Sunday, November 28, 2010

watching a foreign film and testing "Querelle"

Because of  Michael's post the other day, I tried to find a scent that would work with all the food on Thanksgiving.  I put on Serge Luten's Borneo 1834 and was quite pleased.  Usually the foodie/sweetie Lutens' drive me bonkers - but for that day, it was perfect. PLUS and this is a BIG plus, the patchouli note smells EXACTLY like my fav patchouli oil from Spiritual Sky. I wore that oil for years and years.

So now onto some testing.  Decided that Parfumerie Generale's Querelle would be a good one to sample on Saturday given that I was planning to watch "The Story of Adele H" during the afternoon. I know, the movie "Querelle" was done by a German guy (Fassbinder) but it was written by a French guy (Jenet)and "Adele" is French, so you can see how I somehow matched them up.

BTW, Fassbinder.  Sigh.  I went to see "Berlin Alexanderplatz" and walked out after three hours - I figured that if I wouldn't want to hang out with those characters for 8 hours in real life, why should I put myself through the torture of watching on the screen for that long?  Other films of his I have enjoyed, even though most of his characters are annoying.

Now admittedly I never read Genet's novel, but saw the film version twice.  Once in my early 20s when I thought it was soo cool and amazing and and...!, and again a few years ago, when I thought "what the heck was I thinking?"  But I have a soft spot for poor deceased Brad Davis. And any movie w/Jeanne Moreau is a must-watch.

The fragrance is, well first read what Perfume Smellin' Things had to say about it.

I personally don't find it as "ugly-beautiful" as Marina posted.  But to my noise it is exquisitely made, and extremely long-lasting (12 hours on my skin). 

"Inspired by Jean Genet’s brutal and erotic tale of hidden desires and violence, Querelle is a scent of supreme elegance and forceful sensuality. The top notes of citruses, black caraway and cinnamon are darkly-spicy and earthy. The heart of the scent is a brooding, passionate blend of myrrh and incense. The note of vetiver, which runs like a green-earthy, raw leitmotif throughout the composition, becomes most prominent in the base, where, combined with incense, oakmoss and ambergris, it smells dark and beautiful, and a little wicked, like a malevolent root dug up in an enchanted forest. Strange, refined and incredibly compelling, Querelle is unlike any other scent we have ever encountered, and might just be the most interesting Parfumerie Generale creation to date." (from

I'm glad I sampled this, and although very gorgeous, I don't think I'll purchase a bottle as it isn't as "ugly beautiful" to me as I wish it could have been; it needs to be a little bit dirtier somehow.


  1. Nice to see you back - by my calculations, the busy-ness is mostly good!? : - )

    I have never tried Querelle, but knowing the idiosyncrasies of my skin, I wouldn't mind betting that it would go the other way on me, ie more ugly than beautiful... But a scent called Querelle should provoke debate, right?

    : - )

  2. Hello Bonks - thanks and yes, you calculated correctly!! ;) Life is good these days! And, I whole-heartedly agree that Querelle should provoke debate; it seems only fitting.

  3. Frida, thanks for referring to me in your post! I must try my sample of Querelle again. I don't remember it being as dirty and foreboding as people have mentioned either, but need to refresh my memory. Another PG I really enjoy is L'eau Guerriere. That one seemed a bit skanky to me for a while.


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