Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a belated post about SQUEEEEE~

On Friday, I received a wonderful package from Michael .  He knows of my love of Grey Flannel and found some to send me.

When I opened the envelope, I was amazed by the samples he sent! 

Again I say with force - perfume bloggers are amazing, super-generous, kind and darn it, just good folks!

I think that Michael is my scent sibling - we like a lot of the same things - though he is more gourmand that I am.

I will reviewing more often these days - so many fragrant gifts from swappers!!!

Thank you!!


  1. Great! I will be looking forward to your reviews:-)

  2. Do I spy Ida Delam 6? I liked that a lot after a slightly medicinal/otherwise odd opening.

  3. Thanks VL!

    Bonks - your eye is spying well! I did a little test of it last night - that medicinal opening I smelled as more rummy/cognac. The Moth seemed to like it as did I! More tests tomorrow!

  4. Frida, it's a pleasure and I hope you have fun with the samples!

  5. And we hope you write and tell us ALL about them! Or else! ;-)


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