Thursday, February 3, 2011

HdP Vamp a NY

VAMP?  Not in the least.

This scent makes me think of what Pollyanna's hands must have smelled like after the day at the Fair....buttered corn and spilt rootbeer.

Here are three robust reviews from MichaelRebella and Mals.

I guess I am not a tuberose/gourmand gal.

*sample from Carol/WAFT - thank you!


  1. You're not the only one....I tried this and didn't like it in the least, and I love tuberose! It nosedived into dirty ashtray territory and I gave the sample away.

    I did like I Love Les Carottes, strangely enough...

  2. Phewww! I'm thinking that I'm not going to venture in HdP land for awhile. Glad I got to sniff this though (thanks to Carol/WAFT!)

  3. I didn't get beyond sniffing the nozzle of this one - from quite a distance, even!

  4. Fantastic! Spot on, for many. Could not go there. Was fascinated by those who could. Clearly, something there is a sharp peak, lending itself to dramatically falling on one side or the other.

    Like Tarleisio, I loved I Love Les Carottes. Totally different creature. Rooty vegetable root, not rooty root beer root. :)

  5. Thanks SS - I should try Les Carottes then!

  6. Exactly! I thought it was less "vamp" and more Lolita. I kept thinking of young girls with too much eyeliner, chewing bubblegum and smoking menthol cigarettes at the same time.


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