Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Atelier Orange Sanguine saved the day!

So I just fell backwards over a pile of bricks in my backyard and into a garden bed, displacing a container of thyme. And to add insult to injury, it's 100 degrees here today.  Heat on top of scrapes.  The Moth came to my rescue, and after cleaning myself up, I said "I bet watching me fall was pretty funny" (and we both started laughing)

So to make myself feel even better, I'm dousing myself with my sample of Atelier's Orange Sanguine.

I'm happy now!!  The juice is marvelous.  Wearing it instantly cheered me up.  (Edit:  here's the notes from :Blood orange, bitter orange, jasmine, geranium from South Africa, amber woods, tonka beans, sandalwood)

Like Birgit says here - do get some!  But don't fall over any bricks on the way!

(photo of my arm scrapes by me)


  1. Orange Sanguine is an excellent remedy for everything life throws at you, even if you are the one being thrown. :)
    Get well soon, dear BF!

  2. Oooops. Sorry to hear you fell but glad to hear you have perfume that helps. :)
    Orange Sanguine is a happy little summery thing. I should wear it more (have no idea why I don't...)

  3. B, it IS an excellent remedy, esp in this heat.
    Ines, I hope I nudged you to wear it today.

    And falling backwards is really surreal. Just had to point that out! LOL

  4. I've taken pratfalls that would qualify for the Three Stooges. Hope you get better soon! Perfume always helps my mood, no matter what it is.

  5. Oh no! Ouch! Glad you found an olfactory band-aid. :)

  6. Sorry to hear of your nasty scrape and glad the Orange Sanguine saved the day!

  7. Sanguine of course meaning Bloody - how very apt in every way!

  8. Olfacta, you'd think I was sipping a martini ala Patsy and Eddy! LOL

    *jen - love that image - an olfactory band-aid indeed!

    Vanessa, very apt! Thanks for pointing that out!

    Now the bruise on my back is making an appearance...sigh!

  9. Sorry about your fall Frida. If its any consolation my daughter Hannah fell last week and scraped her knee badly!

  10. It looks painful. Frida, there are much less dangerous reasons to wear nice perfumes! ;)

    Take care!

    ~ Undina ~

  11. Oh, dear! That does look painful. I hope you mend soon, and in the meanwhile I'm glad you've got a nice scent to cheer you!

  12. Michael - Poor Hannah - hope she's healing well!

    Undina, LOL, there ARE!!

    APB - thanks so much - now I'm all bruise-y - isn't it need what colors pop out (green/purple/yellow)?


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