Friday, July 30, 2010

SOTDs and Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory

Monday:  Nothing
Tuesday:  L'Artisan La Chasse aux Papillons
Wednesday:  AG Encens Flamboyant followed up later than evening with MH L'air de Rien
Thursday:  Guerlain My Insolence
Friday:  Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory

Do we all favor some fragrances based partly due to the feeling in the back of our heads or hearts that we prefer/like/respect a perfumer or a house? Or conversely, if one doesn't like or respect a perfumer/house, then do you not like a fragrance?   I know I do.  I'm not overly fond of Bond No. 9, so although Silver Factory is a pleasant-to-me fragrance, I cannot help but think 'meh.'

Here's a link to a good review at NST.  I agree - it is 'smooth.'

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  1. I'm so there. After visiting the Bond No. 9 boutique in NYC and smelling Everything, I have to say that New Haarlem was the only one I found compelling.

    Most were not distinct enough from the others to interest me.

  2. I can come up with a couple of examples of my own such bias:

    On the positive side, Patricia de Nicolai. If I have a chance to smell something of hers, whether new to me or new to market, I'm all over it. And ready to give it a few attempts in relatively close succession, no matter what my first reactions are, because I have found a couple of strong happinesses there and much intrigue.

    Bond No. 9 and their Line That Ate The World approach to churning out options, plus their attacks on small perfumers who pose no threat to their portion of the market? Not so much. Especially after I was attacked by Chinatown. It might not be fair...and I might be missing out on something really good, like say, High Line, which on paper sounds like it holds potential for ringing well to me... but there is so much perfume out there, and so much that is good, that the bad taste they have left in my mouth steers me away with no fear of an incomplete life experience.

  3. Yep, Bond No. 9 has left me with a very bad vibe, too. I don't _need_ a full bottle of anything, anyway, but for a while I wanted one of the cool Bond bottles. Now? No. I'll use up my decants of New Haarlem, and I'll live without Chinatown, the only other one that tempts me. (I do _love_ the Turin review of Chinatown, the one about the peaches and floor wax.)

    But, yep, Parfums de Nicolai, and CB I Hate Perfume make me feel good. And I really really want to like an Andy Tauer!

  4. Josephine, I know how you feel! SS; That is how I feel, most definitely. And CF, the lines that I love most are Tauer and Miller Harris - they can do no wrong for me. Isn't it interesting what we are all drawn to!?


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