Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thierry Mugler Womanity

I received a sample of Thierry Mugler Womanity in my last Sephora purchase.  I wore it for a couple of days, and initially I wasn't thrilled, but there was something there that intrigued me. Was it the cavier?

Okay, here are the notes (from basenotes):  Fig, Caviar, Fig wood, Fig leaf, Woody notes

I initially smell grapefruit or some type of screechy citrus, which I'm fond of. When that wafts away, the woody/fig and then the cavier? that is slightly dirty.  Which again I like.  But this doesn't wow me.  Though this morning, a male colleague loved it on me.  This is another fragrance, like Lutens Bois de Violette, that I like okay and wish I liked it more, but I also cannot smell it on me much.
Here's an NST review and a review from EauMG.

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  1. I simply could not put caviar in my mouth ! I have always wanted to try Bois de Violette . I love violets but in fragrances they are never as dark and dirty as in reality.

  2. Bois de Violette is really pretty - if I could smell it on myself, I would definitely buy it!

  3. Oooooh, I do love Bois de it, love it, love it, but some days, I'm the blushing violets, and some days, I'm the pencil shavings!

    The thing about Womanity is I'm not so sure it's not a gigantic (PR-wise) practical olfactory joke. I mean...C'mon - fig? And caviar? Is there some tongue-in-cheek reference to Eve in more ways than one, or do I just have a filthy mind? (Probably! ;) ) And then the punch line - it's practically unisex! For something called Womanity...that's the joke, right? Or is Thierry Mugler pulling both my legs? The perfume itself is rather intriguing, I just can't get over the sense that there's a laugh and a half inside those bottles.

    Maybe there is? ;)

  4. How very interesting that you can't really smell it on yourself: I thought this was loud. And quite sweet in tandem with the savoury. I'm not sure (like you) that it's a great perfume, but one just can't quite dismiss it entirely: If only more perfumes were interesting and intriguing enough, even if not completely successful, instead of boooooooring like they are.

  5. Tarl, you have me cracking up here at my office; people are wondering what's wrong with me!!!

    Perfumeshine - hello! It's weird that those two fragrances are whispers on me, but other can smell them and realy like them on me. I love that Womanity grabs you in a weird way - if it was louder on me, I would seriously think of getting more of it.

  6. I really like Womanity. I tried it and loved it very much. Something I can't really express, maybe a sort of a mixture scent of all the notes together that make it very intriguing.

  7. I need to retry this one, which I included in my Nasty Niffs of 2010 because of a perceived popcorn note. It may be that I automatically think I am going to smell popcorn with Thierry Mugler by analogy with that one from the Miroirs series that has it for definite...

  8. VL - exactly! The way the notes weave around one another...

    Bonks - I didn't get popcorn at all (like I did with Vamp a NY) - Let me know what you think when you re-try.

  9. Here it is, nearly a year later, and I had to get myself a small purse spray of it!


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