Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream scent event - Dreams by Yuko Fukami

We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.

Shakespeare actually has quite a few dream quotes.  I always enjoyed this one, from The Tempest, and while The Tempest is a tragedy and A Midsummer's Night Dream is a comedy, I enjoy the dream images in both plays.

I am one of the fortunate folks in this world who can lucid dream!  I love dreaming.  I love sleeping.  I love the Summer Solstice/Midsummer.  So you can just imagine the excitement when I received Yuko Fukami (Parfum Phyto)'s Dreams perfume.

Now I'm quoting Yuko as she describes her creation -  "As ephemeral as a dream.  It sparkles, it's sweet...and the memory lingers on the skin..Flowers in the meadow against the crushed grass, hay, and woods of the forest floor."

This lovely elixir contains the following:
Top notes - coriander, virginian cedarwood
Heart notes - tuberose, violet leaf, cassie
Base notes - hay, flouve, ambrette seeds, ambergris

At first blush, the cedarwood is prominent, cushioned by the coriander.  The tuberose then springs out, but not too much, along with the violet.  I am transported to a marshy green space, covered with trees, my bare feet are squishing happily on the ground of dirt and moss, woodland flowers, and leaves that dropped the autumn before.

I find a dry place, and lie down looking skyward - the trees are a canopy, the breeze from the far away meadows reaches me.

Sleep comes peacefully and gloriously! And oh what dreams for this beloved Summer Solstice!

("Titania Sleeping" by Arthur Rackham)

And please check out the following links of reviews of the various and wonderful scents in A Midsummer's Night Dream scent event, and special thanks again to Amanda Feeley for hosting this wonderful project!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Midsummer's Night Dream perfume event - Eva Luna by Providence Perfume Co.

Thanks to Amanda Feeley for this amazing scent event!!  I am totally honored and excited to be one of the fortunate 'sniffers'.

The other day, I sat down to watch the 1968 movie version of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."  Being swept into that vision of the play, I was enamored by the colors and scents (yes, I could just imagine the scents!) of that production.  What an amazing cast!!!!  And to see Titania portrayed by Judi Dench with such sweetness, strength and darling.

I received Charna Ethier (Providence Perfume Co.)'s Eva Luna. This fragrance is absolutely spot on for this occasion.  I am again transported to that lush and vibrant forest, full of love and tears and laughter and passion.

This perfume is sexy and strong  and innocent all at the same time.  Just like Dench's portrayal of Titania.

Eva Luna consists of russian carrot, mimosa, fresh mint, rosewood, tuberose, frangipani, jasmine grandiflorum, french violet leaf, orris, oman frankincense and ambrette.  I love the carrot opening, and the frangipani comes on strongly but don't worry, it's just Titania being a wee bit naughty!

Please excuse me while I douse myself in Eva Luna and run out naked (figuratively) under the moonlight!

Monday, June 13, 2011

If anyone is interested...

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Current loves - Pacifica Tibetan Mountain Temple, AP Eau Emotionnelle and fumie friends

Marie sent me two large samples of Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionelle. EE was launched in 2006, six years after the original. I absolutely adore the original AP.  The original has a big bold rose in it, and EE doesn't.  EE is more sublime and white-flowery, but it still has that punch (albeit much more subtle) as AP original (probably the pepper - I'm wild about pepper in perfume).  I am thoroughly enjoying the samples - thanks so much Marie!!

Reviews from Divina here and Robin at NST here.

(in my upstairs bathroom)

Pacifica Tibetan Mountain Temple is a perfume I bought totally unsniffed.  It is some glorious stuff!  Someone had replied to another blogger about their favorite incense perfume and mentioned this, so I bought it.  I am sooo happy I did.  The GINGER is to die for!!  Remember here when I was looking for a ginger scent?  Well this isn't only a great incense, it is also a wonderful ginger.  AND it's wonderfully inexpensive!  Huzzah!

Notes of vetiver, patchouli, ginger and orange.

I also bought top favorites original Agent Provocateur and Miller Harris L'Air de Rien unsniffed  - have you found true love by chance?

EDIT:  the fumie friend love goes out to everyone in the blog/interwebs/tweet world who make my day in many ways!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A few scents I have tried recently and thank you!

Serge Lutens La Myrrhe - Another sample from Olenka.   This sly devil - I thought it was gone from my skin, but oh no no no - it came back in little teasing wafts!  Here's a review by Mals.

Isabella Rossellini Daring:  And speaking of Mals, the other day, she talked about finding perfume on the cheap and she mentioned Overstock.com.  Now I am a huge fan of that site, so I scooped up this inexpensive treasure. Coriander, jasmine, peony, apple, honey, musk, sandalwood, myrrh.  I just wish it had more punch - it's not as daring as I would like it to be, yet I'll be wearing this a lot this summer.

Also got Brosseau's Fleurs d'Ombre Rose since I love the original so much!  I cannot find when this was launched, but it is a fruity floral.  Not that bad, not that great, but it will be okay for summertime.  I did find the notes on the Brosseau website:  Bergamot, grapefruit, tangerine, orange, rose, jasmine, peach, freesia, vetiver, amber, musk, etc etc (there is  LOT of notes in this baby!).  I think my niece would like this - I'll send her a large sample.

I also wanted to add a big THANK YOU to all my followers - I truly appreciate you all!