Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tocca "Stella"

I had to man a booth for my work yesterday at the county fair.  I was being paired up with someone I didn't know - so I had to think carefully what perfume to wear.

Looking through my samples, plus seeing a notification about a new Tocca scent, made me choose Stella which I picked up at a Sephora store as a sample awhile ago.

From Tocca's website" As impetuous and moody as a rebellious young Italian beauty, Stella attracts your senses with blood orange and spicy lily. A flirtatious combination of white freesia, wild diamond orchids, sheer musk and sandalwood create a fresh, sensual fragrance."\

Oh.  Okay.

It's a bit annoying to me at first - too 'girly' floral or something.  It is all in your face 'oooh I am cute and 'impetuous'!" And she IS cute though not quite impetuous.  But a good choice to be at that fair for 4 hours with someone I didn't know.

On the way back home, I sniffed my wrist and I was pleasantly surprised how nice the final dry down is.

Stella may have wanted to wear this fragrance, but I'm betting Blanche wouldn't.


  1. Perfumes to wear to the fair! It should be a new category.

  2. I am glad that worked out well! I tried - and I think liked - Stella a long time ago, and I do have a sample of Cleopatra somewhere which I remember liking too. And I managed to acquire a bottle of Florence body lotion in T K Maxx, though Florence is on the sweet side, it must be said. I have the Marcello body lotion too (another T K Maxx special), and that is rich vanilla, but okay.

  3. Sounds a bit girly for me. But I do like your thoughtfulness about what to wear around someone you don't know, but will be sharing a small space with. Probably a great choice!

  4. Ok-- so they *totally* blew the description of this scent!! It has nothing to do with any old streetcars named "Desire" or anything else. And it's got the (oh, pardon my horribly ageist next statement) little-old-lady packaging that made me say snarky things about it to the nice SA at Barneys.

    But I was wrong, the copy writers were wrong-- Stella is just simply one of the very bestest bestest citruses out there-- pure, strong, and true. I dunno if it's just my chemistry, but all good citrus goes to die on my skin-- except Stella. It's the perfect comfort scent-- doesn't smell like herbal tea, which is another direction bad citrus can go.

    And it lasts for hours, like you said... yum.....

    (But now I do hear Marlon Brando yowling in my head... "Stel-laah...)

  5. Oh, yes-- P.S.!! Nice to see you back in the blog, BF...


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