Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gifts from my Cousin - Part II: Hermes "24, Faubourg" and Chanel #5 v. Eau Premiere

The first installment here.

I am totally shocked that 24, Faubourg was made in 1995.  Here I assumed it was a old classic.  Wondering why Hermes would have made such a fragrance in 1995? 

This is not my cup of tea.  I figured there is/are my nemesis aldehydes in it, but from all my researching, I cannot seem to find that note mentioned.

And then I got tired.   Tired and annoyed at myself for trying to figure out why I don't like it. 

I also received from my loving cousin a sample of Chanel #5. I had one from over a year ago, but I mustn't have closed the sample well enough as it all evaporated.

My friend FF has recently given me a sample of Chanel #5 Eau de Premiere (EP) so I'm sniffing these back to back. 

But first - back in the day (early 1980s) I would wander amidst the perfume counters at both Higbees and Halles department stores in downtown Cleveland. I lived downtown then, and would often stop during my lunch hour or between classes to spray scent on me as I was quite poor at the time and was unable to purchase full bottles often. At one point, I was determined to purchase a Chanel, and of course I tried #5. I almost gagged. I then tried #19 and #22 (and I swear another numbered one, but cannot remember!), and I settled on #19 (which is very interesting because I am usually an woodsy-oriental gal even back then). I was an angry rebellious young woman at that time. I think my chosing #19 over #5 was colored by that screw-you kinda mentality. But I liked #19 (both the perfume and the mentality)!

So now onto my current throw-down of Chanel #5 v. Chanel EP.

Chanel #5 bursts with effervenscent flowery something or another. EP also does a little fireworks display at the opening, but not as big and loud as her older, sassier sister (or great auntie).

After a while (I tested them both on one arm, two days in a row), #5 keeps on keeping on, overshadowing EP...even as I try to coax EP to blossom and get out of the shadow; she keeps quiet but steady.

EP is a much warmer, comforting scent to me; it wears close to the skin and seems more faithful. #5 on the other hand seems shrill, confident and distant.
I have always been a sucker for the underdog.

photos of Halle Bros. Department Store   from The Cleveland Press Collection


  1. Ah, interesting..."Quiet but steady underdogs" have always been more my thing, and I have problems with No 5 for the very fact that she "keeps on keeping on". : - )

    I have a decant of EP and it is a staple office scent in winter - not that I have a staple office particularly, but you know what I mean.

  2. Hey Bonks - I'm glad it's not just me! I think, once my bank gets replenished, that I'll splurge on a larger sample of EP. She's quite endearing!

  3. I like EP quite a bit. She's a fizzy one. It amazes me that aldehydes still take me by surprise.

    Love the pic of the SA with her shoes kicked off. I really don't blame her. I could (would!)not work in heels!

  4. JE, EP is fizzy, and as you know I'm not best friends with aldehydes, but I can definintely take it with EP. HAHAA, I know, it's that photo great!!? :)

  5. Dang it! My comment got lost in cyber-space.

    Anyway, I like EP on my hubby, who wears it regularly, but I prefer no 19---especially now that I have the EDP as well as the EDT :)

    EP is so lovely, but it just doesn't feel "me," even if it is the one scent that always garners comments from strangers!

  6. EP is quite me, either, but I way prefer it over #5, but still love 19 the best of all three

  7. EP is so easy to wear. I will say, though, that it is not very successful on my mother, the No. 5-wearer. It smells like Average Department Store Fruity Floral on her. Very strange!

    I admit that I only like No. 5 parfum. Vintage. It is stunning. I wear my decant of EP more often, but it is, somehow, "less." Less distinctive, less noticeable, less troublesome...

    ... and yes, I'd rather have No. 19 most of the time anyway.

  8. I think EP is designed to appeal to our 'modern' noses- and I do like it- but I will confess I've always had a difficult relationship with No 5, I love it on others but not on myself- I don't know why, perhaps because close family have worn it and it doesn't feel like 'my' smell, still I love it on others but don't wear it for me

  9. Hello Rose! Thanks for stopping by. I too enjoy #5 on others - it doesn't feel like 'my' smell either!

  10. Mals, that IS odd about your mother's experience with EP! I don't believe I have tried to parfum - maybe I should and see what happens.


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