Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Roja Dove Scandal

Roja Dove Scandal (much like Chanel Cuir de Russie) elevates me to lady-like-ness.  I stand taller, feel more empowered, and I do not pick at my nails and cuticles (which is a very nasty habit I have).

I totally agree with Abigail in her review - I do not find it "enormously rude" as Luca Turin does, but find it gorgeously empowering. No armor here, but instead it helps me morph into a more self-possessed me.  And who would think that a fragrance with tuberose would impress me so much?

Notes (from basenotes): bergamot, muguet, orange blossom,  freesia, rose, jasmine from Grasse, tuberose, sandalwood, orris, balsams, musk .

Thanks to Vanessa aka Bonks for the sample!  And here is a post she wrote about Scandal.


  1. I totally laughed out loud when I realized that I had misunderstood. I'm so new to perfume I didn't know Roja Dove had a perfume called Scandal. I thought your post was announcing he was involved in some kind of uproar, like Jean-Paul Guerlain, or Galliano or Charlie Sheen. :). I'm relieved to know the perfume community is behaving itself.

  2. heheee! Hello *Jen! Sorry about that! I sometimes put the perfume name in quotations - I should have done that today!!

  3. grr blogger ate my comment!!!

    Withthe exception of Luca Turin, I have read nothing but glowing reviews of Roja Dove's perfumes. I have yet to try one myself. I am particulalry interested in Diaghilev. Scandal sounds like a stunner, so I'll add this one to the "list".

  4. JE - I too am interested in Diaghilev - I'd be interested in seeing your review on it!! Yes, Scandal is on my 'must have' list!

  5. I thought the same as Jen , which is stupid as I had been looking at Roja's site only this week. It's a pity he doesn't do a sample set more and more perfume houses are .

  6. I do so agree about Scandal being ladylike and empowering! My nails are a bit ragged at the moment but then I haven't worn it in a while.

    : - )

    And thanks for linking to my post - I have just caught up with Abigail's now and it seems we are as one on this one!

  7. I love any scent that gives you that boost of lady power!!

    I'm sadly behind on the Roja Dove phenomenon, but anyone who names a perfume "Diaghilev" is firing on all-scents (all-sense?) cylinders in my book.

    Gonna go check out Ms. Bonks review now...

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  8. Oh, that's a classic Ms. Bonks-- good to go back and read it again. FInding the right perfume for a good friend-- wheeee!

  9. Angela, that would be great - a sample set.
    Bonks - my nails are pretty ragged at the moment, too
    LCN - You're welcome!! Let us know if you happen to try of of RDs line.


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