Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Agua de Florida

I received a generous sample of Agua de Florida from Olenska in a recent swap....ahhhhh!!!!

Notes of citrus and clove and lavender.

This is cool.

Top Cat cool.

Old school cool, very old school cool, and right at this moment cool. Like Top Cat.

The thing about Agua de Florida is that is spans many generations because of that spark... the cloves?  The combination? There's something there that intrigues.

Olenska sent me a 10 ml sample, and I want 10 ml samples in every drawer, every purse, in the glove compartment (yes, and I actually have gloves in my glove compartment - not leather ones, but still)

There's something about this that reminds me of  4711 (which by the way, I have never talked about or reviewed - but was an important part of my fragrance journey)  And the L'Aromarine that I have tried.

This makes me happy!


  1. I don't know this scent but I do agree that 10ml samples are great. And Top Cat was great, and you have awakened fond childhood memories. I loved the teeth cleaning routine in particular. The poor candidates in this season's Apprentice have not dissimilar bathroom facilities, come to think of it. : - )

  2. I am SO glad you liked Agua de Florida, my dear Miss Frida! It is one of those little unsung treasures that become indispensable once you've tried them. It is absolutely a Western hemisphere version of 4711, and so plentiful here on the East Coast-- if you want more, I can provide! :)

  3. Bonks, I don't remember that episode :(
    Olenska; I do believe I can purchase this beauty on-line - but thanks so much for your sample and offer!

  4. I only know Agua Florida. Like it. It's really old. kiss


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