Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dior - J'Adore


that was pleasant.

photo by me


(here's a substantial review from Perfume Shrine)


  1. And it's probably Dior's biggest seller, bar none!

  2. And that's the whole thing isn't it? There's absolutely nothing to hate about it - it is perfectly crafted, perfectly executed, l-o-v-e-l-y, in a word and to our hardcore noses, even somewhat...innocuous? Non-offensive? Harmless?

    Whereas we, the hopeless and hopelessly corrupted by all the glories of yore, want a little...tug-of-war, a little edge, a little challenge!

    Or a lot, in some cases!;)

    I do like J'Adore...but I love edge, and there are none to be had in that pretty bottle...Frida, I'm with you - next! :)

  3. I love the photo! i have never smelled that perfume before. i will put it on my "to smell list" when i go the mall.

  4. At work, my assistant wears this and it's fine, fine, fine. But then, I want to rough everyone up a little when it comes to perfume.

  5. Wish I could say that I loved it - but it's the fruity top notes that I really don't like. I didn't really notice them when I first tried this scent - now it's all that I can smell when I put it on. Sorry - not trying to put you off. Interested to know if you can smell them too.

  6. Michael, I can understand why it's a top-selling perfume, but it's way too tame for me.
    Tarl, exactly - I want a little challenge in my scent.
    Missy, nice to see you, and I think you may like this one. I'm still interested to know what you thought of the samples I sent you.
    Josephine, heheee, 'rough everyone up' - love it!
    MPL, I'm not really sure if I smell 'fruity' at the top (I get mostly florals), but it surely is something I'm not gaga for (and you're definitely not putting me off!)

  7. Definitely not a hard scent-- just a big softie, formless, no edges, like a big old bowl of banana puddin' with Nilla Wafers. But sometimes that's just what is needed. For those times... yum. ;)

  8. I got it as a Christmas present and to my surprise I actually enjoy wearing it, particularly towards the end of the day when a salty, distinctly less girly feminine note bordering on sexy presents itself.

    Complicated it definitely isn't, but I can see myself wearing it quite often on days when I don't want my space occupied by perfumes that are so interesting that they distract me.

  9. Olenska - I wish I could get the comforting pudding and wafers out of this. Sigh.

    Junelady - more proof that I must be anosmic to certain things, esp in this juice!

    Vintage Lady - it's a cool like ;)


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