Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Ostara! Bonkers' visit and Le Labo Labdanum 18

Oh what a wonderful weekend!!!  And it's SPRING!!!

Bonks aka Bonkers aka Vanessa was here in town this weekend.

I am so very happy to have met her - here it is only a few hours since she left, and I miss her already!

We met Friday at 4:00 - here we are in Aladdins, a middle eastern restaurant in our little town.  I was attempting to photograph all the samples in the middle of the table with my camera phone, but because of glare I got this funny shot - a big glass of ice which looks bigger than Vanessa!!  The soups were wonderful, and we chatted about perfume and blogging.

Later that evening, we met at The Feve, and had a bite to eat and some friends came by and we had some drinks, and didn't get home until nearly 3:00 am!

Saturday we toured around town by car, and stopped in at Elizabeth's and Nick's for a cup of tea.

You know how well Vanessa blogs, so I'll hold off on details of all the events of the weekend because she can describe it all much better than me!

She gave me a very generous sample of Le Labo Labdanum 18!  I love it, and will always think of my new pal when I wear it.

Here is a photo of our dear Bonks having breakfast at Chez Frida and Moth this morning!  Moth made us blueberry smoothies, and then scrambled eggs from our hens and bread he baked in the morning!

The blogging world is incredible - I'm so pleased to have met Vanessa and hope to see her soon as I'm saving my pennies for a trip to the U.K.!

I encourage everyone if they have a chance to meet another pefume-blogging-pal in person, please do!

Thanks Vanessa!!!!!


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous, BF! By her blog alone, Vanessa seems like all kinds of fun. Sounds like the two of you had a wonderful time, and thanks for sharing these pretty photos of her.

    p.s. What drinks were on the menu the night you stayed out until 3 am? I have you both pegged as wine drinkers (red wine) for some reason. And what fragrances were you wearing out on the town. Inquiring minds want to know... :)

  2. Hello Suzanne!!! Oh Vanessa is lovely, a sweetheart and gorgeous!

    Yes, we did have red wine - at John and Audra's later in the evening.

    She was wearing Ava Luxe (but I don't remember which one...I believe it was a number) and I was wearing Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie!

    I'm still overjoyed that we had such time together

  3. Hello from Iowa City! It was a bumpy old flight down to Chicago due to storms, but my delicious brunch stayed down, while the poor lady in the seat in front was copiously sick.

    Is that really me earlier today? I think it must be, because I recognise the scarf and the glasses down the end of the nose are another telltale sign. I expect I am about to read the label on the fig and something jam. : - )

    Thanks for the perfume samples you kindly gave me, and to you and Moth for your hospitality, local tour guidery and for introducing me to your great bunch of multinational friends!

    It was a delight to meet you and you are most welcome to visit Bonkers HQ anytime. I warn you though that Mr Bonkers doesn't interact with kitchen appliances, and my own cooking doesn't hold a candle to Moth's. (I am not sure that a metaphor involving a naked flame and a winged insect is quite the thing here.)

  4. How cute -- sounds like a bang-up Bloody Bonks time for you guys. And between the Fleurs de Bulgarie, L18 and mystery Ava Luxe, I can practically smell you from here. And y'all smell FINE!

  5. Yeey! So you did manage to meet. :)
    I am so jealous Bonks travels around the world (well, Europe and US) and manages to meet with blogger friends.
    Btw, Moth sounds perfect - the way he made you such a lovely breakfast. :)

  6. Sounds like a great time was had by all. Goes to show that perfume friendships don't necessarily have to be solely the domain of the blogosphere! I wish I had been there to quaff a few glasses of red into the wee hours!

  7. Bonks, glad you made it to your next destination! Take care, and make sure you eat and rest!

    Katie, perfect - it was a bang-up Bloody Bonks time! My friend Catherine said she could smell us when she arrived at the restaurant!

    Ines, I know - her job is such that she can meet up with so many of us! And the Moth is the cook of the house - it's so wonderful that not only is he good at it, he enjoys it too!

    Chaya - thank you!! It was a wonderful weekend!

    Michael, you're absolutely right. We had more to talk about than just perfume! And you would have made an excellent addition to our red wine sipping evening!

  8. Looking forward to Bonker's post.

  9. Jealous, jealous, jealous!! You must have had a GRAND time! Good for you :-)

  10. Thanks Elena! We sure did have a great time. One of these years I'll make it to Greece (I think I told you that my Greek side of the family is from Nisyros!)

  11. I have been to Nisyros! The guest house owner gave our passports to the butcher for safekeeping, but omitted to tell us. On the day we left there was much panic and scurrying around the town making inquiries at local businesses, for we didn't have an address for the owner either!

  12. GET OUT! This is crazy cool! My great grandmother from Chester married a guy from Nisyros in England. Then they had my grandmother (and other children); they then moved to Cleveland and ran a boarding house and my grandmother met another guy from Nisyros and married him.

    Were any of the people you met have the last names of Kontoveros or Saris!?

    I guess those folks were a little too helpful to you, huh!?!

  13. Love it!
    I get so happy just getting emails or care packages from other bloggers. In-laws are in OH ;) Maybe we can meet up someday!


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