Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rest in peace Maria Schneider

I hope this dear soul does indeed find peace.

I'm going to go home after work today, watch "Last Tango in Paris" , put on some MH L'Air de Rien and send sweet thoughts to her.  Her characterization of Jeanne in this film left an indelible mark upon me. 


  1. I seems like she had many sad and fractured years as a younger person. I can only hope she found some peace in her shortened later life.

    I'd be interested to know why she resonated for you, BF...

  2. I love this woman. Was sad to hear of her passing and honestly, shocked. I always felt some sort of connection with her after seeing "Tango" and "Jane Eyre." She was the real thing.

  3. LCN, I saw Last Tango when I was about the age she was when she filmed it. There was something about that portrayal of the character than connected with me, like Marzipan above stated. I'm not really sure why...but I understood that character for some reason.


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