Friday, March 11, 2011

Three Roses by De Rosine (Rose Kashmirie, Rose d'Ete and La Rose) and Miller Harris' Rose en Noir

As many of you are aware, I adore roses and rose perfume.  My absolute favorite single rose is Serge Lutens Sa Majeste La Rose.  Diptyque L'Ombre dans L'eau,  Creed's Fleurs de Bulgarie and Fleur de The Rose Bulgare, Agent Provocatuer, and Profumum Ninfea are on my top list yet I'm always on the look out for more rose perfumes.

(Here is one of my early blog posts about rose sample sniffing; interesting to re-read it because I didn't 'get' LOdL which is now one of my top five perfumes!)

Rose Kashmirie:  top notes -saffron, coriander, bergamot and rose; middle notes - myrhh, rose and peony; base notes are vetyver, sandalwood, amber, benzoin, vanille and grass (all notes are from frangrantica)

Rose d'Ete:  top notes - galbanum, bergamot and granny smith apple; middle notes -rose, mimose, lotus and lime (linden) blossom; base notes - musk and ambrette (musk mallow).

La Rose:  orris, tonka bean, musk, violet, damask rose, jasmine and resins

Rose En Noir:  I couldn't find any notes listed anywhere.

RK is right up my alley - it's spicey, enveloping and mysterious and gorgeous.  The middle notes are amazing - I can really smell the peony, and the base notes tease with grassy earthiness.

RdE's granny smith apple is very prevalent to my nose. RdE is delightful but a bit 'young' for me.

La Rose reminds me of Malle's Lipstick Rose - it's very '50s glam (whatever that means) but there's something a bit more subtle to La Rose than Lipstick Rose.  If I had to choose between the two, I would definintely choose De Rosine.

Miller Harris' ReN befuddles me.  It begins too medicinal, and then a burst of green rose stems, and then dirt (which I really like).  But unfortunately that medicine-y note drags on a bit too long and the grounding warmth is a little flat. (thanks to Vanessa aka Bonks for the Miller Harris sample!)

Rose Kashmir is the one I would purchase of all these because not only is this a suede-ish smelling rose (now does THAT makes sense to anyone but me?), but it doesn't smell like anything else I currently have - in fact, perhaps I can get a large decant from Perfumed Court!?!


  1. Oh gorgeous choices. I love Rose Kashmir, Rose D'Ete , Sa Majeste La Rose , Une Rose and most of the Paris flankers that are rose and violet . Dominque Ropion's fragrance for Jaegar clothing is a lovely rose now discontinued but if seen buy it.
    I am though always seeking new rose fragrances.

  2. I've recently fallen in love with rose fragrances and I sense that it will be a love affair for life.

    I ordered a sample of Rose Kashmirie a little while ago because the notes sounded so wonderful, but unfortunately it hasn't arrived and I fear that it's been "lost" somehow. I love rose and I love coriander - so in theory it should be right up my rose garden. So, now I'm wondering if I should simply take a chance and buy it unsniffed.

    I love Agent Provocateur, too! What do you think of Oliban? The first time I smelled it I thought it was the most awful thing I'd ever smelled - ever! A year or so later I revisited the sample, and now I love it. It's really strange how sensibilities change while we're doing other things.

    I also love Stella Rose Absolute - a fruitier rose than many other's I've smelled, but I've been know to love fruity notes. And I'm waiting for today's perfume purchase - Lady Vengeance, sexier and less serious than e.g. Agent Provocateur, and I can't resist it - I'm a victim in the "all curves and no survivors" metaphoric war that Katie Puckrik described in her review of L V.

    I'm learning to appreciate Angel la Rose that I bought completely on a whim - still a bit to heavy on the sweetness and the patchouli, but it is growing on me as a comfort scent applied sparingly.

    I would love to try Sa Majeste la Rose and Une Rose so I need to see if I can find samples that will actually make to my mail box.

  3. Nice post Frida. I too really enjoy rose fragrances. Une Rose is possibly my all time favourite, although I am also very partial to Paestum Rose, Rose Poivre and even Kingdom!

  4. Angela, I have never tried any of the Paris flankers - hmmm, must try!

  5. I am hoarding the L'Ombre dans L'Eau and Fleurs de Bulgarie you so kindly sent to me, as well as the Parfums de Rosine Roseberry I picked up at the antique store, for the very first 70 degree Fahrenheit day here in NJ-- at which point I intend to go rose wild! For me, roses DEMAND warmth-- which truly can't come fast enough, because what I've sampled of these three scents makes me impatient to wear them!

