottle want.

Les Parfums de Rosine Twill Rose.  This starts off quite harsh to my nose; although the dry down is very pleasant, and I like the dirty-ness of it.  But it doesn't grab me. I feel like it's acting snobby towards me!  There are other de Rosines that aren't as stand-offish.

Given that I adore rose in perfume, I'm not getting TOO overwhelmed by the many samples of rose I have in my stash.  Sometimes I think I should get rid of every perfume I have without rose, but then I realise how ridiculous that would be!

Personally I'm happy the summer is winding down.  I cannot wait until the cooler, less humid weather, so I can re-test some samples that fell horribly flat, and then pull out the heavy incenses!


  1. Bloody Frida, your chickens are so cute! (And though I'd never heard of this breed of chickens before reading your post, I love the sound of those words -- "Sussex Speckled hen"! Reminds me of the kind of description you'd come across in an old children's book.)

    The only rose I've tried of the four you mentioned is Rose Splendide. Your description of it is spot on; I love it too, just wish it lasted a little longer on my skin.

  2. Another rose lover, I do like Twill Rose butas risiculous as some people might think there are not enough rose fragrances. I wore Portrait of a Lady to bed last night and the Patchouli overwhelmed it. Une Rose is my favourite but I'd love to try a rose Chanel is there such a thing ?

  3. I like roses - as flowers, perfumes and even names (Rose is my Grandma's name). URV is my favorite Tauer's perfume. I think I will buy a FB of it eventually.
    Have you tried Rose 31 by Le Labo, Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle and Ta'if by Ormonde Jayne? These are my favorite roses.

    How old is your cat on this picture? I can't believe it's her recent one. If it is she looks extremely young (and beautiful).

  4. Hello Suzanne!! Yes, the breed is Sussex and the coloring is Speckled! I love the hens - and couldn't imagine a life without them. Glad you also enjoy RS. And so good to 'see' you!!

  5. Hello Angie - I need to retest's here somewhere! I don't know the Chanel line very well; I wonder if they do have a rose.

  6. Undina, I HAVE tried two of those roses, but haven't tried Ta'if...will do soon. That photo of Rose the Cat was taken last year - she's a tiny thing and many folks comment that she looks so young! Must be the name ;)

  7. URV is so... pretty. And luxurious. Rose Splendide IS nice, though I still prefer Teo Cabanel's Early Roses.

    Haven't tried Lady Vengeance (I like AP but not enough to buy it). Twill Rose I absolutely hated!

    You need to try Ta'if! And I'm with you on wanting the weather to change so I can pull out the big guns.

  8. I agree that URV is a beauty. I haven't tested Rose Splendide, but I am thinking now that I should.

  9. Mals, I must try Ta'if - I believe my local fume pal has a sample of it! And glad that I'm not the only one who dislikes Twill Rose.

    APB - oh do try RS - it's delightful!

  10. I like rose and I like the first two on your list!

    Hey, was Rose the cat in the basement when I called by? : - ) She is lovely and looks very spry for her age.

  11. Hey V - I'm trying to think - usually she's upstairs even when friends are at the house - she has NO fear!

  12. Love the hens! Thought I'd stop by to check out the blog, you were in my store at Mall of America (the one with the awesome coats). C: Looks like my perfume wardrobe won't be getting any smaller, haha.

  13. Hello hello dear Kristen!!! So good to 'see' you here- did you see my post on Minnesota? ;)

    Hope you stop by often!


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