Monday, July 12, 2010

Unlocking the Mystery: Joint Blog Project

What an honor to be a part of this joint blog project.  Carol has been documenting her voyage into the scented unknown when she found a  large collection of Mr. Webber's perfume at an estate sale.  Please do check out her blog- what fascinating reading!  Thanks Carol!

Oh Mr. Webber's Mystery 6T!   I have struggled with you.   As many of you know, I do not like aldehydes and this one smacks me in the face with those bubbly things.  Ouch!  But that pain is worth it because immediately afterwards, there is a beautiful greenness that comes forward and I smile. But because I do have difficulties with aldehydes, it makes it hard for me to truly discern what else is going on there at first. The bubbles obscure!

The mid range is what I find the most intriguing - there is something that is buried that wants to burst out.  Is this the patchouli?  The oakmoss?  I can detect a little rose in there too. Later, the scent dries down powdery and pretty and a bit too safe for me. The staying power is quite long - a good six or more hours on my skin.

This is a scent that I feel that Mrs. Cleaver may have worn when she went out on a date with Mr. Cleaver - it's a bit showy at first and then a little bit sultry, but not for too long so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable, and then it becomes as soft and pleasant as her pearls.
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 Here is the joint blog list!

Carol says "Post a comment on any of the participating blogs as to why you should have a bottle of this rare , unreleased parfum and we will choose the most creative reply as the winner of a full bottle of Mystery 6T , one of the 22 bottles in existence !! "


  1. Bloody Frida,

    Oh my goodness, you made me laugh so hard with that paragraph about the Cleavers! And you're so's a perfect scent for her and that time period. I'm one of Mrs. Cleaver's biggest fans (wasn't she so pretty and kind?). Yes, June would have smelled lovely in Mystery 6T...and gotten many fond compliments from Ward!

  2. *GRIN*
    we are old enough to remember the cleavers...*sigh*

  3. Definitely a very proper, bring-on-the-pearls, ladylike scent. I could see how you'd get a 50s vibe from it!

  4. "As soft and pleasant as her pearls" -- I adore that line!

  5. Hey, welcome back! What a fun project - reviewing a perfume blindly. Sounds a little wholesome for me, too.

    But I, too, am old enough to remember the Cleavers.

  6. I love the pearls association - it feels very right. The first opportunity I get, I will combine them. :)

  7. I am not familiar with the Cleavers (though of the correct age to remember them if we had had that sitcom over here!), but I can relate to those pesky fizzing aldehydes. Best in small doses, I say. : - )

    The pearls are a nice touch, I agree.

  8. Oh my....I have dropped my pearls into the beef stroganoff!!!

  9. Wow! She found a treasure. And she has it all and is sharing. So neat. I love June and her pearls.

  10. Too funny to imagine Mrs. Webber as June, wearing Mystery 6T!

  11. Can I just say that I'm so glad that you're posting again! Delighted in fact.

  12. hello everyone!!! so good to be back and even more good to see you here on the page!


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