Friday, July 1, 2011

Peace Love and Patchouli, and other things I'm enjoying

Hello everyone!! I'm so enamored with all the Patchouli/PLAP posts, and still enjoying the Midsummer Night's Dream perfumes, that I have completely forgotten to post anything!!!

But I have been sewing (I'm currently on a pennant-string frenzy).  The photo is deceiving as the top of the pennant is actually six inches wide.  I have made four eight-foot strings already, and have two more 'orders' and a few other ideas.  Oooh this is fun!

Also, we recently re-homed Patsy and Eddy, who by the way are actually Pat and Ed.  A wonderful family took them home today - the children LOVE them and the father sent us this picture of them in front of their half-acre pond!  I'm so happy for them all - human and duck alike!  Now P and A can make as much muddy messes as they like.  Merry bug hunting, my dears!

I have four days off for the 4th of July weekend!!   I have a list of things to do like laundry, weeding, sampling perfumes (and blogging about them), sewing and R E L A X I N G.

For those of you in the US - hope you have a terrific holiday!  And everyone else, have a great weekend!


  1. Have a relaxing weekend, Bloody F, and I can picture you pottering about in your house and urban haunts!

    What's with the pennant craze? I think that has passed us by. Is it bunting for July 4th? Is it what truckers hang in their cabs? Is it incipient underwear? They are very nicely made, whatever their purpose (if indeed they have one!).

  2. Hello Bonks! Not only did I sleep 10 hours last night, but I just woke up from a 2.5 hour nap. LOL. I hung a set of pennants on the chicken coop, another set over the bed in the office. I may just indeed wear them as underwear as I haven't done laundry yet ;) Their purpose is just to charm, I think.

  3. Love the pennants - they make me smile!

    Speaking of patchouli, I can finally put your package in the mail! How long did that take me? LOL

  4. Thanks JE!! Ooh so that strike has ended!?


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