Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Off to Providence soon

My one and only, my 23 year old son J, is moving to Providence this week, so we're all in a tumble and getting things sorted and I have been MIA from this blog and will be for another week or so.

Yes, this is going to be difficult - it was only me and J until 7 years ago when I married the MotH!  But I'm so excited that he has such an excellent job opportunity in Rhode Island - so proud of him and happy to see him off on this new portion of his young life.

Here he is at age five with his first computer (he's a computer programmer now!)

See you all when I get back early next week!


  1. Frida, my very best wishes to you during this transition. I understand the close bond between mother and son - it's hard sometimes to balance your pride with the sadness of them moving on with life. I'll be thinking of you and sending you good energy. As you say, *hugs*

  2. "Bon voyage" to you both on this new leg of life's journey. <3

  3. Good luck to your son Frida, and wishing you the best.

  4. My warmest wished to you and your whole family!

    ~ Undina ~

  5. So cute! All the best to J with the move, and to you in dealing with empty nester syndrome - even if the nest was slightly up the road!

    : - )

  6. Thanks sooo much fumie friends!!! You all rock!! Back home now.

    And Charna, from Providence Perfumes, was so helpful! I must order some full bottles from her - perfume folks are SOO wonderful!!


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