Sunday, July 24, 2011


I usually do not like to talk about perfumes that I don't get - mostly because so many people DO love them and usually I enjoy reading positive reviews much more so than negative ones.   Take for instance Diptyque's Eau Duelle.  It's totally dull to me, but others (perhaps better sniffers) really enjoy it.

So feel free to ignore this post! Maybe it's the heat that is making me cranky, but for whatever reason, these scents just do not work for me:

I dunno - Agent Provocateur's L'Agent is just meh on me.  Other folks really like it.  I like it okay, but it's not stunning on me or to my nose.

Heeley Hippie Rose -not enough hippy!  I mean what kind of hippy would smell like this?  It is a nice rose but nothing stands out in it.  Here's a positive review of it.

LorenzoVilloresi Sandolo.  After reading Scent of the Day's review, I had to sniff it.  It begins very brash and off-putting (the lavender?), and calms down to...little.  Sigh.  Maybe I'll hold onto this sample until the Autumn and see what happens then.

Smell Bent Horny Little Devil.  Is it just me, or is this really menthol grease? Read Michael's review as he gets something altogether different.

Maybe I should just take a sniffing break, wait for the heat and my mood to break, and come back at another time!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Atelier Orange Sanguine saved the day!

So I just fell backwards over a pile of bricks in my backyard and into a garden bed, displacing a container of thyme. And to add insult to injury, it's 100 degrees here today.  Heat on top of scrapes.  The Moth came to my rescue, and after cleaning myself up, I said "I bet watching me fall was pretty funny" (and we both started laughing)

So to make myself feel even better, I'm dousing myself with my sample of Atelier's Orange Sanguine.

I'm happy now!!  The juice is marvelous.  Wearing it instantly cheered me up.  (Edit:  here's the notes from :Blood orange, bitter orange, jasmine, geranium from South Africa, amber woods, tonka beans, sandalwood)

Like Birgit says here - do get some!  But don't fall over any bricks on the way!

(photo of my arm scrapes by me)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guest post by my friend "Jicky"

Jicky is the nom de plume of a dear perfume sniffing pal, also known on this blog as FF.  It was she who helped me expand into the greater perfume universe, and it was at her lovely home that I encountered The Different Company, L'Artisan and Serge Lutens for the first time.



I received my first perfume gifts when I was 16. One was from my mother: it was a Christian Dior Dioressence talcum powder/perfume set; the other from my best friend Martine: Paco Rabanne’s Calandre.

Let’s start with Dioressense.  I can still remember the packaging—the most beautiful shade of blue, combined with white and gold. I loved everything about it—unfortunately they reformulated the perfume, so  it has now landed in the dustbin of history. I used to sprinkle my pillowcase with it, and have sweet dreams about the French teacher I was in love with (never fall for your first love—that’s a lesson to remember). The perfume had a lovely milky floral smell.

Eau de Calandre. Everything about the perfume was cool, from the sleek modernist packaging to the simple stopper. And oh, it smelled so late 60s-70s: fantastic. Just loved that decade. It’s a really unusual perfume, slightly sweet, metallic, minty and spicy. Reminds me of all the 70s icons, Grace Jones, Jerry Hall, Bianca Jagger, and of course, moi, when I wear Calandre

Some other memorable perfumes: My mom’s gold-colored Estee Lauder Private Collection perfume set. She bought it in Italy and it came with this lovely powder box that had a giant pouf for dusting. The powder was a classic.  It gave you a golden sparkly tone and smelled divine. And alas, they no longer make the powder which I liked even more than the perfume. My mom used to lock it up in her drawer along with her stache of forbidden books, such as Erica Young’s Fear of Flying, and Roth’s novels. Of course, we all raided her closet, read the novels, and helped ourselves generously to her powder. As for the perfume, I remember it as a typical Lauder floral oriental, very well crafted. Not sure this perfume has aged well. Still it brings back nice memories.

