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Boadicea the Victorious "Pure" and "Vibrant"

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The first time I heard of Boadicea was when I watched this movie on TV.  I was enthralled with the historical figure, and it doesn't hurt that I love Alex Kingston.  So when I stumbled up this line, I was excited to try some of them.

But holy smokes!  There are so many - how could I decide?!  To tell you the truth, I don't remember how I decided on Pure and Vibrant (I bought these samples from The Perfumed Court a while back and I'm attempting to test as many un-tested samples as I can before I give in and purchase new ones)

Here's a review from Rebella and another from Jess about some of the BtV line.

Pure - I have to say that I really like this one.  It starts off to my nose with a blast of bergamot and citrus and smells old-fashioned in a seductive way (does it also have aldehydes? not sure and not listed); and then the citrus stays while the earthier notes start taking hold.

Luckyscent states the notes as "Bergamot, Sicilian lemon, green tangerine, Mediterranean cypress, basil leaves, Egyptian cumin, juniper berry, ylang ylang, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, vanilla"

Vibrant - well, it's not vibrant but to my nose a pleasant albeit average leather scent.  The BtV website says something like citrus with leather, musk, resin, 'blowsy' rose and a smoky woodsy finish.  Hmmm.

Here's an interesting article about the BtV fragrances that the First Lady chose.

And finally a wonderful post from Left Coast Nose BtV, Michelle Obama and scent

Please chime in regarding your thoughts on the line - I'm interested to know if any of you readers have tried any.

EDIT:  here's another review I found from Michael


  1. I shocked myself by liking Pure the most out of all I tried (not all of them!). I mean, it's not usually my kind of thing, but it worked on me.

  2. Marina, same here! It's totally not my thing either; but dang it's nice.

  3. I haven't yet had a chance to try them (let's just say I have a very long list of things to try!), but the name alone would grab my attention (like you, I adore Alex Kingston, have ever since "Moll Flanders"). What gets me are those stunning bottles. I'd almost be tempted to splurge for the sake of those gorgeous bottles alone!

  4. Hello Tarl!! (every time I see your name I think of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin!) I haven't seen Moll Flanders, but LOVE LOVE LOVE her in Dr. Who. The bottles are gorgeous - but from what I have read, most of the line falls kinda flat. Hoping you have a great New Year my friend!

  5. Well, so far as the name goes - you're on the right track! Both Taliesin (my son's middle name, incidentally!) and Tarleisio are ancient Welsh! (No, I'm not in the slightest - but I do have a healthy dose of Irish!) Taliesin - that incredible house...a mystic poet, and meaning "Radiant Brow"...Tarleisio is ancient Welsh for "echo" or..shadow...and shadows...know! ;-) I wish you the very best in the New Year Frida - and just to think of all the fun we'll have!
    PS: Alex rules Dr. Who! What a woman! What's not to love - or aspire to?

  6. Gorgeous bottle depicted in that article- and it came as a happy surprise that the First Lady receives Creed... but ORDERS niche!

  7. I haven't tried Pure. But, I really liked Vibrant.
    I haven't tried them all, but at this moment Complex is my favorite which nobody else seems to like! Civet kills perfumes for the masses.
    I really like what I've tried in the line. There's diversity but they all seem to be well done even if they aren't suited for my tastes, which apparently is "suffocating weirdness"

  8. I havn't tried any of the perfumes but what a lovely tribute to The First Lady .A year has nearly passed since then. It's a difficult time for The President I am sure she is a great support.


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