Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DL&Co "Angels Trumpet"

Oh dear - I'm  *gasp* becoming a girly girl!

No not really - ha!  But I am really enjoying Angels Trumpet.  I believe that Carol at WAFT by Carol gave me this sample, and I want to thank you very much.

From their website:  "FRAGRANCE: angels trumpet absolute, french tuberose, woodland mushroom.
This is an unusual and rich scent which offsets the heady scent of Angel’s Trumpet Absolute and French Tuberose against an earthy and delicate scent of Woodland Mushrooms. This sweet and earthy blend, Angel’s Trumpet, has been a best-selling signature scent since it was introduced because of its unusual balance, richness, and exotic notes.

The sweet and the earthy are perfectly mixed to my nose.  This fragrance is not too shrill at all (something I often have a difficult time with florals).  Good sillage, but doesn't last that long on my skin.  Yet all in all, I recommend it!

Gorgeous - just gorgeous!  And I just received compliments from co-workers.

Note:  I actually grew a Brugmansia/Angels Trumpet plant a few summers ago.  But I didn't take care of it over the winter and it, the Angels Trumpet of Death, indeed died.

photo from www.finegardening.com


  1. Oh, I say! Does the mushroom element make it anything like Black Orchid?

  2. Hmm. Oh. Sweet flowers and mushrooms? This sounds nice.

  3. Mushrooms? And Angels trumpet?

    'scraping brains off keyboard'

    Sounds like a must try, some day. And since I only know the white variety of Angel's trumpet, do these pink ones smell similar, or similar to another Datura, that I know as jimsonweed? (Which is a beautiful flower and stunning scent, and neither MGP Sécrete Datura or Serge Lutens' Datura Noir has come close to replicating it.

    In any case, I'm dead curious! It sounds beautiful!

  4. CF and Tarleisio - excuse me for taking so long to reply! I don't know if the pink ones smell any different, but this scent is great!!


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