Sunday, July 24, 2011


I usually do not like to talk about perfumes that I don't get - mostly because so many people DO love them and usually I enjoy reading positive reviews much more so than negative ones.   Take for instance Diptyque's Eau Duelle.  It's totally dull to me, but others (perhaps better sniffers) really enjoy it.

So feel free to ignore this post! Maybe it's the heat that is making me cranky, but for whatever reason, these scents just do not work for me:

I dunno - Agent Provocateur's L'Agent is just meh on me.  Other folks really like it.  I like it okay, but it's not stunning on me or to my nose.

Heeley Hippie Rose -not enough hippy!  I mean what kind of hippy would smell like this?  It is a nice rose but nothing stands out in it.  Here's a positive review of it.

LorenzoVilloresi Sandolo.  After reading Scent of the Day's review, I had to sniff it.  It begins very brash and off-putting (the lavender?), and calms down to...little.  Sigh.  Maybe I'll hold onto this sample until the Autumn and see what happens then.

Smell Bent Horny Little Devil.  Is it just me, or is this really menthol grease? Read Michael's review as he gets something altogether different.

Maybe I should just take a sniffing break, wait for the heat and my mood to break, and come back at another time!

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  1. I totally understand what you mean here-- we all want to have something nice to say, but in this heat? My post yesterday was a ton of GRRR, for which I feel vaguely guilty for the very reasons you describe above. Oh, well- c'est la convection oven. (On a happier note, someone handed me a bottle of Creed Neroli Sauvage yesterday, and I think it might be a doldrum-breaker. Ever tried?)

  2. Hey doll - thanks for understand. Haven't tried that Creed. And about your pear post - I thought it was really funny, in a black humor kinda way but I wasn't sure how to reply without sounding insensitive! xox

  3. Today, everything smelled terrible to me. I blame it on a combination of heat and hormones.
    At last, solace was found in Diorella.

  4. I bet that's what is happening to me (heat plus hormones) and I'm so happy you found solace - I gave up! LOL! But tomorrow is another day.

  5. I feel the same way about a lot of the things I'm sniffing lately, but like you, I don't usually write about the things I don't like, because what's the fun in that? I think there's a lot of "meh" being released right now. Anyway, Sandalo isn't for everyone. Ines sent it to me because she didn't like it either.

  6. RE: "what's the fun in that?".... How I wish Dorothy Parker had reviewed fragrance along with theatre and literature. She would have showed us the fun in it for sure. ;)

  7. Actually I don't mind negative reviews - when I wrote my original post I was trying too hard to be nice and diplomatic(I am a mess these days and have been overthinking everything) KJ, I'm glad that Sandalo works for you and I loved your review of it - I do think I'd enjoy it more in the cooler weather. Olenska, hahaaa, that would have been great re: DP!!!

  8. If you decide it is really not for you, I'll buy your L'Agent back with pleasure - I am getting through my portion at a fair old lick, being another person who just loves the stuff! : - )

  9. Oh and I love Eau Duelle as well, though I can see how people might read it as "dull". There is not a whole lot going on with it...


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