Friday, October 29, 2010

"Bal A Versailles" by Jean Desprez

From Frangrantica: " Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez is a oriental fragrance for women. Bal a Versailles was launched in 1962. Top notes are rosemary, orange blossom, mandarin orange, cassia, jasmine, rose, neroli, bergamot, bulgarian rose and lemon; middle notes are sandalwood, patchouli, lilac, orris root, vetiver, ylang-ylang and lily-of-the-valley; base notes are tolu balsam, amber, musk, benzoin, civet, vanilla, cedar and resins"

I believe that my "Aunt" Mary used to wear this.  She was a friend of the family that would come visit with perfume gushing, and armloads of Avon lipstick samples for us girls.

Because of the time frame, this scent not only reminds me of her, but of the place my father used to work - the Cleveland Playhouse Club.  He was a cook and later chef there and on some weekends he would bring some of us kids along (probably to check orders, or to show us off - we're were quite well-behaved and cute).  I think at some point there was red-flocked wallpaper on the walls.

I purchased my sample of vintage BaV from the Perfumed Court.  I adore it - it's over the top, powdery yet tart, slightly glam and a bit shrill and annoying, but  for certain days it will be just perfect.  Just like "Aunt" Mary!

photo courtesy of Special Collections, Cleveland State University Library (1960?)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Five by TokyoMilk

The five are tested are Sparrow (Neroli & Citrus, Crisp Greens, Gardenia & Rosewood), Poe's Tobacco  (Tobac, Tea Leaves, Amberwood & Autumn Apple), Gin and Rosewater ( Citrus Zest, Rosewood, Mimosa & Mandarin) , Lapsang Su Chang (Winter Moss, Asuka Rose, Sandalwood, Black Currant), and French Kiss (Mandarin, Tuberose, Gardenia & Vetiver) (notes and photo from their website) 

What initially drew me to purchase some samples is that their bottles are so darned adorable!! 

GandR faded on my skin within 15 minutes. The rest of them some blossoming over a course of an hour.

I must say LSC had the most intriguing scent at the get-go. But FK started getting a little 'dirty' there for awhile...yay! PT deepened a bit. Sparrow sweetened a bit.

For the price ($28.00 for 1 ounce) it's not bad.  I would suggest these for older teens who are not quite ready for more heady or intense perfume, but who are interested in something outside the box.  They're 'light' and not extremely complex, but at the same time not typical and somewhat intriguing.  But also any one of any age could do well to spritz some on as they are something to cheer one up on a dreary day and they're not overwhelming or expensive.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bond No. 9 "Washington Square"

Because I filled out that VIP card when I bought that bottle of Chelsea Flowers earlier this year, I got a free very generous sample of Washington Square.  I wore it Sunday and then Monday at work (today I'm actually wearing Miller Harris Fleur Oriental).  A colleague W. here at work spritzed some on, too and raved about WS.

It actually is quite nice.  From Basenotes"Washington Square - named for Washington Square Park, and featuring notes of bergamot, geranium, tarragon, purple rose, honey, vintage amber, leather accord, vetiver and musk."

The rose, bergamot and tarragon are splendid, and thankfully there isn't (to my nose) much honey.

During the drydown, Washington Square get a little soapy for an instant, but then the leather comes up, pleasantly (i.e., not in your face).   On my skin the fragrance gives up the ghost by afternoon as I have to re-apply.

I love the actual Washington Square in NYC, and have to say that I give a small thumbs up to the scent.

Coming up next post:  Tokyo Milk reviews!