Monday, August 16, 2010

how I love thee Andy Tauer (Carillon Pour un Ange)

My previous post mentioned that I do tend to be biased regarding perfumers and houses. 

I adore Andy Tauer.  Everything I read about him and by him makes me like him more and more, and his fragrances are wonderful.  I own a sample or a bottle of everything he has done so far with the exception of Orange Star.  And although Lonestar Memories is a scent I rarely wear, I do admire it.

Carillon Pour un Ange. I was a winner of a full bottle of this beautiful stuff from Elena from Perfume Shrine! Thank you again!  I have been wearing it off and on all week long. 

From his website, I quote ""Building a fragrance with lily of the valley singing in spring was a wish since I started making perfumes. Carillon pour un ange is my tribute to this wonderful forest treasure. It is a green choir of flowers. Enjoy!"  And enjoy I do.

Notes of lily of the valley, rose, ambergris, jasmine, leather..

The opening is absolutely splendid - fresh and green.  The lily of the valley doesn't fade, and stays for a long time and doesn't disappoint. 

There is a part in the drydown that I must admit is too 'masculine' for me - perhaps the leather?  But it doesn't last long as the fragrance then settles into an oddly lovely mesh of floral and earth.

BTW, The scent doesn't at all capture Swedish Angel Chimes in case you were wondering (which I have always wanted to own for holiday decorations)

Lily of the valley - the plant does look like bells for angels - or fairies!


  1. Oh, I didn't like this one. I keep hoping to find what you and others see in it because I love Tauer perfumes in general, but not Carillon. I think it's the leather.

  2. Hey kj - I did have a difficult time with leather/masculine/cologne-y part of the dry down but fortunately for me it didn't last too long, and the floral and earthiness was so beautiful I was able to ignore that little part I disliked.

  3. I am happy you won a FB of this! Not familiar with Carillon but would definitely give it a spin, being a lover of lilies. But the "Tauerade" fuzziness doesn't always work for me. Well, mostly not in fact, though LADDM is stellar.

  4. I will have to go find some of his fragrances.

  5. I want to love Andy Tauer. I have yet to even not-strongly-dislike an Andy Tauer scent. I need to try lots more. This one sounds like a possibility.

  6. I'm so envious of everyone who's had a chance to try this. It sounds intriguing in a way that no new scent has for a while. Lily of the valley and leather isn't exactly a common perfume combo.

    On a different note, it never ceases to amaze me how we've all got different tastes and preferences. I find most of Andy's scents absolutely stunning and I'm always taken aback when some people say they can't get on with his work. Oh well, all part of life's rich tapestry etc etc.

  7. (Ooh, a BF post!! Glad to see one of these.)

    So glad you are enjoying the Carillon - I have a sample, and I think it's beautiful. It's a lovely singing thing, isn't it? The dark thread in the base, which does not read as leather to me but rather a dry earthy vetiver, is an interesting counterpoint, I think.

    Do I need a bottle, given that I have Diorissimo? I think not. And although I have not yet tried all Andy's scents, this has been my feeling with most of them: they're interesting, seamless, made with excellent raw materials, reassuringly weighty like good satin, they take my mind on journeys... and I don't love a single one enough to buy a bottle. I'm not sure why.

    And why is it that I'll allow a certain cheap-and-cheerful bottle to join my stash even though I don't love it? What's the difference between buying a $25 bottle of something I like but don't love, and buying a Tauer I admire but don't love? I don't know. Except that those inexpensive things don't capture my attention the way the Tauers do - I can wear those discounted deals and smell quietly good, and not think about them all day. I can't not-think about a Tauer.

  8. Thanks for reviewing this perfume - I might actually like it because of the 'leather' base note.

    Tauer perfumes are not loving me for some reason. They start our okay but then get weird. Note that I happen to LIKE weird, but this is different.

    It's as if the perfume 'called an audible' on my skin. May try this one, but only if it finds me.

  9. So glad you found a perfume you enjoy so much. Sounds lovely! Makes me wish I could wear scents.


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