Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where's the fig?

Oh dear is this another note that I cannot detect easily?

Attempting to sniff both L'Artisan Premiur Figuier Extreme and the often lauded Diptyque Philosykos.

Here' is Jess' wonderful review (I didn't realise that both of these perfumes were made by the same nose.)

Okay, in that context I see the PFE as a pre-cursor to Philosykos.  PFE fades on me immediately.  Philosykos on the other hand is difficult for me to detect at first, but then it blossoms into earthy loveliness.

And then it disappears. Dang!!!!

And here's another review, by EauMG


  1. I have Molinard's Fleur de Figuier and although I can smell it it has little lasting power. I tend to spray onto silk handkerchiefs and tuck them into clothing.

  2. I *love* Philosykos, but it doesn't last on me either... boo!

    I was holding a fig every bit as beautiful as the one in your photo there in my hand the other day, and although I don't care for the taste of figs, I couldn't stop smelling it-- it was just so heavenly!! But it's one of those scents that I think gets overpowered easily, and then doesn't last.

  3. Angela, what a great idea!

    LCN - good to see you!!! Next time I see a fig in real life, I'm gonna have to sniff it!

  4. What they forget to tell (companies that is) is that fig scents try to capture the tree, not the fruit! That's why you don't "find it"; assuredly not that you have a defective nose! Crush a fig leaf between thumb and finger (it's sticky careful) and then compare: it's very realistic! (and totally synthetic in perfumery)

  5. Hello E!! now that makes sense - time to re-test all my figgy 'fumes! *thanks for stopping by!*


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