Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alcoholic drinks and perfume

Does one's preference for a specific alcoholic drink coincide with one's preference for a certain type of perfume?

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If one prefers whiskey, does that equal a preference for a woodier type of fragrance and  if one prefers champagne, does that coincide with a penchant for aldehydic perfumes?  Or if you're a fruity floral person, do you prefer fruity beer and drinks?

What sayeth you!?  (I was thinking about this on my way to work today.  There's probably no or little correlation but I thought I'd ask anyway)

I'll get to a true perfume review one of these days, I swear!

(as I was looking for a photo to work with this post, I found this interesting cocktail/perfume post )


  1. :D Well, that's definitely an interesting question, I have no idea how to answer.
    I like both whiskey, champagne,wine, beer and cognas but all in its time.
    I can certainly say I like and appreciate boozy notes in perfume. But in my case no preference can be determined exactly - I mostly like orientals, and anythin woody appeals, as well as anything tuberosish and fig-like. But there are perfumed from every category I really enjoy.

  2. Thanks for chiming in Ines!!

    Well, since I'm not a huge fan of champagne and aldehydes, I guess I was reaching!! LOL!

    I'm more a woody/oriental gal. Like my drinks dark - beer, whiskey, rum, red wine.

    Because my readers are 'flittersniffers' - loving all types of scents, I definitely wasn't sure I was going to be able to prove my theory!

  3. Oh, that is a great question. I really like to taste a good wine, and a good whiskey, I like the woody taste, and I like the woody scents as well. Champagne, only from time to time. I don't so much like aldheides, at times they bring me headaches. just like champagne! what a coincidence. I like chypre perfumes and fougere but I don't know what kind of drinks that would be associated with them, only that I also like a good vodka, a good gin, from time to time.

  4. Very good question - I'd say I am also a flitterdrinker - put me down for dry white wine, champagne, gin, vodka and the odd glass of red. So the general trend is "light", for sure, but I can take something heavier on occasions if it is really special. : - )

  5. Oh, dear...I'll drink just about anything, so long as it's not tequila! I love champagne, white and red wine, retzina, eaux de vie, vodka and gin, Metaxa, Armagnac, bourbon and Irish whiskey, which seems to agree with me better than the Scottish variety. And scentwise, I'm an ...errrr..omnivore? I like aldehydes and florals, Orientals and woods, resinous scents and chypres.

    So by that token, does that mean I'll drink anything - and wear it, too?

  6. OMG. I came to see if you wrote something in reply and read my comment. Oh, the typos! I feel so very ashamed.
    But in my defence, I did have some wine with lunch (we were celebrating). Well, more than some. ;)

  7. Well - what about folks like me - I do not drink any alcoholic drinks, no beer no wine no nothing... - and I like many perfumes. Even those with a Rum note, or some Cognac whiffs...

  8. Frida, hard to answer this one. I generally prefer beer and wine to hard spirits, but having said that I love a single malt whisky and enjoy dark rum. And in summer I do like a gin and tonic. Oh well, so much for no hard spirits then! In perfume I'm generally attracted more to darker, skankier offerings, as well as smoke, incense and woods. I must say though that I love perfume that balances sweeter notes with all the above. So a line like Serge Lutens often ticks the boxes for me.

  9. What a thought-provoking question. Michael's comment re: Lutens really resonated w/ me. Is it a coincidence that my favorite alcoholic drinks are Guinness Extra Stout, Linie Aquavit, Drambuie and kümmel... and my favorite perfume is Serge Lutens Arabie? I seem to be predisposed toward dark-wood-honey-liqueur-caraway-spice. (As for dislikes, I despise Goldschlager and Britney Spears perfumes. Sometime I believe they may be the exact same thing.)

  10. Well, hmmmm. Brown liquor (bourbon, brandy) gives me migraines. But I would drink brandy if I could. Bourbon, not so much. I like red wine, the plonky Spanish kind with food; whites (Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand are a current fave) gin and tonic in summer. Scotch is risky as regards getting a headache, so usually stay away, which is a shame. Tattinger Champagne. Local microbrewed beers. Kind of like my taste in perfumes, I'm all over the map. I just insist on body and presence, in both.

  11. I'm thinking that maybe my theory holds a little water?!

    (Ines, I love wine at lunch - though usually I have to go straight to bed afterwards! LOL)

    Martina - do you drink mostly tea, coffee, soda, seltzer waters, etc?

    Olfacta says "I just insist on body and presence, in both. " - like that lots.

    Sorry I'm not replying directly at this moment - but I think that if we all read all the comments, we could come to some conclusions! In fact, that's what I'm going to do today.

    Thanks folks!!!

  12. I'm with Tarleisio, anything but tequila. Coincindentally, I'm wearing a perfume today that makes me think of gin and tonic: Angeliques sous le pluie.

  13. I veer toward chypres, bitter green notes, and animalics and ouds...but I like an interesting woody/gourmand oriental now and then.

    Drinks? Red wine, scotch, some difficult aperitifs like Fernet Branca, Pernod, Absinthe.

    Looks like you might be right, Frida! Great question!

  14. I'm a bit late in the game, but here goes: I love whiskey, the smokier and peetier the better. But I don't care much for wood in perfumes, I get bored with woody notes very quickly and they don't satisfy me. In fragrances I love chypres and aldehydic scents, fruits are very welcome. But I don't care much for champagne, I only drink it out of politeness if I'm served champagne - on very rare occasions, I might add.

    Other than that, I love red wine, preferably a fruity Shiraz. So yes and no in my case.

  15. kj, you and Olfacta and tarl seem to be the flittersniffer and flitter drinkers - right on!

    Junelady - you blew my theory! :) *cries!*


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