Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Andy Tauer - "Vetiver Dance"

This is what Vetiver Dance means to me (notes of grapefruit, clary sage, black pepper, lily of the valley, vetiver, cedarwood, ambergris, cistus, tonka bean)

"Here He Comes" by Eno (just music, no video to speak of):

Vetiver has always been a melancholy scent for me.  Beautiful albeit too wistful for every day.    So I'm sorry Andy, there is no happy dance here for me, but gorgeous none the less. And yet, this is a scent I want to own in a full bottle.


  1. Sigh. I want want want want to love a Tauer. So far, no luck, including this one. But I'm always somehow reassured to hear that someone loves one. :)

  2. Frida I'm glad Vetiver Dance speaks to you, albeit in a slightly melancholic way. Unfortunately it was a scrubber on my skin. I don't really know why - just one of those perfumes that doesn't agree with me at all.

  3. Scrubber on me too, sadly, not that I am a big fan of vetiver to start with. If I want to cosy up with a Tauer, it is always LADDM. : - )

  4. I'm thinking maybe it's the clary sage for some of you folks who have a hard time with this one? I'm thinking that because Bonks has said before that that ingredient is difficult for her.


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