Monday, May 10, 2010

Too busy at work to post much

Too busy these days!  We received new federal funding to disperse, and we're working our tails off!

Hoping to get a perfume post in this coming weekend.

Oh, here's a photo of the summertime scarf I'm knitting when I DO have down-time - I probably won't be finished with it until fall, though!


  1. Work! (*Snort*!) Yah-- me too. It sure cuts into the "me" time, doesn't it?

    Beautiful scarf-- love the color. I only get the yarning urge (I crochet) in the fall-- it's a nesting instinct for me, to be sure. Knitting in the spring for me would be like yodeling in the library-- not quite right...

  2. No time to write your blog - yet time to knit! Come, come - time to rethink priorities..

    Looks like a lovely scarf though. Very envious that you've got such a great skill.

  3. The color reminds me of raspberries! Beautiful!

  4. LCN, I usually don't knit when it's warm, but sheesh it has been SOOO cool here lately, plus I a huge scarf person and wanted to make something lighter for the warmish weather.

    SS! Actually testing perfumes take all day and recently I haven't had time to do anything but be on the phone and run to the fax machine at work. At night, when the Moth and I watch TV to relax, I'll knit. I learned how to knit about 10 years ago - and I'm finally having the patience to do lace! Thanks for the compliment! Oh and I don't knit American style - but the Continental/German style instead.

    Thanks Missy - the color is called "Baby Doll" -

  5. Another winter knitter here - I have an abandoned toy hippo from last January by the sofa.

    Respect to you for the intricate lacy pattern!

  6. I'd love to see the hippo, Bonkers. Thanks! Lace for me is very difficult only because my attention span is so short

  7. GAHHH!!! One of my cats peed in my knitting bag! *cries uncontrollably*


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