Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lauren v Lauren

I received a delightful sample of vintage Lauren from Vanessa aka Bonks along with all these other goodies!  SQUEEEE and thank you!!!!

So it's Lauren (vintage) v Lauren (sample from - not sure of the age of this sample but it was not called vintage)

Oh young Lauren - you are just a glimmer of your former vintage self.

Yesterday's Perfume has a wonderful review of the the two here.  Here I quote " What I loved about the original version was the spicy marigold, oakmoss and and woody notes balanced out the floral nature of the perfume. This woodsy floral character created a sense that its wearer was feminine, elegant and refined but dynamic and earthy. (Update: I got a vintage mini and I would say the primary difference is that the ingredients in the original have more depth, seem of higher quality and the notes are better balanced than in the reformulation.)
Top notes: Pineapple, spearmint, marigold (tagetes), rosewood
Heart notes: Cyclamen, rose, jasmine, lily of the valley
Basenotes: Musk, cedarwood, oakmoss, sandalwood

Suffice it to say - older is definitely better in this case.  To my nose, the 'new' version of Lauren is a sad sad state of affairs. It starts off with a burst of hairspray, tones down a bit to watery-ness, and for a moment I can detect the vintage version, than POOF, it's gone.

If you can get your hands (errr nose!) on the vintage, please do - it's a classic!


  1. I adore Lauren. I wore it in high school. I would love to smell the vintage again, but at the same time it would bring back a flood of memories I'd rather forget...

    Enjoy that vintage juice!

  2. Frida, you're so cute...SQUEEEE (I love that)! I've never tried the new Lauren, but the memory of vintage Lauren is alive in my mind.

  3. Thanks JoanE - and I know what you mean about scent bringing back (unwanted) memories. I didn't wear Lauren until 1980 or so, and fortunately those memories are pleasant (well the ones I can remember!!)

    Josephine, heheee, that is exactly how I felt! ;) Thank you!!!

  4. It's so funny... Lauren seems to be "in the air" lately. Just last week, several friends and I stopped short in the middle of our work day to reminisce about that wonderful red cube bottle and all the delights it held. I have yet to meet a woman who hated Lauren, or even mildly disliked it. It seems to have earned our universal love and respect. :)

  5. Indeed it did, because it made so many of us happy just to wear it. That's how I remember Lauren, anyway - as a happy, heady, classy scent. I once went to a party drenched in Lauren. (Those were the days!) A man I knew came up to me and said..."You smell like the Garden of Eden."

    If that's not a compliment...

    Thank you for the memories, Frida! There were all good ones! For all of us, it seems...

  6. Olenska - that's so cool that Lauren has been in the air! :)

    Tarl, oooh "garden of eden" - very cool!!!

  7. Love Lauren!
    I don't mind the "new" Lauren, please tell me it still comes in the 1 oz. dagger, but I agree. It's nothing like the "vintage". I do think I'd like the new one better if I didn't have the older one to compare it to.

  8. Hi Bloody Frida,

    That is the funniest thing to see my random selection of items laid out on your table, and to think how far they have travelled to get there... Looks like the "comedy haberdashery decoy" did its job! : - ) I have many more such buttons if you need any!

    I am glad old Lauren doesn't disappoint. I bought a second mini for a friend called Lauren, whose signature scent this was back in the day, and she was very happy to be reunited with even a small quantity of it.

  9. EauMG, I think you're right - that if you didn't smell the older version, one wouldn't be put off by the new one. I don't know if it's still in that dagger bottle though!

    Bonks, I am SOOOO happy and pleased and thankful that you gave me the mini - I treasure it so!

  10. Gosh-- I'm embarrassed to say I've never even *heard* of Lauren! But spicy marigold-- ooooh, mamí, that sounds amazing.

    SO sad about the stories of the smells whose glory days are long gone...:(

    @Tarl-- I want to hear more after a man says a line like that!


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