Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Current loves - Pacifica Tibetan Mountain Temple, AP Eau Emotionnelle and fumie friends

Marie sent me two large samples of Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionelle. EE was launched in 2006, six years after the original. I absolutely adore the original AP.  The original has a big bold rose in it, and EE doesn't.  EE is more sublime and white-flowery, but it still has that punch (albeit much more subtle) as AP original (probably the pepper - I'm wild about pepper in perfume).  I am thoroughly enjoying the samples - thanks so much Marie!!

Reviews from Divina here and Robin at NST here.

(in my upstairs bathroom)

Pacifica Tibetan Mountain Temple is a perfume I bought totally unsniffed.  It is some glorious stuff!  Someone had replied to another blogger about their favorite incense perfume and mentioned this, so I bought it.  I am sooo happy I did.  The GINGER is to die for!!  Remember here when I was looking for a ginger scent?  Well this isn't only a great incense, it is also a wonderful ginger.  AND it's wonderfully inexpensive!  Huzzah!

Notes of vetiver, patchouli, ginger and orange.

I also bought top favorites original Agent Provocateur and Miller Harris L'Air de Rien unsniffed  - have you found true love by chance?

EDIT:  the fumie friend love goes out to everyone in the blog/interwebs/tweet world who make my day in many ways!


  1. I bought Shalimar parfum unsniffed---my very first bottle has since turned into three bottles of parfum (one vintage), bottles of EDC and EDT, AND the Ode a Vanille flanker! If that's not true love, I don't know what is :)

  2. I think Pacifica would have got more love if it had been more expensive ;)

    Why did you decide to buy those two unsniffed? Was the price that good? Were you sure from the notes that you would love them? Something else?

    I've just made my first completely unsniffed purchase yesterday. But I'll keep the name secret until I actually get it and try. I hope it will be... well, at least strong like - but we'll see.


  3. Undina - The L'Air de Rien was the first bottle I purchased once I started on this journey of really wanting to learn about perfume over a year ago. I read about it on other blogs, and for some reason (the notes and the comments on basenotes), well it just spoke to me. And it is one of my top favorites! With AP, Katie Puckrick had it on her video, and she happens to like a lot of stuff that I like, so I went for it.

    oooh I cannot WAIT to hear what you purchased!!!!

  4. You finally found that Ginger Mecca! Hooray!

  5. Sounds like a great buy!
    My budget is so tight, and my wishlist so long (and spendy!), I just can't bring myself to do a blind buy. I did buy Chanel No 19 while the top notes were drying on my skin, and I'm stalking vintage now (I hear it's even better than the current - the mind boggles!).

  6. Hello Jen!! That was my last purchase for quite some time - it was a good one though (phewww!) Good luck on your vintage quest!!!

  7. Most of the time, I start out with decants or mini bottles to see if I'm going to love something, and if I do I get a full bottle; examples would be Shalimar Light and L'Arte di Gucci.

    But I bought 50ml of Cuir de Lancome unsniffed (D/C, sold online for $35, with a 20% discount... wound up being about $27). After I'd worn it for six months, I went back and bought another bottle. Love, love it.

  8. They don't sell Mountain Temple on the Sephora online store! I'm so disappointed as you made me want to try it. I'll keep looking. ;)

  9. Yay Mals - glad to hear of another blind love!

    Tamara - Hello!!! Pacifica has it's own on-line store -that's how I got it!!!

  10. What??! Oh -duh! I'm off! ;)

  11. mmm... I love ginger... but to eat! Love the smell too. I have always loved the beautiful shape of perfume bottles. Glad you found some treasurers.

  12. I love to eat ginger too (esp the pickled kind!) But it smells sooo good! Thanks Callie and it's always good to see you here!

  13. I'm very happy that you enjoy AP Eau Emotionelle :-)

    Blind buys for me have been a.o. Bulgari Black which I bought on Katie Puckriks recommendation and I like it a lot. Another blind buy was Rochas Femme, also a succes. I love blind buys - the excitement of the chance taking appeals to me - boring life, I know, I know ;-)

    Blind buys in the future could very well be Lalique Flora Bella and Jacomo Silences. I have next to no doubt that I will like them both.

  14. Thanks so much Marie for sending it! I wore it again yesterday too. Katie seems to egg a few us on to blind buys! ;)

  15. She certainly seems to have an influence - whether it's good or bad, depends, I guess - but it's certainly interesting :-)


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