  6. Mmmm...Rose Kashmir sounds amazing! You are the one that turned me onto AP, a perfume that I love with all my heart. The others you have listed are also provocative. Thanks for the info!

  7. Lovely post! I love roses and rose fragrances with a passion.

    I have only tried one Rosine so far, Rose d'Homme which I just love. Rose Kashmir sounds good as I love saffron, but saffron = winter to me. Thanks for the test drive. I plan on sampling a few from the Rosine line soon.

    I don't know why I haven't tried L'Ombre yet! Must get a sample, along with Uncle Serge's rose scents.

    Another rose I have been sampling and enjoying lately is ELdO Rossy de Palma.

  8. Junelady - thanks for such a wonderful reply! I haven't tried Oliban - you have me totally inspired to try it, along w/some others you mentioned. I love Angel, and Angel Peony, so perhaps Angel's rose would be something I would enjoy. Katie is the reason I tried AP - I bought it unsniffed and so glad I did!

  9. Michael, I could shake myself - I just placed a small order through perfumedcourt, and I meant to add Paestum Rose!! Une Rose is very close to Lutens - it was neck and neck there for a while!

  10. ooh Olenska! Glad that they have enticed you!! We reached nearly 60 degrees today - I put on some Ambre Russe and it was so not what to wear.

  11. Josephine, hello! And Katie Puckrick turned me on to AP - I bought it unsniffed just from her video. Rose Kashmirie is delightful - do try it! And if you love AP, you'd love the Creeds - that same shrill albeit lovely rose (my favorite!)

  12. JE, I wouldn't mind trying more de Rosines - they are really well done, and well how can I not love to try more roses!? RE: EldO - I'm scared of them at the moment - will have to get up my nerve to try Rossy - but now, every time I sniff anything I have of theirs, I always smell Secretions. Dang!

    In my humble estimation, L'Ombre is a masterpiece! Rose, damp earth and spring.

  13. Frida, KP is also responsible for my ownershiop of a bottle of AP - I bought it for myself for my birthday last year. To think that the first time I smelled some years ago I thought it was horrible! Fortunately, our tastes are plastic.

    Now, I'm curious about Angel Peony.....

  14. Here I come after Junelady, who speaks of plastic tastes just before I was going to chuckle and say something about how part of the fun of this journey for me is noting the evolution of my tastes...ranging from where they seem to hold steady to greater and lesser embraces to full out 180º turns on a few.

    Or, perhaps my elasticity when it comes to declaring love or dislike for certain notes. I will boldly declare that "rose in perfume is just not for me," which I feel to be true...with a giant BUT coming right behind...

    But I love L'Arte di Gucci when the time is right. I truly enjoy Poussiere Rose most any time. I will visit Une Rose a few times a year, happily those times, though I otherwise hold it at bay. And then there is my beloved, bewailed discontinued BBW Sandalwood Rose, RIP. There are others, too, that feature rose and please me.

    I'm still gonna say that rose ain't necessarily my bag, unless it's in the garden. :)

    Have been meaning to try that Kashmieri Rose. Saffron up top and grass inside sound like a good way to put a rose in a bottle, as far as my tastes are concerned. I have that Miller Harris in a sample vial somewhere, and I seem to remember thinking of it as "yes, a rose," but nothing much beyond that. I should probably try again. When I'm in a rose mood...which has been known to happen.

    BTW, my crazy scent that propelled me down the rabbit hole was SIP Black Rosette. Talk about medicinal...that's a top note that could send you running. But I stayed with it for the whole long strange trip, and never really came back.

  15. Out of the 4, the only one that I haven't tried is Kashmir and that sounds like the one that I would like the most.
    I also found d'ete nice but too "young" for me too. It's very "starter" perfume in my opinion.
    En Noir is 50's glam, I know where you're coming from. It's that orris and rose and it seems proper and glam.

  16. SS, I have one bottle of our beloved Sandwood Rose left (I bought four back when I knew they were discontinuing it, and gave two to my BFF who also adores it).

    I love to see how my 'nose' has changed over this year of blogging. I mean to go back through my posts and re-try some things to see what I think - but that is a gigantic undertaking, and given that I'm pretty lazy, I probably will never do it, plus all the scents around that I haven't even tried yet - kinda like re-reading books or re-viewing movies - where does one find the time!?!? Hmmm Black Rosette... :)

  17. Pheww, EauMG, sometimes I think that my descriptions are so totally wacky no one would understand! Thanks for helping me believe that I'm not THAT out there!!

  18. oh and another thing, SS - my youngest brother also loved Sandalwood Rose!

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