Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raphael "Replique"

Awhile back, when Bonkers came to visit, she wrote up this wonderful post about our adventures.  In it, she mentions a friend in town who used to wear Replique whom I'll call A.  I had never heard of this fragrance, and while we were sitting with A in her museum-like house, I was texting the Moth who googled it and got me started on the search.

I HAD to get some of this perfume!  I needed to know what it was that held her fascination, especially given that she's really not into fragrance too much anymore.  I headed over to Ebay, and found two versions, somewhat inexpensively.

(oh dang, in my attempt to have an arty photo, the label for the parfum is unreadable...gah!)

As you can see, the taller one is the EDT and the smaller one is Parfum.  I'm assuming too that the EDT is a newer version than the Parfum.

Vintage Replique parfum is TO DIE FOR.  Seriously, it's that good.  Actually the newer EDT isn't so bad, though the top notes smell more mediciney;  the dry down with the two versions is very similar.

Please read this review from the Perfume Posse - March sums this fragrance up perfectly, esp when she says "It’s stunning. The first thing that crossed my mind was: Bal a Versailles meets Tabu. Okay, granted, for some folks that must sound appalling, like King Kong mating with Godzilla. But for the rest of us, lovers of deep, dark animalic orientals, really — it’s the bomb."

Please PLEASE try this one!  I am not a big fan of vintage perfume basically because I figure I'd go crazy with obsession trying to hunt something down, but I will admit I will be on the look out for Replique for the rest of my scent life!  Yep, I'm a sucker!

BTW, I DID give a sample of the newer version to the woman in town who inspired my search.  Unfortunately I gave her a sample of the newer version and she knew right away it wasn't the same vintage as what she remembered.  Ooops!


  1. This sounds good Frida. I'll keep an eye out for it, although must admit I've never heard of it until now!

  2. I tried the divine Replique recently thanks to the lovely Krista at Scent of the Day, who sent me a vintage sample.

    Upon first sniff, it took me back to childhood! My mother didn't wear it, so perhaps it was an aunt..or maybe it's just the style of perfume?

    Enjoy your lovely Replique!

  3. Hey Michael - it's definitely worth it!

    JE - I'm so glad you enjoyed it too! My review wasn't really a review - but since March said everything I would have said, her post needed to be linked!

  4. Not that I need another hard-to-find perfume on my list, but you convinced me to put it there. :)

  5. Oh, dear, here we go again...Correct me if I'm wrong, someone, but is this the Replique that was also famous as a bath oil at one point? If so, I think my mother owned it, and if it is, then...Frida, you have a treasure! Well, two treasures...;-)

    I remember something feral growling in the bathtub, so of the Edt or the parfum are anything alike...go slay 'em, tiger! :)

  6. I got some of the perfume as part of a minis haul awhile back. A beautiful little bottle, but the perfume had turned and looked (and smelled) like Jaegermeister. This reminded me to try it again.

  7. Dang, Frida, you and March make this sound irresistible!

  8. Okay, so I'm one of those people who is horrified by Bal a Versailles meets Tabu. This ain't gonna be my thing. It's not anywhere NEAR being my thing - though I dig BaV, Tabu gives me the willies.

    But I'm so glad you found a vintage treasure!

  9. Well, I am with muse here in the willies camp - about Tabu, certainly - but I just love the story (obviously), because A spoke so passionately about this fragrance and it clearly held such memories for her. And as you say, she is not really into perfume now, which made the allure of Replique all the more intriguing. Well done to you and The Moth for tracking it down! A bit of perfume history, for sure!

  10. Ines, I think you would like this!

    Tarl - yes, I believe it was in that version!!! And I'm tryin' to slay them :)

  11. Muse and Vanessa - this is not as BIG as those other two. Don't be afeared! Replique is a softer growly, like a baby tiger.

  12. Hello everyone! Check out Olenska's post about THREE version of Replique here


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