I also remember Karl Lagerfeld’s pastel orange colored body cream that came packaged together with his eponymous perfume—it was the perfect shade of baroque orange, and it smelled so strong you could literally kill everyone a mile away. I once made the mistake of wearing it to a seminar. I noticed some classmates looking strangely at me, others less so. I will never make such a faux pas again, but I still have vicarious pleasure thinking about how special it made me feel, even if some of my puritan minded classmates had murder fantasies. They no longer make this perfume. And yes, I believe it’s because I wore it to seminar.
My last reminiscence: Jean-Louis Scherrer’s Nuits Indiennes. So lovely, but the bottle—tacky. It looked like it had walked straight out of a Las Vegas casino—emerald green with gold sparkles, and an oriental minaret tower that graced the box. It was a spur of the moment gift for my mom which she loved. I remember it as lovely floral oriental, with nice silage. Compared to the candy confections they make today, this perfume was brilliant.  I am not sure why this one was discontinued. The packaging perhaps?
My most memorable perfume experience. I happened to be in Paris two summers ago and this impeccibly chic woman in front of me was wearing the most incredible perfume. I just remember walking rapidly behind her. All I wanted was to be enveloped by her lovely silage. I had to walk very fast because she was in a hurry, or perhaps she was in a hurry because she thought I was stalking her. I like to think of it as Perfume X, worn by this mysterious stranger. If there is a perfume god(ess), please help me relive this experience, and discover out the identity of this perfume.

If I had to list my all time favorite perfumes, they are (not in order of preference).

Chanel's Les Exclusifs: 31 Rue Cambon (I’d like to be embalmed in this one—fantastic)
Chinatown (a coup de genie) (Bond no. 9)
Verte Violette by L'Artisan Parfumeur
Aimez Moi by Caron
Le Labo Iris
Serge Lutens La Myrrhe
Gucci's Rush

I really like Miller Harris’s L’Air de Rien and TDC Bois D’Iris on my friend Carol aka Bloody Frida (even if LAdR smells hideous on me)

My list can go on, but for today I will limit myself to these 7.

As for the worse perfumess ever smelled:

Etat Libre D'Orange's Secretions Magnifiques--the sinister smell of toxic chemicals, a cholera clinic on a hot day, or just pick anything that will make you gag.

Even though its many people's favorite, I have issues with Lauder's White Linen--I hope I don't insult anyone, but I remember it as a sexless perfume, very Hillary Clinton/Madeline Albright-esque, i.e. worn by the woman in power pant suit and sneakers, the one who cracked the whip if you mispelled a word.   

PS:  On the fourth of July, Jicky was in attendance at dinner and since you know that sniffing perfume has to happen when two perfume-loving people are together, I pulled out a box of samples and had everyone (except my Mother who refused) sniff Secretions Magnifique!  Per usual, most of the women hated it, and most of the men thought it was nice.

Hope you enjoyed Jicky's first guest post!!  I sure did posting (and reading) it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

what I'm digging these days

I am so fortunate to have such wonderful fumie pals who sent me so many delectable samples!!  Thank you all so much- you know who you are!!!

I'm totally into Hermes Un Jardin sur le Toit  - wow!  I think this is my favorite of the series!!  Cannot get enough!

And I've mentioned Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionnelle, which still confuses me why I like it so much, but I sure do.

Another goodie from my mail box - YSL Belle D'Opium, which is, excuse my pun, truly dope! (and you all know I adore Opium!)

Ooh and the cumin-goodness of Parfum d'Empire Aziyade.  I feel a little naughty spraying this one on, esp when I'm all sweaty...heheheee...I am bad!

And this one - Lalique Flora Bella - OMG - now this is a perfect summer scent!

And last but not at all least, Mary Greenwell Plum.  I'm enthralled with this - have been wanting a sample for ages.  I am getting a little girly, aren't I?

Thanks fumie friends!! Lots more to sniff and talk about...stayed tuned!

(another pennant string/garland I made)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Peace Love and Patchouli, and other things I'm enjoying

Hello everyone!! I'm so enamored with all the Patchouli/PLAP posts, and still enjoying the Midsummer Night's Dream perfumes, that I have completely forgotten to post anything!!!

But I have been sewing (I'm currently on a pennant-string frenzy).  The photo is deceiving as the top of the pennant is actually six inches wide.  I have made four eight-foot strings already, and have two more 'orders' and a few other ideas.  Oooh this is fun!

Also, we recently re-homed Patsy and Eddy, who by the way are actually Pat and Ed.  A wonderful family took them home today - the children LOVE them and the father sent us this picture of them in front of their half-acre pond!  I'm so happy for them all - human and duck alike!  Now P and A can make as much muddy messes as they like.  Merry bug hunting, my dears!

I have four days off for the 4th of July weekend!!   I have a list of things to do like laundry, weeding, sampling perfumes (and blogging about them), sewing and R E L A X I N G.

For those of you in the US - hope you have a terrific holiday!  And everyone else, have a great weekend!