Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thirteen by Serge Lutens

I have so many samples of Lutens' stuff, I thought perhaps I should write a little about them (though I have posted about Sa Majeste La Rose, Bois de Violette, Gris Clair and Douce Amere).  So okay, I'm only reviewing nine!

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Firstly, it's really humid here, so my testing may be off due to my ladylike perspiration!  A'hem.

Chergui - hrm..I'm not fond of perfumes that smell primarily like caramel.
Borneo 1834 - I love patchouli - I like the dry down okay - but not at all impressed with the chocolate.  
Vetiver Oriental - delightful and boozey.  
Cedre - I can see myself wearing this during the winter holidays. Maybe.
Ambre Sultan - now this one catches my interest.  Gonna have to sit with this one awhile. I usually don't like "amber" but the other notes are ones I enjoy.
Datura Noir - hrmm soapy and I cannot define what kinda soap. It's a no-ir for me! har har
Santal Blanc - ooh okay - peppery and rich yet a light/floral-ish note/s too.  I like it!
Louvre - oh jebesus (that's kinda what I just said as I put some on) - marzipan? Not for me!
Un Bois Vanille - toasted marshmallows

Okay so out of the 13 samples, I love two (SMLR and BdV),  really like VO, and will give SB and AS (and maybe C) another try.   (Ole Serge sure seems to like 'em sweet and edible, huh?)


  1. I think I will give Vetiver Oriental a try. What store might I find it in???

  2. Hi BF - thanks for the SL rundown! I, too, would like to try Vetiver Oriental (what's not to love about 'delightful and boozy?').

    Ambre Sultan is a beauty - different and more interesting than any other amber I have tried. Still feeling guilty that this did not make my top five list because I love it.

    Chergui was nice on me for about 10 minutes - then all of the tobacco disappeared and I was left with the cloying caramel note you mention.

  3. Missy - unfortunately it's another one that you have to be in London or a bg cty to find his lne. But you can get a sample here.

    And they're having a special:

    On Sale July 17th - July 18th Midnight EST
    15% off the following Houses.
    Serge Lutens - Tom Ford - Dawn Spencer Hurwitz - Heeley

  4. You're welcome, Josephine! I think the next rundown will be of a few Tokyo Milk scents I have.

    I'm gonna wear AS tomorrow at work and get a full day's worth of it.

  5. AS was one of my first perfume purchases when I started getting interested in perfumes. I love those sort of medicinal herbs at the beginning. I love to wear it in the fall.

  6. "Jebesus" made me smile - would that be a transposition or a transatlantic variant?

    Chergui is the only one I care for out of that lot - me and Serge have a very arms length relationship, though Un Lys is in my Top Five Scents of All Time (as in the past two years).

    For now, anyway....

  7. reads "that's a no-ir for me", giggles.

  8. kj, it does seem like a fall scent!

    Bonkers - that would be a transatlantic variant! ;) I should try Un Lys one of these days.

    LbV -hehee!

  9. Lutens! Lutens! I seem to love the "other side" of Lutens - the flowers and leather and smoke, rather than the spices and fruit that are really the core of the house. So, another recommendation for Un Lys.

  10. CF, okay you sealed it - must try Un Lys!!

  11. I was gonna do a posting once called something like "Serge Noir and the Seven Dwarves"-- I tried, I think, spending all this time with seven or eight SL creations in a row, including a bunch you've listed: "Chergui," "Borneo 1834," "Cedre," "Ambre Sultan." I had read so much about the master, I was trying to love them, all ready to be transported, but going nowhere. Then "Serge Noir" happened, thanks to Ines over at All I Am-A Redhead fame-- and I was ever-loving *hooked*! (Turns out "Serge Noir" has a dried-fruits-and-nuts older sister in "Arabie" that is magnificent as well.) Never tried "Un Lys," but I will.

    Now. Am I the only one who thinks SL'S "L'Eau" is huuuuuge rip-off of "L'Eau D'Issey"?

  12. LCN!! I haven't sniffed L'Eau or D'Issey's - I'm no help at all.


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