Friday, March 25, 2011

Gifts from my Cousin - Part I: Cartier "De Lune"

I recently reconnected with my cousin, D, and she sent me a box of cool stuff!  Check it out.

Today I wore Cartier De Lune.  First off, I didn't even know Cartier made perfume. And then I did some googling and oh yeah, they did that Baiser du Dragon one that I recall someone on the blogs mentioning at one point.  Why hasn't the Cartier line made an impression on me?  Hmmmm, that's something I have to think about

Okay here's what Frangrantica says about it :  Cartier De Lune by Cartier is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance, Cartier De Lune was launched in 2011. The nose behind this fragrance is Mathilde Laurent. Top notes are pink pepper and juniper berries; middle notes are honeysuckle, rose, lily-of-the-valley and cyclamen; base notes are woodsy notes and musk.

To me, this is similar to the Jardin line by Hermes, but it's lighter and less intriguing.  I would actually quite like it if I hadn't sniffed the Hermes' first (I'm finding out that I really enjoy pepper in my perfume) and that it does seem to fade quickly on me. But for those who find the Hermes too weird, I suggest you try this one - it really is pretty.

But look at the bottle!!  It even looks like the Hermes.

Here's a  review from Bois de Jasmin


  1. Cartier is not really on my radar as a line either, and the associations I do have are with big hitters like Baiser du Dragon and Must. Is this one anything like the new Hermes Iris Ukiyoe or however you spell it? That is light and quite commercial smelling, but very nice!

  2. Previously, my only experiences w/ Cartier fragrances were Must & Delices, both of which had me running for the hills at top speed. But a recent gift decant of L'Heure Fougeuse totally challenged my dismissal of this design house. I envy you in that you are in a position to discover without prejudice.... but it seems Cartier has surprises up its sleeve for everyone, including those of us who thought it couldn't put out a good perfume. :)

  3. I could add Cartier Declaration, a landmark perfume created by Jean Claude Ellena about 12 years ago now, I think. Plenty of cumin and cedar. A great one - certainly see if you can grab a sample of that one Frida.

  4. A lovely cousin you have Frida. I like Ellena's fragrances so must ( pardon the pun) try Cartier's Declaration.

  5. Let's not forget Panthère, a sexy beast in a bottle if there ever lived one! You should try it, Frida, really, you should!

  6. Bonks, I don't know that Hermes :(

    Olenksa, for some reason, Cartier just never stuck in my mind. Maybe because the perceived glitter was too strong? hmmmmmmm

    Michael - ooh sounds good!!

    Angela - I do too love Ellena's work! ;)

    Tarl, oh another one to all are such enablers heheeee!

    PS: The reason I respond to everyone oftentimes in one fell swoop is not because I'm necessarily lazy, but because I personally do not like have a zillion emails when I respond to a post in a blog!

    I hope I don't offend!

  7. I knew... since some time my kids offer me Cartier's Declaration (the same as Michael obviously)!

  8. Hello Peter! So good to see you here. I do need to try more of Cartier. As I admit, the fancy-ness of that brand kinda intimidates me.

    *btw, I posted on FaceBook your post about Jim, and friends of mine here have been at one of his dinners- it is a small world and thank you so much!*

  9. well I am very intrigued indeed- I confess to not having given Cartier perfumes as much time as I should have but this is a beautiful name and looks and sounds beautiful too- I need to track some down

  10. Rose, it is quite nice - in fact on Tuesday I was at a conference and I spritzed some on mid-day for a pick-me-up!


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